Coffeehouse Angel

Coffeehouse Angel

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by Suzanne Selfors

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For fans of romantic comedies, a novel that is good to the last dropSee more details below


For fans of romantic comedies, a novel that is good to the last drop

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Publishers Weekly
When 16-year-old Katrina leaves coffee and pastries for the homeless guy sleeping behind her grandmother's coffeehouse, she has no idea he's actually an angel named Malcolm, who will change her life by giving her coffee beans that will bring her what she most desires. Katrina is skeptical, even after her best friend, Vincent, drinks coffee from the first bean and gains fortune, and the second bean is eaten by the coffeehouse cat, Ratcatcher, who becomes famous for killing a huge wharf rat. Instead, she is too busy worrying about aggressive attempts by neighboring coffee shop Java Heaven to drive them out of business. When Vincent starts dating Heidi, daughter of the owner of Java Heaven, the friends have a falling out. Bits of Scandinavian culture lace Selfors's (Saving Juliet) smalltown America setting, and she ties up the loose ends nicely. Though this airy story is slow to start, the conclusion will satisfy. Ages 12–up. (Aug.)
VOYA - Ellen Frank
Everyone dreams of being rescued by an angel who will grant one's every desire. In this modern-day fairytale, orphaned Katrina lives with her grandmother and works in her coffee shop, which is being threatened by Java Heaven, a fictional Starbucks-type of place. As the plot unfolds, her only two friends, Elizabeth and Vincent, are slowly turning away, and Katrina herself is beginning to feel like a failure as she struggles with college applications. One day, Katrina gives some day-old pastries to a homeless man, Malcolm, an angel from Scotland. He wants to reward her for her good deed by granting her one wish. Malcolm seems to be the answer to all of Katrina's problems, but his offer only adds more complications into her life. This light read is right for teens struggling with self-confidence issues. Katrina's "closet of failures" is a euphemism for all the uncompleted projects Katrina has started, something with which most teens are overly familiar. Although the protagonist deals with loneliness, illness, aging, and competition in this coming-of-age novel, it is a humorous read. Selfors even makes fun of popular vampire bestsellers. This book is a spin-off of the familiar genie-in-a-lamp fairytale, but it has some new and refreshing twists to make it worthwhile. It will appeal to teens as they mature through high school. Reviewer: Ellen Frank
School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—In quaint, Scandinavian Nordby, WA, orphaned high school sophomore Katrina Svensen lives above her grandmother's struggling old-world coffeehouse. College applications are due, and she's desperate to discover a true talent, like best friends Vincent, a trophy-laden swimmer, and Elizabeth, an artist, have. Opening the coffeehouse one morning, Katrina discovers a young man prostrate in its alley. Assuming he's homeless or on a bender, she leaves him day-old pastries and fresh coffee, then locks herself inside and calls Vincent. The next time Katrina sees the handsome vagrant, Malcolm, he's declaring in school assembly that he must reward Katrina's unselfish deed with her greatest desire. Malcolm's a messenger angel, but his several attempts to grant the girl's heart's desire go awry. Naming this desire proves difficult for her as she wonders whether she should choose to keep the rival coffeehouse's owner away from her grandmother's business and his daughter away from Vincent, find her passion, or perhaps keep the handsome Malcolm around. Readers may relate, but may also lose patience with Katrina's constant self-criticism. Sometimes this more-tell-than-show book fluctuates between frothiness and weighty drama. The adults portrayed are often pliable, unrealistic, homophobic, or otherwise inappropriate. But a G-rated supernatural romance with interesting twists at its neatly tied up conclusion will appeal to readers looking for light chick-lit.—Danielle Serra, Cliffside Park Public Library, NJ
Kirkus Reviews
Self-deprecating to a fault, Katrina is also fiercely loyal-to her quaint Pacific Northwest town, to her Grandma Anna's sadly outdated coffeehouse and to her high-achieving friends Vincent and Elizabeth. Katrina's focus on others lets her neglect her own entrepreneurial ambitions, so the task of nudging Katrina toward fulfilling her dreams and desires falls to Malcolm, the unnervingly cute and apparently homeless guy Katrina finds sleeping behind the coffeehouse. Malcolm is actually a low-level angel toiling as a messenger for Heaven, whose tendency to grow overly involved with the humans he meets lands him in hot water. After a series of false starts-he's busy with a challenging delivery, she's seething with jealousy when Vincent begins dating her nemesis, the daughter of a loathsome rival coffeehouse owner-girl and angel work together to save Anna's coffeehouse and get Malcolm out of trouble with The Boss. Although the plot lacks momentum and the romance between Katrina and Malcolm is over almost before it's begun, there's sufficient charm to get readers-steaming mug of coffee in hand-through a chilly afternoon. (Fantasy. YA)
Midwest Book Review
Good to the last drop.
Lemuria Bookstore Blog (online)
A light but warm story full of lovable, quirky people with realistic struggles, this book affectionately portrays the insecurity and uncertainty every young adult feels growing up, and the power of love, friendship, and community to draw out vibrant strengths and gifts each person can offer to others.
The Book Butterfly (online)
Coffeehouse Angel is the perfect book to curl up alongside with on a rainy dreary day. It will infuse your heart with warmth and make you smile.

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