by Geraldine Woods, Harold Woods

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Gr 5-8 The Woods describe in simple terms the effects of cocaine on the body. Various methods of usage, whether by inhalation or injection, are also described. The habit, its causes and effects are detailed with vignettes from former addicts, some anonymous and some well-known celebrities. Generally well-chosen black-and-white photographs include one of John Belushi's funeral and one of Richard Pryor, both victims of cocaine's cruelty. The history of cocaine production and usage from ancient times to its current new popularity, its trade process from field to street and the enforcement problems it presents are included. Treatment programs, both residential and outpatient, as well as a listing of sources for help, add to the book's usefulness. The appended glossary of terms related to cocaine includes only some ``street'' terminology, and the recent popularization of the use of free-based cocaine in pallet form, called ``crack,'' is not addressed. Dolan's International Drug Traffic (Watts, 1985) is more comprehensive, with the exception of treatment program descriptions. The treatment here is not scholarly, and there is no bibliography. The book does, however, provide basic information in a readable format. Sue Diehl, Robertsville Junior High School, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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First Books Series
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A Franklin Watts Library ed
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10 - 13 Years

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