Coleridge's Poetry and Prose / Edition 1

Coleridge's Poetry and Prose / Edition 1

by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

ISBN-10: 0393979040

ISBN-13: 9780393979046

Pub. Date: 07/28/2003

Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.

Coleridge combined the genius of a poet with the mind of a philosophical critic.
His writings are wide-ranging in form and content, and vast in number. Norton’s long-awaited edition is the most comprehensive and user-friendly student edition available. Supporting apparatus includes detailed headnotes, footnotes (both Coleridge’s and the editors’),…  See more details below


Coleridge combined the genius of a poet with the mind of a philosophical critic.
His writings are wide-ranging in form and content, and vast in number. Norton’s long-awaited edition is the most comprehensive and user-friendly student edition available. Supporting apparatus includes detailed headnotes, footnotes (both Coleridge’s and the editors’), biographical register, glossary, and an index of poems and first lines.
"Criticism" includes twenty assessments of Coleridge’s poetry and prose by British and American authors.
A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.

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Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
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Norton Critical Editions Series
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
General Introduction
Textual Introduction
Permissions Acknowledgments
Monody on the Death of Chatterton5
To a Young Lady with a Poem on the French Revolution10
Effusion I [To Bowles]12
Effusion II [To Burke]13
Effusion III [To Pitt]13
Effusion IV [To Priestley]14
Effusion V [To Erskine]14
Effusion VI [To Sheridan]15
Effusion XX. To the Author of the "Robbers"16
Effusion XXII. To a Friend together with an Unfinished Poem16
Effusion XXXV. Composed August 20th, 1975, at Clevedon, Somersetshire [The Eolian Harp]17
Religious Musings20
To Thomas Poole, of Stowey35
Ode on the Departing Year37
To the Reverend George Coleridge, of Ottery St. Mary, Devon44
From Preface to the Second Edition46
Introduction to the Sonnets48
Sonnet IV. To the River Otter50
Sonnet IX. Composed on a journey homeward ...51
Sonnet X. To a Friend ...52
Reflections on Having Left a Place of Retirement52
The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere, in Seven Parts (1798)58
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1834)59
The Foster-Mother's Tale, A Dramatic Fragment100
The Nightingale; A Conversational Poem, Written in April, 1798102
The Dungeon105
Fears in Solitude110
France. An Ode116
Frost at Midnight120
The Visions of the Maid of Orleans125
Recantation, Illustrated in the Story of the Mad Ox129
Lines Written in the Album at Elbingerode, in the Hartz Forest133
To a Friend134
This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison136
Sonnet XII. To W. L. Esq139
Fire, Famine, & Slaughter. A War Eclogue140
A Letter to - [Sara Hutchinson]145
Dejection: An Ode155
Kubla Khan: or A Vision in a Dream180
The Pains of Sleep184
The Picture, or The Lover's Resolution188
The Visionary Hope192
Recollections of Love193
Hymn Before Sun-rise, in the Vale of Chamouny195
Inscription for a Fountain on a Heath198
A Tombless Epitaph198
To a Gentleman [William Wordsworth]200
Poetical Works (1828). Prose in Rhyme: or, Epigrams, Moralities, and Things Without a Name206
Phantom or Fact? A Dialogue in Verse206
Work Without Hope207
A Day Dream208
Lines Suggested by the Last Words of Berengarius209
Constancy to an Ideal Object210
Prefatory Note to The Wanderings of Cain211
The Wanderings of Cain214
Poetical Works (1829): The Garden of Boccaccio218
Youth and Age221
Love's Apparition and Evanishment223
A Character224
- E coelo descendit [gnothi seayton] - Juvenal226
[Apologia pro vita sua]228
The Day Dream228
[Metrical Experiments, 1805]229
A Thought Suggested by a View of Saddleback230
[Notebook Fragment, 1806]231
[Notebook Fragment, 1807]231
[Notebook Fragment, 1810]232
[Notebook Fragments, 1811]233
From A Moral and Political Lecture (1795)236
Conciones ad Populum, or Addresses to the People (1795)248
From On the Present War250
Lectures on Revealed Religion (1795)258
From The Plot Discovered; or An Address to the People, Against Ministerial Treason (1795)274
Modern Patriotism284
On the Slave Trade287
Once a Jacobin Always a Jacobin (1802)299
[On Romeo and Juliet]309
[On Ancient And Modern Drama and The Tempest]320
[On Hamlet]332
[On Dramatic Illusion]336
Essays on the Principles of Genial Criticism (1814)338
From The Statesman's Manual; or The Bible the Best Guide to Political Skill and Foresight354
From Appendix C of The Statesman's Manual362
From A Lay Sermon ("Blessed are ye that sow beside all Waters!")369
Biographia Literaria; or Biographical Sketches of My Literary Life and Opinions (1817)372
[Reason and Understanding]555
From Essays on the Principles of Method560
Aids to Reflection (1825)568
On the Constitution of the Church and State (1830)576
Androgynous Minds587
The Bible587
Dreams and Sleep589
The French Revolution593
John Keats594
Love, Lust, and Friendship597
Parliamentary Reform603
Platonists and Aristotelians605
William Wordsworth609
Letter: To John Thelwall (November 19, 1796)611
Letter: To Thomas Poole (February 6, 1797)613
Letter: To Thomas Poole (March 1797)614
Letter: To Joseph Cottle (April 1797)617
Letter: To Thomas Poole (October 9, 1797)618
Letter: To Thomas Poole (October 16, 1797)620
Letter: To Thomas Poole (February 19, 1798)624
Letter: To George Coleridge (c. March 10, 1798)626
Letter: To Thomas Poole (March 16, 1801)627
Letter: To Thomas Poole (March 23, 1801)628
Letter: To William Sotheby (September 10, 1802)630
Letter: To Sara Coleridge (November 23, 1802)632
Letter: To Thomas Wedgwood (September 16, 1803)633
Letter: To Thomas Poole (October 14, 1803)636
Letter: To J. J. Morgan (May 14, 1814)637
Letter: To J. J. Morgan (May 15, 1814)639
Letter: To Thomas Allsop (March 30, 1820)640
The Prelude (1805), book 6, lines 249-331645
From Christ's Hospital Five and Thirty Years Ago647
From Letters648
From [The Album of a London Bookseller]649
From Lectures on the English Poets649
From The Spirit of the Age650
From The Life and Correspondence of Charles Mathews the Elder, Comedian653
From Samuel Taylor Coleridge654
From Autobiography657
From The Life of John Sterling658
From Coleridge662
From Letters665
From Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks666
From First Visit to England666
From Letter to B -668
From a Review of Letters, Conversations and Recollections668
From Art, Literature and the Drama669
From A Poem of Pure Imagination: An Experiment in Reading671
From Structure and Style in the Greater Romantic Lyric682
Coleridge and the Deluded Reader: "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"696
From "Christabel": The Wandering Mother and the Enigma of Form710
From Wordsworth and Coleridge: The Radical Years722
Coleridge on Shakespeare: Method Amid the Rhetoric731
From The Biographia Literaria and the Contentions of English Romanticism738
[Coleridge's Theory of the Imagination]750
From The Idea of the Clerisy: Samuel Taylor Coleridge755
Biographical Register769
Coleridge: A Chronology779
Selected Bibliography785
Index of Poem Titles and First Lines793

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