Cogno: Deep Worlds Game

Cogno: Deep Worlds Game


Dive into distant oceans as you outsmart other players in a race across an ancient alien ocean with Cogno: Deep Worlds. Caution: this game may cause players to love science! As the game develops, your alien may reach a Dive Zone; spin the Dive Zone Generator to learn all about this underwater world. Land on a Chaos space, and answer correctly to win more fuel. Will you be able to slingshot around the Megaplume Whirlpool, or will you get sucked into The Trench? The first alien with 3 fuel cells to make their way to the Hydroplane Transport to return to the beach wins the game. Includes game board, Submarine Trench board, Divezone Generator spinner, Chaos cards, Gear cards, 8 alien game pieces, 32 page Book of Y and die. For 2 or more players ages 7 and up.

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DoubleStar, LLC

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