College Girl: A Memoir

College Girl: A Memoir

by Laura Gray-Rosendale

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The inspirational memoir of a woman who survived a brutal sexual assault and went on to become a university professor.

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The inspirational memoir of a woman who survived a brutal sexual assault and went on to become a university professor.

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“College Girl is an exceptionally well-written, gripping rarity. Though the book tells the story of a horrific rape, it is, in fact, about the attack’s aftermath—for its perpetrator, its victim, each of their families, and beyond. It is about the dividing line between bravery and cowardice. It is about human beings behaving extraordinarily, under almost unthinkable circumstances. By relentlessly continuing to expand her examination beyond herself, Laura Gray-Rosendale has created something of great importance not only to individuals, but to society.” — Evan Handler, actor and author of Time on Fire: My Comedy of Terrors

“College Girl is a monumental achievement that ranges from memoir to cultural critique to documentary nonfiction, but it’s also a stunning study in prose stylings that reaches from the sublime to the grotesque. Lyrical, repulsive, elegant, and hideous, College Girl is expressed in language so thought-provoking, so astute, that we cannot help but be right there with her. I urge all of us to engage with and learn from this deeply important book—and never, ever forget.” — Kass Fleisher, author of Dead Woman Hollow

“Words like ‘brave’ or ‘honest’ usually used to describe a memoir of trauma and recovery don’t even come close to capturing this searingly painful, unflinchingly self-reflective, and painstakingly subtle memoir. With not a hint of self-congratulation, and in language as jagged-edged as the events themselves, coupled with long languid reflective passages, College Girl achieves something truly rare and unsettling—a story of such brutality that is also, oddly, almost beautiful in its telling.” — Michael Kimmel, author of Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

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Laura Gray-Rosendale is Professor of English and President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellow at Northern Arizona University. She is the coeditor of Radical Relevance: Toward a Scholarship of the Whole Left; Fractured Feminisms: Rhetoric, Context, and Contestation; and Alternative Rhetorics: Challenges to the Rhetorical Tradition, all published by SUNY Press. She makes her home in Flagstaff with her husband, Steven, and their dog, D’Artagnan.

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