Colloidal Particles at Liquid Interfaces

Colloidal Particles at Liquid Interfaces

by Bernard P. Binks, Tommy S. Horozov

Discusses how small solid particles operate at liquid interfaces.See more details below


Discusses how small solid particles operate at liquid interfaces.

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Table of Contents

1Colloidal particles at liquid interfaces : an introduction1
2Structure and formation of particle monolayers at liquid interfaces77
3Theory for interactions between particles in monolayers108
4Particle-assisted wetting152
5Particle-laden interfaces : rheology, coalescence, adhesion and buckling169
6Solids-stabilized emulsions : a review186
7Novel materials derived from particles assembled on liquid surfaces225
8Interfacial particles in food emulsions and foams298
9Collection and attachment of particles by air bubbles in froth flotation328
10Antifoam effects of solid particles, oil drops and oil-solid compounds in aqueous foams383
11Metal foams : towards high-temperature colloid chemistry445

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