Coastal Aquaculture Engineering

Coastal Aquaculture Engineering

by A. N. Bose, S. N. Ghosh, C. T. Yang, A. Mitra

This book presents various features of coastal aquacultural operations.See more details below


This book presents various features of coastal aquacultural operations.

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Preface; 1. Fish as Food; 2. Coastal Ecology; 3. Biology of Culturable Species; 4. Hydrology of Coastal and Δic Areas; 5. Tides and Tidal Computations; 6. Water Waves and their Computation; 7. Mechanics of Sediment Transport and Coastal Fluvial Processes; 8. River Protection Works; 9. Design of Brackish Water Pond System; 10. Sedimentation Problems in Brackish Water Fish Farms and Engineering Measures for its Migration; 11. Basic Principles of Aquaculture Practices; 12. Different Culture Techniques; 13. Post Harvest Technology; Index.

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