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by Cassandra Carr
Olympic medal winning figure skater Leah Fitzpatrick, dubbed "The Ice Queen", is on the downslope of her career when she finds herself roped into a joint promo gig on the professional bull riders' tour. She's paired with "The King of Rodeo", Brady Parrish, and although his looks could stop traffic, she's got a future to worry about that doesn't leave room for knocking


Olympic medal winning figure skater Leah Fitzpatrick, dubbed "The Ice Queen", is on the downslope of her career when she finds herself roped into a joint promo gig on the professional bull riders' tour. She's paired with "The King of Rodeo", Brady Parrish, and although his looks could stop traffic, she's got a future to worry about that doesn't leave room for knocking boots with the sexy rider. No matter how hot he is.

Brady is at the top of his profession. He's living the good life, and has no idea anything is missing until the cool Leah comes along. He sees something in her that hints at an underlying fire, and sets out to prove her nickname wrong. In the midst of their steamy affair, he falls hard. Blindsided by the potent combination of Leah's beauty and vulnerability, Brady is determined to melt "The Ice Queen's" heart.

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Collision 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
bookfan747 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading Collision, book 2 of the Buckin' Bullrider series which features Brady Parrish's story. Brady is a sexy bullrider who knows how to rope a reluctant figure skater, Leah Fitzpatrick into his arms and bed. I have to admit it took me awhile to warm up to the heroine of this book because she was so distant, aloof and had this barrier around her even when she was with Brady. It wasn't until Brady's first seduction scene that I finally opened myself up to liking Leah and then understood why she acted the way she did. As I read about her background, it helped me feel more compassionate towards her and Brady also brought forth a more playful and sexy side to Leah. And the sex scenes were oh so hot that it left me wanting more. For such a strong, tough cowboy, Brady showed us a softer, caring, tender side when he was around Leah and I found myself rooting for them to get their happy endng. It was also great to catch up with Conner and Jessica and see their interaction with this couple and the friendship portrayed. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this wonderful series by Cassandra Carr.
FictionalCandy More than 1 year ago
This was definitely one of those stories where I had my notebook open, ready to take notes. I have read a few books by Cassandra Carr, and it’s no secret that I love her writing. Well, suffice it to say – I could not put this book down. My page of notes? Blank. *Sigh* But that’s what happens when you are so engrossed in the story that you can’t stop reading for even long enough to write down a few key sentences. I don’t even have a heartwarming or clenching quote for you! This is book two in the Buckin’ Bull Riders series. Book one focused on Conner (dreamy Dom cowboy) and this book focuses on Brady Parrish, The Rodeo King. Yeehaw ladies, you do not want to miss this one! In this book Brady is on tour, and his promoters have decided it would be a good idea to pair him up with “The Ice Queen”, figure skater Leah Fitzpatrick. They were right, it was an excellent idea! I was a little unsure how this would play out – a bull rider and a figure skater? But have no worries, because Cassandra totally made it work. Let royalty reign! (Get it? Ice Queen, Rodeo King….ba-da-dah!) Brady is the fun lovin smart mouth cowboy that you got a little bit of a tease of in Impact, and he hasn’t changed. And he’s even picked up on a few of Conner’s more dominant traits, which I think worked out just wonderfully for everyone involved. And I mean Brady, Leah, and me (or you) as the reader. Ok, and as Cassandra as the author. Brady is smokin’ hot, and he is not about to admit defeat. Leah is a bit gunshy, the product of some haughty parents who parade her around like a prized poodle. But there is a warm woman in there, she’s just been hidden for too long. I really loved how Brady was able to see through her tough-girl exterior and get to the heart of the matter. This book is full of snarky fun, fabulous flirtation, hot and steamy sex, and an attraction to bring the biggest bull to his knees. It delivered on all counts of heat, romance, fun, and drama. I’d like to thank Cassandra for feeding my cowboy addiction; she obviously doesn’t know how hard it is to find one here in the Motor City, but I’m keeping my eyes open! Ladies, read this series – you won’t be disappointed!
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
Oh I loved this book! I was excited to read this after Cassandra Carr’s last pro bull rider erotic romance novel Impact, and Collision didn’t disappoint! The writing was as great as in Impact, and it was great to meet Connor and Jess in this book as well! The characters were real, fun, witty and had great depth, which is why it was so easy to read, Collision is definitely character driven, and I loved it! Another pro bull rider gem from Cassandra Carr! I loved Brady, ummm… who wouldn't? Tall, dark, handsome, arrogant, mischievous and bossy in the bedroom, who is signing up for that?! Me. too. I loved his character from the beginning, he was an open book and fun - a total opposite to Leah who was reserved and cool on the outside. I loved the juxtaposition of a rough and tumble pro bull rider and the ice queen of Olympic Figure Skating. They were a mismatch that worked so well! Did I say hot as well, no, well here goes! These two burned some sheet for sure…a bossy guy in bed is always a yummy read, but there was also a little bit spanking, ropes and... well you'll just need to get it to know more. ;) It'll be worth it! The plot was good too, it was mainly based on the characters - but it really didn’t need more, the tension and the two different worlds was enough, the rest was up to Leah and Brady. If you love cowboys and pro bull riders, well girls then this is for you! One hot story of two worlds colliding with bang, and yes, with loads of sexual tension! ;) I want more! Hopefully Ms. Carr will be writing another Buckin' Bull rider Book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Second book doesn't need to be read in order, but is just as good as first in series. Loved the interaction between characters and the emotions exibited from each point of view. Realistic feelings even if we all can't get or be championship bull riders or olympic figure skaters.
Evita_P More than 1 year ago
This is the 2nd book in the Buckin' Bull Riders series, and I'm just loving Brady Parrish, Mr. King of Rodeo. He is set to promote the rodeo sponsors during his tour with none other than Leah Fitspatrick, Ms. Ice Queen. Right from the beginning he can tell that there's more than meets the eye in regards to her nickname. She decides to let loose and have an affair with Brady, quite sure that that's what he is looking for, but they didn't count on their hearts getting involved. I really enjoyed reading their very hot and sexy scenes, Brady was very tender and caring towards Leah, which really was something she had been missing in previous relationships. He helped her see things differently and brings out her softer side, totally the opposite of her Ice Queen personna. She questions whether their affair will go anywhere after the tour is done, does he feel the same way about her, will they have a happy ending? You won't want to miss finding out for yourself!
mmvasquez More than 1 year ago
A very sweet story with fabulous characters that I adored! This is the second book in this series, and if you've read the first book, I will just say that this book is a little bit of a sweeter story than the first one. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of heat. I think the slightly sweeter story fit these characters. I love this series and I'm so excited that there are going to be more books! I can't wait!