CNET Do-It-Yourself iPod Projects: 24 Cool Things You Didn't Know You Could Do!


Amp up the power of your iPod

Get more out of your iPod than ever before with the fun and exciting projects packed inside this easy-to-follow guide. Produced in conjunction with, the place you go for the latest in tech and consumer electronics, this book shows you how to do all kinds of cool things with your iPod, like use your iPod as a voice recorder, read your email on your iPod, install a different operating system, enhance audio ...

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Amp up the power of your iPod

Get more out of your iPod than ever before with the fun and exciting projects packed inside this easy-to-follow guide. Produced in conjunction with, the place you go for the latest in tech and consumer electronics, this book shows you how to do all kinds of cool things with your iPod, like use your iPod as a voice recorder, read your email on your iPod, install a different operating system, enhance audio quality, and more.

Inside this book, you'll find 24 self-contained projects, step-by-step instructions, a list of tools needed at the beginning of each project, and hundreds of clear photos and screenshots. With CNET Do-It-Yourself iPod Projects, you'll discover that your iPod has much more to offer than you ever imagined.

  • Use your iPod as a portable hard drive
  • Turn your iPod into a home hi-fi system or car stereo
  • Load content from multiple computers
  • Play your music across the Internet from a remote computer
  • Replace your iPod's battery
  • Transfer vinyl recordings to your iPod and iTunes
  • Install iPodLinux or Rockbox
  • Record full-quality audio
  • And much more
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780072264708
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
  • Publication date: 11/16/2006
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 256
  • Product dimensions: 0.64 (w) x 11.00 (h) x 8.50 (d)

Meet the Author

Guy Hart-Davis is the author of How to Do Everything with Your iPod and iTunes, Third Edition as well as other books on MP3 and digital audio.

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Table of Contents

Foreword     xi
Acknowledgments     xii
Introduction     xiii
Play Back iPod Videos on Your TV or Your Friend's Computer     3
Play Back Videos on Your TV     3
Connect Your iPod to Your TV     4
Set the iPod to Output the Signal to the TV     6
Start the Video Playing     7
Play Back Videos on Another Computer     8
Turn Your iPod into Your Home Hi-Fi     9
Play Your iPod Through Speakers     9
Decide What Type of Powered Speakers You Need     9
Choose Between iPod-specific Speakers and General-purpose Speakers     10
Choose iPod-Specific Speakers     11
Connect Your iPod to Your Stereo or TV     13
Use a Remote Control with Your iPod     14
Choosing an iPod Remote Control     15
Examples of iPod Remote Controls     15
Play Your iPod Through One or More Radios     16
Use Your iPod as an Audio Recorder     19
Get a Suitable Microphone     19
iPod with video and Second-Generation iPod nano     20
Third- and Fourth-Generation iPods     20
Record Audio via the Microphone     22
Play Back and Delete Voice Memos on theiPod     23
Transfer the Voice Memos to Your Computer     24
Use Your iPod as an E-book Reader     27
Find Your Text     27
Buy E-Books Online     28
Download Free E-Books from Project Gutenberg     28
Prepare the Text for the iPod     28
Prepare Notes on Windows Using iPod Library     29
Prepare Notes on the Mac Using Book2Pod     33
Read the Text on Your iPod     36
Read Your E-mail on Your iPod     37
Load Your E-mail on Your iPod     37
Windows: iPodSync     38
Mac: iPDA     42
Read Your E-mail on Your iPod     46
Clean Up Your Songs, Tags, and Album Art     47
Trim Bad Outros and Intros from Songs     48
Trim a Song Using iTunes     48
Fix Tags So That You Can Sort Your Songs     51
Know How Tags Work     51
Tag Songs Effectively with iTunes     52
Tag Songs on Windows with Tag&Rename     54
Tag Songs on the Mac with Media Rage     55
Apply Ratings to Songs     56
Add Art to Songs That Don't Have It     57
Getting Suitable Art     57
Add Artwork to Songs Manually      58
Add Artwork Automatically As You Play Songs on Windows     60
Add Artwork to Songs Semi-Automatically on Windows or the Mac     60
Add Artwork to Songs Automatically on the Mac     61
Enjoy the Art You've Added-Or Remove It     61
Remove Duplicate Songs from Your Music Library     61
Convert Songs from Formats iTunes Can't Handle     63
Converting WMA Files to AAC or MP3     63
Converting Ogg Vorbis Files     63
Converting Songs from FLAC     64
Put Your Home Videos and DVDs on Your iPod     65
Understand the Legal Issues Involved     65
Save Home Videos in iPod-Friendly Formats     66
Create iPod Video Files Using Windows Movie Maker     66
Create iPod Video Files Using iMovie     67
Create iPod Video Files from Your Existing Video Files     68
Create iPod Video Files Using iTunes     69
Create iPod Video Files Using QuickTime     69
Create iPod Video Files from Your DVDs     70
Rip DVDs on Windows     70
Rip DVDs on the Mac     79
Add Your New Video Files to Your iPod     86
Use Your iPod as Your Car's Stereo Source     87
Use a Built-in iPod Connection      87
Add a Built-in iPod Connection to Your Car     88
Wire Your iPod Directly to Your Car Stereo     89
Connect Your iPod to Your Car Stereo via a Cassette Adapter     90
Get a Conventional Cassette Adapter     90
Get an iPod-Specific Cassette Adapter     91
Use a Radio Transmitter to Play Your iPod Through Your Car Stereo     91
Criteria for Choosing a Radio Transmitter for Your Car     93
Examples of Radio Transmitters for Cars     94
Radio Transmitters for the iPod     94
Dock and Power Your iPod in Your Car     96
Put Your Vinyl Records on Your iPod and iTunes     99
Connect Your Record Player to Your Computer     100
Get Your Records and Turntable into Shape     102
Clean Your Records     102
Unwarp Your Records     103
Clean Your Stylus and Turntable Mat     103
Set Up Windows or Mac OS X for Recording     104
Specify the Audio Source for Recording in Windows     104
Specify the Audio Source for Recording on the Mac     105
Record the Audio on the Computer     106
Install Audacity and Add an MP3 Encoder     106
Set Up Audacity     107
Configure Input/Output and Quality Settings     110
Vinyl-Stylus-Action!     111
Remove Clicks, Pops, and Hiss from Audio Files     112
Export Your Songs from Audacity to WAV or MP3 Files     114
Import Your Songs into iTunes and Convert Them     114
Become an iTunes Expert     119
Control iTunes from the Taskbar or Dock     119
Control iTunes from the Windows Taskbar or Notification Area     120
Control iTunes from the Mac Dock     121
Control iTunes with a Widget     122
Get and Use an iTunes Widget on Windows     122
Use the iTunes Widget on Mac OS X     125
Control iTunes from the Keyboard     126
Move from One iTunes Element to Another Using Tabs and Arrow Keys     127
Control iTunes on Windows with iTunesKeys     128
Control iTunes on Mac OS X with ByteController     132
Create Smart Playlists Tailored to Your Mood and Activities     135
Create a Playlist     136
Create a Smart Playlist     137
Share a Playlist with a Friend     140
Import a Playlist That a Friend Has Given You     142
Upload a Playlist to the iTunes Music Store     142
Jump to a Particular Song on a Specific Playlist      143
Delete a Playlist or a Smart Playlist     143
Get the Most Out of the Visualizer     144
Start the Visualizer     144
Display the Frame Rate or Song Info, or Change the Frame Rate     144
Change the Visualizer's Behavior, Color, or Color Theme     146
Save Visualizer Configurations and Display Them     147
Randomize or Reset the Visualizer     147
Go Big Screen     147
Load Your iPod from Multiple Computers (PCs, Macs, or Both)     153
Decide Whether You'll Use Windows, Mac OS X, or Both     155
Find Out Which File System Your iPod Is Using     155
Restore Your iPod If Necessary     157
Configure Your iPod for Manual Updating     158
Load Files onto Your iPod Manually     159
Install iTunes on Any of the Computers That Don't Have It     159
Play Your Music Across the Internet from a Remote Computer     161
Understand How Oboe Locker Works     162
Sign Up for Oboe Locker     162
Download and Install the Oboe Software     163
Install Oboe Sync on Windows XP     163
Install Oboe Suite on Mac OS X     163
Put Songs in Your Oboe Locker     163
Synchronize Songs from Your Computer with Oboe (Premium Locker Only)     164
Webload Files into Your Locker     166
Sideload Files into Your Locker     167
Stream Files from Your Locker to a Web Browser     168
Play Songs from Your Oboe Locker Using iTunes     168
Use Your iPod as a Portable External Disk     171
Understand the Limitations of Your iPod as a Disk     171
Enable Disk Mode     172
Transfer Files to and from Your iPod     173
Connect Your iPod to Another Computer to Transfer Files     174
Use Your iPod to Transfer Huge Files     175
Reformat a Windows iPod with the NTFS File System     175
Use Your NTFS-Formatted iPod to Transfer Large Files     178
Restore Your iPod to FAT32 and Full Functionality     179
Make Your iPod an Invaluable Companion for Your Digital Camera     181
Get the Hardware     182
Transfer Photos to Your iPod     182
Delete the Photos from the Memory Card     185
View the Photos on Your iPod     185
Delete a Roll of Photos from the iPod     186
Transfer Photos from Your iPod to Your Computer     187
Transfer Photos from Your iPod to Your PC     187
Transfer Photos from Your iPod to Your Mac      188
Back Up Your Music Library or Recover It from Your iPod     189
Back Up Your Music Library     189
Back Up Your Music Library to an External Hard Disk     190
Back Up Your Music Library to DVDs     191
Use Oboe to Back Up Your Music Library Online     192
Recover Your Music Library from Your iPod     192
Recover Your Music Library with EphPod on Windows     192
Recover Your Music Library with PodWorks on the Mac     195
DJ Using Your iPods or Your Computer-or Both     199
Connect Your iPods to a Mixing Console     199
Connect One or Two iPods to a iPod-specific Mixing Console     200
DJ Using Your Computer (and Maybe Your iPods)     201
Troubleshoot Your iPod and Diagnose Its Problems     207
Fix Various Problems with Apple's "Five Rs" Troubleshooting Mantra     207
Reset Your iPod     208
Retry Using a Different USB Port     208
Restart Your PC or Mac, and Then Install Any Updates     208
Remove and Reinstall iTunes and the iPod Software     210
Restore the iPod     211
Troubleshoot an iPod with video or an iPod nano     213
Access Your iPod's Diagnostic Tools     213
Test Whether the iPod's Buttons Are Working     214
Check the USB Connection     214
Check the RAM     214
Check the Click Wheel     215
Check How Your iPod Is Receiving Power     215
Run a Flash Scan (iPod nano Only)     215
Troubleshoot the Original iPod shuffle     216
Orange and Green Blinking Lights     216
Orange Blinking Light     216
Green Blinking Light When You Press Play     216
iPod shuffle Doesn't Respond to Button Presses     216
Replace the Battery in an Original iPod Shuffle     217
Make Sure the iPod Is Out of Warranty     218
Get the Replacement Battery and the Tools     218
Back Up Any Valuable Data from the iPod     219
Open the iPod Shuffle and Replace the Battery     219
Replace the Battery in an Original iPod nano     223
Make Sure the iPod Is Out of Warranty     223
Get the Replacement Battery and the Tools     224
Back Up Any Valuable Data from the iPod     225
Open the iPod nano and Replace the Battery     225
Replace the Battery in an iPod with video     231
Make Sure the iPod Is Out of Warranty     231
Get the Replacement Battery and the Tools      232
Back Up Any Valuable Data from the iPod     233
Open the iPod with video and Replace the Battery     233
Share Your Songs with Your Household via iTunes or a Server     237
Decide Which Type of Sharing You'll Use     237
Share Songs with iTunes' Limited Sharing Feature     238
Understand How Sharing Works     238
Set Up Sharing and Looking for Shared Music     239
Disconnect Other Users from Your Shared Music     240
Browse and Play Shared Songs     241
Share Your Songs More Effectively with Other Local Users     242
Share Your Music Library with Other Users of Your PC     242
Share Your Music Library with Other Users of Your Mac     244
Build a Music Server for Your Household     246
Boot Your Mac from Your iPod     249
Understand the Limitations of Booting from the iPod     249
Determine What Kind of Mac and iPod You Have     250
Put Mac OS X on Your iPod     251
Clone Your Existing Mac OS X Installation onto Your iPod     254
Put Mac OS X on a USB iPod     256
Set the Mac to Boot from the iPod-and Then Boot!     257
Set Up Your Mac to Boot from Its Hard Disk Again     258
Install iPodLinux on Your iPod and Record Full-Quality Audio     261
Back Up Your iPod     262
Turn On Disk Mode     262
Install iPodLinux     262
Install iPodLinux on an iPod from Windows     262
Install iPodLinux on an iPod from the Mac     265
Boot iPodLinux     266
Listen to Music on Your iPodLinux iPod     267
Record Audio on Your Third- or Fourth-Generation iPod     267
Boot Your iPod's Own Firmware     268
Uninstall iPodLinux     268
Install Rockbox on Your iPod for Even Better Audio Playback     269
Back Up Your iPod     270
Turn Off Auto-Launching of iTunes     270
Download Rockbox and OS-specific Files     270
Get the ipodpatcher and ipod_fw Files for Windows     271
Get the diskdump and ipod_fw Files for the Mac     271
Install the Bootloader and Rockbox Operating System     271
Install the Bootloader on Windows     271
Install the Bootloader and Rockbox on the Mac     274
Load Songs on Your Rockbox iPod     278
Enjoy Music and Other Diversions with Your Rockbox iPod     278
Make Rockbox Boot Your iPod's OS     279
Restore Your iPod's Firmware      280
Restore the Original bootpartition.bin File     280
Restore Your iPod Using iTunes     281
Index     283
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