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CNE for NetWare 6 Study Guide
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CNE for NetWare 6 Study Guide

by David James Clarke

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If you are studying for the Novell CNE certification tests 681, 682, 664 or 683, you need Novell's CNE Study Guide for NetWare 6. It is the official Novell study guide and is the most effective tool to turn the passing rate in your favor. Loaded with illustrations, screen shots and hands-on exercises, it also includes sample test questions for all exams. A CD is


If you are studying for the Novell CNE certification tests 681, 682, 664 or 683, you need Novell's CNE Study Guide for NetWare 6. It is the official Novell study guide and is the most effective tool to turn the passing rate in your favor. Loaded with illustrations, screen shots and hands-on exercises, it also includes sample test questions for all exams. A CD is included that provides you with a 3-user version of NetWare 6 server and NetWare 6 client software. Go after the most sought-after certification that Novell offers with this book in your hand.

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Novell Press Series
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Book and CD-ROM
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CNE® for NetWare® 6 Study Guide Preface

Welcome to NetWare 6!—Anytime, Anywhere, Always Up!

Douglas Adams once said, "We notice things that don't work. We don't notice things that do. We notice computers, we don't notice pennies. We notice users, we don't notice eDirectory." Well, I added that last bit. The point is this: NetWare 6 is always up!

Douglas Adams is my inspiration for the NetWare 6 series of Novell certification study guides. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build a network, attach some users, and keep it running! This is easier said than done.

This book is the second in a pair of study guide companions created for a single purpose: to help you achieve NetWare 6 CNA and CNE certification. Refer to the CNA Study Guide for NetWare 6 to get started. To aid you during your quest for life- changing knowledge, I offer three different types of help at key points during this adventure:

Tip - Tips highlight time-proven management techniques and action-oriented ideas. These propeller-head tidbits are great ways of expanding your horizons beyond just CNEship—they're your ticket to true network nerdom.

Welcome to the real world. I don't want you to be a two-dimensional CNE in a three-dimensional world. These icons represent the other dimension. In an attempt to bring this book to life, I've included various real-world scenarios, case studies, and situational technical tours.

So, you think you're so smart? Let's see if you can think in four dimensions. Brain Snacks will pop up just when you need them. These are well-deserved mentalbreaks to bring perspective into your absorbing CNE journey. It's a great idea to come up for "mental air" every now and then. (See Appendix C for all Brain Snack answers.)

In the first leg of your exciting NetWare 6 CNE journey, we explored Novell's CNA certification objectives—also known as Novell Course 3001: Fundamentals of Novell Networking. In this first course, we used CNA Study Guide for NetWare 6 as our road map. We learned about eDirectory objects, NetWare 6 security, NSS storage, NDPS printing, and how NetWare 6 expands local and wide-area networking via Novell Internet Services and GroupWise messaging.

In this book, CNE for NetWare 6 Study Guide, we'll continue the CNE journey beyond mere administration tasks into the realm of engineer stuff—such as pure IP, network troubleshooting, advanced security, optimization, and eDirectory design. We'll even launch you into the future: eBusiness.

Here's a brief peek forward in time:

  • Part I: Novell Network Management for NetWare 6 (Novell Course 3004)—In Part I, we'll build on the Fundamentals of Novell Networking (Novell Course 3001) with a plethora of advanced CNE tasks, including installation, migration, IP services, and Novell's Internet infrastructure. At the core of Part I, we'll explore four advanced management arenas: advanced server management, advanced client management, advanced eDirectory management, and advanced security management. Finally, we'll complete Novell Course 3004 with a comprehensive look at NetWare 6 optimization and a preview of the next course: the NetWare Troubleshooting Model.

  • Part II: Advanced Novell Network Management with NetWare 6 (Novell Course 3005)—In Part II, we'll shift our focus from advanced management to advanced troubleshooting. As a network engineer, it's your responsibility to provide service and support for your users and networking equipment. This responsibility includes NetWare 6 migration, advanced storage management, iFolder troubleshooting, high availability with NCS, server troubleshooting, and advanced eDirectory management. We'll build a medical bag full of troubleshooting tools and learn some preventative medicine for network optimization.

  • Part III: Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation (Novell Course 575)—In Part III, we'll expand our NetWare 6 LAN into the realm of global eDirectory connectivity. We'll master the first three steps in saving the Net: eDirectory preparation, eDirectory design, and eDirectory implementation. In step 1, we'll gather ACME data and build a project team. Then, in step 2, we'll construct ACME's eDirectory tree with the help of naming standards, tree design guidelines, and resource accessibility. Finally, in step 3, we'll execute the plan with a comprehensive eDirectory implementation schedule.

As you can see, NetWare 6 is much more than a simple file/print server. It includes numerous intranet/Internet solutions for global connectivity. In this book, we'll explore the main three non-elective courses for NetWare 6 CNEship: Novell Courses 3004, 3005, and 575.

But you can't do it alone. I'm guessing that at some point, you'll want to apply all this life-changing knowledge to a physical, practical application—a network, perhaps. I assume that you'll act on this book's technical concepts, philosophies, schematics, lab exercises, puzzles, tips, and examples. In the meantime, I'd like to hear from you as I strive to provide the best certification study materials available. Please feel free to email me at DClarke@iACME.com. Let me know how you liked this book and/or what features you would like added.

So, get prepared for an adventure through Novell's certification jungle. And don't forget your guide...there's no limit to where you can go from here!

Enjoy the show and good luck on the exams!

© Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

Meet the Author

David James Clarke IV, CNI, CNE, and CNA, has devoted his career to helping people attain IT certification through study guides, eLearning and BootCamps. He is the original creator of the CNE Study Guide phenomenon and author of numerous best-selling books for Novell Press, including Novell's CNA Study Guide for NetWare 6, Novell's CNE Update to NetWare 6, Novell's CNE Study Guide for NetWare 6 and the Clarke Notes series.

Clarke is the cofounder and Chief Evangelist of Toolwire where he developed the company's learning methodology and originated the concept of live, hands-on learning for students in an anywhere, anytime format. He is also the developer of The Clarke Tests (an interactive learning system) and producer of the best-selling video series, “So You Wanna Be a CNE?”

Clarke speaks at numerous national conferences and currently lives and plays on the beach in sunny California with his wife and two lovely daughters.

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