Navy SEAL Wolfe Houston is on a mission of national security: protect one stubborn—but gorgeous—civilian in charge of training valuable government assets

But tracking down four genetically enhanced service dogs and guarding their furry backs 24/7 is going to take all of Wolfe's tactical skills. The dogs' unsuspecting trainer, Kit O'Halloran, doesn't know that deadly mercenaries are determined to kidnap her charges. With hostiles to evade and bullets to dodge, there's no time to ...

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Code Name: Baby

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Navy SEAL Wolfe Houston is on a mission of national security: protect one stubborn—but gorgeous—civilian in charge of training valuable government assets

But tracking down four genetically enhanced service dogs and guarding their furry backs 24/7 is going to take all of Wolfe's tactical skills. The dogs' unsuspecting trainer, Kit O'Halloran, doesn't know that deadly mercenaries are determined to kidnap her charges. With hostiles to evade and bullets to dodge, there's no time to waste—so why is Kit pressed against an adobe wall by moonlight, reveling in the hot magic of Wolfe's slow, skillful hands?

Wolfe is fascinated by Kit's devotion to her puppies, especially Baby, the incorrigible runt of the litter. But two other trainers have died under strange circumstances—and a foreign government has just posted a staggering bounty for Kit's capture. Before Wolfe can explore their white-hot attraction, the two are on the run, forced to decide which of their secret contacts is friend…and which is deadliest foe. Only Baby can lead them through the storm to safe haven in each other's arms. Good dog!

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In bestseller Skye's thrilling third Code Name romance (after Code Name: Princess), gorgeous dog trainer Kit O'Halloran works under government contract at her New Mexico ranch with four genetically enhanced black Labradors that, unknown to her, are worth millions to outside forces as well as to U.S. covert operations. Navy SEAL Wolfe Houston arrives to protect Kit and her canine charges, including Baby, the book's most endearing character. As it happens, Kit has known Wolfe from childhood, and her long-standing secret crush makes for a highly charged reunion. Wolfe's own biotech enhancements only intensify their red-hot sex. Meanwhile, Wolfe's former colleague Gabriel Enrique Cruz has escaped from an experimental government lab, where he was treated like an animal, and all hell breaks loose. The pat finish is a bit of a letdown, but fans should eagerly await the next in the series. (Nov.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781460302729
  • Publisher: Harlequin
  • Publication date: 9/17/2012
  • Sold by: HARLEQUIN
  • Format: eBook
  • Edition description: Original
  • Pages: 384
  • Sales rank: 141,262
  • File size: 659 KB

Meet the Author

Christina Skye loves a good adventure. Living in Arizona gives her plenty of room to practice target shooting and to trek off-road on her motorcycle, researching the details for stories rich with “snappy dialogue” and an unerring ability to keep “the narrative energy high and the pacing swift” (Publishers Weekly). With over two million books in print, her novels appear regularly on national bestseller lists. Visit her online at christinaskye.com.

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The dogs were howling.

Their noise echoed through the underground lab from cage to cage while monkeys clung to their metal bars and mice raced in blind circles. The dogs dumped their water dishes and slammed against metal walls insulated to cover both threats and screams.

The only man in the room watched with eyes like ice.

Gabriel Enrique Cruz savored the disorder, arrogant even now. With the bearing of a born leader, he measured the activity around him, calculating his next tactical move.

Once -- before the drugs and the lapses -- he had been called a hero. Now Cruz was simply another lab animal, entirely expendable, valued only for research data in a secret government report.

One glance told him that both surveillance cameras were running. A security team would be here within four minutes. Whenever something went wrong, they always came looking for him.

This time he would be ready.

He tossed his shredded blanket over the nearest camera. While the monkeys howled and four Rottweilers banged against their metal cages, he checked the clock on the opposite wall. Ninety seconds until the armed response team hit the double doors to the lab.

Locked inside a six-by-three-foot cage, Cruz ignored the restless animals, the boxes of experimental medicine and the rows of top-secret equipment.

Sixty seconds.

He shaped his thoughts to stillness and power, becoming the deadly weapon he was trained to be.

An owl flew from its perch near the door and slammed full force into the camera above his head, cracking the glass. The other animals froze.

Watching Cruz. Waiting for his next command.

Forty-five seconds.

As he stared at the Rottweilers, the dogs began to tremble. Working together, they nosed the heavy steel bar off its hook at the front of their cage. Under the force of Cruz’s mental commands, their muscles jerked and strained while the bar climbed slowly -- then crashed to the floor.

Thirty seconds.

One silent command brought the dogs hard against their doors. The biggest Rottweiler raced to a crowded desk and nudged an electronic key card from a pile of papers. With the card between his teeth, the dog raced back, and Cruz grabbed the plastic from his jaws.

He waved it at the scanning unit on the wall. A green light flashed.

His cage door slid open.


The animals were silent now, twisting with excitement. Ruthlessly, Cruz crushed all feelings of pleasure. He couldn’t afford emotion until he was miles away from the underground military base that appeared on no map.

As he stepped out of the prison that had held him for months, the Rottweilers raced through the lab, lifting the bars, cage by cage, to free the other animals. Two black howler monkeys leaped on to the keys of the big mainframe computer on the far wall. Cruz scattered them with a silent command and brought the databases online. When the computer screen queried him for a password, he smiled, prepared for this, too.

His fingers raced through a carefully memorized string of numbers and a file opened. Quickly he scanned the highlighted data, noting birth, military training and current residence of the Navy SEAL he sought. Then he pulled up another password-protected file and scanned its contents.

A bullet cracked behind him, ricocheting off metal cabinets. Snapping silent orders to the Rottweilers, Cruz closed the file and hit the escape key. The computer screen went dark just as a uniformed figure staggered through the doorway.

Instantly, the two dogs lunged at his throat. Blood sprayed as the soldier fell, jerked once, and lay still in a crimson pool.

The big dogs turned. Their ears pricked forward as they stepped delicately over the body on the tile. Awaiting Cruz’s next command.

The din grew, every cage open and every animal freed. A gorilla shuffled past, his eyes sullen and watchful. Cruz’s silent command was sent and received. The animal lurched forward, unaware that he was about to face a wall of bullets. The second he cleared the double doors, shouts exploded in the hallway, drowned out by gunfire.

More animals poured out after the gorilla.

Quickly, Cruz flipped off the lights and crawled inside a red bin with a warning logo stenciled on the lid. The underground facility’s medical waste was collected like clockwork. For once the well-oiled procedures would work in Cruz’s favor.

The worker in charge of transporting medical waste had negotiated hard: thirty thousand dollars for the initial transfer -- with ten times more to come as soon as his hidden passenger was safely delivered outside the grounds.

The irony didn’t escape Cruz. In the government’s eyes, he was no more than medical waste, the end product of an expensive and highly experimental program using human genetics to shape superior tactical capabilities.

But Cruz had gone rogue.

And though his captors didn’t yet realize it, their experiment had been a stunning success.


Wolfe didn't mind the tarantulas. Even the rattlesnakes left him with only minor discomfort.

It was the naked women, with their blood red lips and leather masks, who really annoyed him. They studied him like tigers facing raw meat, then scraped their long nails across his chest.

He didn’t move, wouldn’t give them the pleasure of a response.

Which only made them dig harder. Tattooed skin brushed his arms. When their breasts teased his mouth, Wolfe Houston decided enough was enough. He drove everything out of his mind -- tarantulas, rattlesnakes and tattoos. With stronger focus, he picked up the slap of liquid against metal walls, the only sound in his darkened containment area. Here in the bowels of the building, there was no time and no light. In these insulated compartments, collectively called the pit, fiberglass walls sealed out noise, smell and external vibration.

A high-tech digital tomb.

After one day inside, most men lost their bearings. After three days, most men lost their minds. Only a few had the ability to endure the silent death of the containment unit.

Wolfe Houston was one of them.

He was well into the fifth day now, and his hallucinations were intense. Sensory deprivation amped up all his senses until he could have heard a fly walk across the ceiling near his head -- if a fly could have breached the security of the pit. At the same time Wolfe was acutely aware of the other men floating in nearby units. Men from different backgrounds, each with different training and skills, over time had come to form one finely honed tactical team.

If the public knew their skills, they would have been called supermen -- or monsters. Each of them had the power to read energy or transfer images into apparent reality with the sheer force of the mind. Most of them had never suspected their unusual skills before the government identified them through arduous testing. After long months of sweating and swearing and fighting together, they had become a silent, deadly team called out when everyone else -- from Rangers to SEALs -- had failed. They were tougher than tough, trained to deploy when the government’s highest security was threatened, and so far they had never failed on a mission.

Wolfe wondered how long their record would remain unbroken.

He closed his eyes, rocking gently on the cool gel inside the hermetically sealed unit while ghostly tattoos writhed above him. As the images grew sharper, he slid into level-three hallucinations, feeling his psi ability shoot beyond all his previous limits.

The naked blonde trailed crimson nails toward his groin. Distantly, he felt his body respond and wondered if she was a hologram projection or whether she’d been pulled from the deeper recesses of his mind, stirred to life by the extended sensory deprivation.

Wolfe, are you there?

The silent question swam into his thoughts, sent by his second-in-command. Trace O’Halloran had guarded Wolfe’s back more times than either man could count, and Wolfe had always repaid the favor.

Right next to you, O’Halloran.

One question. You got the same woman in there as the one that’s crawling all over me? Platinum blond, probably five-seven?

What’s she wearing?

Nothing but oil and tattoos, looking damned fine.

Wolfe felt the brush of naked thighs. So the blonde wasn’t his own private fantasy. That meant she was one of the new training constructs, designed by Lloyd Ryker, the facility’s civilian chief, to test mental focus and physical response. No doubt Ryker’s sensors were picking up every detail of his team’s heart rates and body temperatures right now. The man had made surveillance a high art form.

Sounds like you’ve got her pegged, Trace.

I’d like to do more than peg her, boss.

Not allowed.

Wolfe felt the energy of Trace’s laughter. Hell, I’ve never seen tattoos on a woman’s nipples before. Wouldn’t that hurt? I mean, think about getting tattoos on your--

You know the drill, Trace. Put all the details in your report -- nipples and everything else. Don’t leave anything out or they’ll ram it down your throat in the follow-up evaluations.

I always thought sex was supposed to be private.

Wolfe grinned into the darkness. Welcome to Foxfire, Lieutenant. In here your thoughts are noisy and sex is as public as it gets. Don’t tell me you’re complaining about having a knockout babe with her hands wrapped around your joystick while she test-drives your cruise control.

Complaining? Who, me?

Wolfe felt his thoughts blur. When his own illusory companion licked her way expertly toward his belt, desire sucker punched him hard. He knew there were no rules, no fouls, no time-outs when Ryker set up the game. Dark and twisted training scenarios were his specialty. Some people said they reflected Ryker’s own fantasies.

Wolfe didn’t have an opinion one way or the other. Hell, boss, this one is too hot to handle. That mouth of hers is doing real damage.

Red lips closed with unerring skill. Wolfe felt his brain oozing out his ears. Closing his eyes, he slipped deeper into theta, blanking out the construct of the blonde with the velvet mouth.

You feel that, boss?

Wolfe picked up a faint vibration from outside the pit. The blond vision faded pixel by pixel as he shaped his concentration into a tight line and slammed it toward the distant intrusion.

I make it Sector Three, Trace.

That’s just what I’m reading.

Alarms on Levels Four through Seven. Ryker’s on his way down here right now.

Any idea why, Chief?

Not a clue.

Drifting in the darkness, Wolfe considered the images he’d just picked up. Training sessions down in the pit were never interrupted -- not for any reason. To Wolfe’s knowledge, three men had cracked during their training because of too-abrupt transition. If Ryker was headed downstairs to interrupt a psi immersion, all hell must have broken loose.

Since hell happened to be Foxfire’s specialty, the team would be the first called out.

Wolfe assessed possible options and explanations. If the country was under attack, Foxfire would go active immediately -- whether the team was in the pit or not. Ryker’s movement indicated that was a real possibility.

In war you fought with whatever ammunition was at hand. Some ops called for ICBMs; some used remote surveillance drones. Foxfire used human energy as a tactical weapon in highly controlled scenarios, and the success rate of the secret seven-man team was unmatched anywhere in special operations.

Wolfe intended to keep it that way. Trace, do you read me?

Loud and clear.

I need more data. Set up a level-two energy net while I follow Ryker.

Can do.

The silence rippled and grew heavier.

Done, Wolfe.

Ryker’s almost here. Do we have a threat situation upstairs or is this an exterior attack, something large-scale?

I’m picking up fear -- lots of it. There’s something else, Chief. Hell if you’re going to believe it.

Hit me.

It’s Cruz.

Wolfe felt his hands clench. Impossible.

It’s Cruz, all right. I scanned up, down and sideways, and his energy signature is leaking everywhere I look.

Wolfe knew that Trace didn’t make mistakes when he spread a focused energy net. Each member of Foxfire had a different specialty, and Trace’s skill was to set energy nets and carry out controlled psi sweeps, with his mind rather than with his eyes.

Both men knew that Gabriel Cruz, the Navy SEAL who had paved the way for Foxfire, had snapped under pressure. But he couldn’t be anywhere near the secret New Mexico facility. He had died over two years ago, killed when his cargo plane crashed somewhere north of Juneau.

Trace and Wolfe had stood point together at Cruz’s military funeral. They had walked cold vigil as part of the honor guard that long night, and they had seen the casket lowered into the ground.

Negative, Trace. You were there beside me. Cruz is gone, so you must be reading something else up there.

The vibrations grew louder. Wolfe picked up the faint hammer of feet, along with the tense energy of shouted commands. Ryker was steaming about something, that was certain.

I’m dead right about this. Whatever’s going on upstairs has Cruz’s energy wrapped all over it.

Wolfe forced his body to relax, forced the anger and stabbing uncertainty from his mind. Be sure, Trace. That’s an order. Do you copy?

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 9, 2012

    Reviews don't match

    The reviews don't match the overview of the story! Definitely two different stories.

    1 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 1, 2011


    worst book you have herd of

    1 out of 6 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted March 29, 2007

    Highly Entertaining!

    I loved this book! I think I liked the dogs as well - or better - than the humans. Dogs are such intelligent creatures it seems that they can read your mind, and Baby and crew is no exception. I enjoyed their antics. The plot kept me engrossed, and who can argue with a damsel in distress and a hero to rescue her, even if she doesn't know she is in trouble or needs rescuing. I think this is my favorite 'Code Name' book... so far.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 8, 2007


    This book was so much fun reading. I am a dog lover so reading about these amazing dogs was real cool. It had thrill and chill, and the romance mixed in, makes this a great book and a page turner. You don't find many authors that can mix thrill and romance this good.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted May 10, 2006


    If you love romance and action read this book it has everything in it a true love, sex, pets, and men in uniform working to capture a bad guy. And the ending is just great to top that off. I now if you read this book you'll fall in love i know i did.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted December 9, 2008

    more from this reviewer

    A fast-paced romantic thriller

    The Foxfire top secret Navy SEAL seven-man squad were all genetically changed using experimental nanotechnology and biological enhancements. Each has their own skills, but all are monitored by Lloyd Ryker from a distance. They work incidents that are impossible for normal people to survive................ One member Lieutenant Trace O'Halloran uses his mind to make sweeps of perimeters. He notices strange activity from a teammate Gabriel Enrique Cruz, who can control animals, but apparently lost control and has gone rogue. Trace¿s commander Wolfe Houston is stunned because Cruz died last year. Ryker sends Wolfe to track down Cruz whose target apparently is Trace¿s sister Kit, a law enforcement dog trainer based in New Mexico, who is working with four special Labrador puppies that unbeknownst to her have been genetically altered so that they work strategically as a team. Cruz wants to become the leader of Baby, Diesel, Butch, and Sundance. Wolfe and Kit know each other so his assignment to capture Cruz seems easy except that his friend¿s baby sister is an adult that he desires with all his heart a distraction he cannot afford if he is to protect her and the canines.......... The latest Foxfire tale (see CODE NAME: NANNY and CODE NAME: PRINCESS) is a fast-paced romantic thriller that never slows down hooking the audience from the moment Trace realizes what is going on. The story line is action-packed, but the key protagonists and the canines seem genuine even with the genetic modifications. Baby the pack leading runt steals the show in many ways as fans of the series will appreciate this strong tale as Christine Skye makes her cast, human and canine, seem like real people and dogs just having extrasensory skills......... Harriet Klausner

    0 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted October 10, 2005

    Code Name: Baby

    When the enemies of the USA want to kidnap and subvert genetically enhanced canine trainees, both the dogs and their trainer, Kit O'Halloran, are in danger. Protecting them calls for the best, so an equally genetically enhanced soldier is given the job. Wolfe is old friends with Kit, and a finds that the little girl he once knew is now a woman. However with deadly foes who will stop at nothing after her and the pups, Wolfe will need all his amped up abilities to keep her safe. His main foe has similiar gifts. Like Wolfe, he can project mental images that can make Kit believe anything, even that he's Wolfe. It's a good thing Wolfe's been altered so that he doesn't really need much sleep. ..................... Though this is certainly an intriguing tale, no pun intended, there are spots in which it could be improved. The dogs certainly steal the show, but it would have been interesting to see more about what the dogs and humans who had been granted extra abilities could do. However, that aside, this is an enjoyable book that all of Ms. Skye's contemporary fans should love.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted August 31, 2005

    Oh Yeah!

    Foxfire is a secret seven-man team. Few even know they exist. Each man has chip implants so Lloyd Ryker can track them and monitor their body functions. The men share special genetic technology, still experimental. The nanotech and bio-enhancements enable them to accomplish impossible tactical work under deadly fire. Each member has particular specialties. One member, Gabriel Enrique Cruz, mastered the ability to control animals. He was receiving new training when his mind snapped. Cruz went rogue. Then the worst possible thing happened, Cruz escaped. ................................. Inside their individual containment units, Lt. Trace O'Halloran was the first to realize something was wrong. Trace's special ability allows him to set energy nets and carry out controlled psi sweeps with his mind rather than eyes. Trace alerted his commander, Wolfe Houston, via mind link. Trace's sweep informed him that Cruz was causing the chaos. This surprises Trace and Wolfe because Cruz supposedly died over a year ago. Trace's sweep is confirmed when Lloyd Ryker pulls them out of their containment units. Only a member of Foxfire could hope to hunt down another member. Trace cannot be on this mission because his sister, Kit, is involved. So Ryker sends Wolfe in alone. .............................. Cruz's target is in New Mexico. Kit O'Halloran is a civilian dog trainer. Kit has eleven years experience training service dogs for law enforcement and military units. Her success rate is unmatched. Currently, she has four dogs undergoing training. Kit has no clue that these dogs are special. She has never even heard of Project Home Run. And she has no idea of the genetic technology within the dogs. These four black Labrador puppies are a team in every meaning of the word. The runt, Baby, is the obvious leader. Diesel, Butch, Sundance, and Baby can communicate with each other, plan and execute strategies together, and sense things other animals could not. Cruz intends to get his hands on Kit and the dogs no matter what it takes. .......................... Wolfe is just as determined to protect them from Cruz. Like Cruz, Wolfe has a way with animals. Wolfe's ability with animals is not as good as Cruz's though. Wolfe can also create image displacements, meaning he can cast illusions and alter the memories of others. Since Kit already knew Wolfe, it made him the perfect choice to protect them. Wolfe must not reveal too much to Kit about the himself or the dogs while protecting them. At the same time, he must locate Cruz and bring him in. It should not be too difficult for Wolfe, except that Kit is no longer the same girl he knew. She has grown up and is now a huge distraction. ........................... ***** Author Christina Skye continues her stories of battle-honed Navy SEAL members ... and this one is the best to date! Foxfire is the team sent in when all the other elite teams fail, so you can only imagine the potential waiting for Skye to access. The possibilities are unlimited. This story starts out with a bang and ends with one too. You will have no time to breathe, much less stop and cook dinner. Non-stop action from cover-to-cover. My advice to you is this: take a few vacation days from work and order a lot of pizza. You are in for one hell of a ride! *****

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted October 22, 2008

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted January 27, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted December 2, 2009

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted January 30, 2009

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted January 17, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted November 26, 2009

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted February 7, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted January 9, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted January 28, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted April 1, 2009

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted March 9, 2010

    No text was provided for this review.

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