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College: Getting in and Staying In

College: Getting in and Staying In

by D. Bruce Lockerbie, Donald R. Fonseca

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Library Journal - Library Journal
This strongly Christian-oriented book is designed as a guide for the high school junior or senior who is seriously considering college. It begins with a detailed discussion of the decision whether or not to go, including a description of college life to give ``a deliberate dose of reality to counter some . . . of your fantasies.'' There is excellent coverage of the mechanics of selecting potential colleges, applying, taking necessary tests, accepting or being rejected, and preparing for admission (including a hard look at costs). The first six chapters are a good guide to the college selection processes. The remainder has a heavy Christian emphasis, a fact not noted in the title, introduction, or early chapters. This makes the book of most interest to students who desire that lifestyle. The final chapter is entitled ``Index of Resources'' and consists of a detailed glossary and a bibliography of related sources, including software. There is also a list called ``Organizations to Consult,'' consisting of four Christian organizations. Recommended for high school and public libraries.-- Sharon L. Bostick, Univ. of Toledo Lib., Ohio

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Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
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