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Colony - Atlantean

Colony - Atlantean

by Gene Stiles

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What If It’s True?

2012 is nearly upon us. Much is being made of the prophesy of the Mayans that the world would end in December of that year. Truth be told, the Mayans did not say the world would end. They said that it would be a time of earth-shaking events. The I Ching, the Bible and many other ancient writings agree, most taking it to the


What If It’s True?

2012 is nearly upon us. Much is being made of the prophesy of the Mayans that the world would end in December of that year. Truth be told, the Mayans did not say the world would end. They said that it would be a time of earth-shaking events. The I Ching, the Bible and many other ancient writings agree, most taking it to the end-of-the-world scenario. But should we pay any attention to mere prophesy?

Look around you. Is there signs that something big is about to happen? Look at the weather patterns alone. Storms build in frequency and furiousness. Giant earthquakes have become commonplace. Bitter winter cold and blazing summer heat break long standing records every year. Swarms of tornados numbering in the hundreds rip homes, giant oaks and helpless people from the earth and slam them back down, shattered and splintered like piles of fresh made toothpicks.

Mother Nature is gearing up for something.

So my question is this:

If you heard the same story from ten different people who did not know each other, would you believe it? How about fifty different people – with no Internet access – from different locations around the world? How about hundreds? Millions?

There is a theory that we as the human race or not native to this earth but, rather, are a colony planted here long ago from another world. Not a new concept and scoffed at by most rational adults. But what if there is recorded documentation around the world that proves that such a possibility exists?

There is. Thousands of documents.

I have spent most of my life studying religious writings, mythology, archeology, geology, history and about lost civilizations. What I found astounded me. There are literally millions of links between ALL religious and mythological writings from ALL around the world. Adding to that is the fact that pure, hard sciences prove many of these links and myths are true.

The Colony series is a fictionalized story from the perspective of the people who may have lived it. It is an attempt to put into words the hows and whys of what happened long ago. In each novel, I will explain the reasons for many of the events and symbols in myth and religion as well as historical, archeological, and geological occurrences. In the forward of each book, I will lay out what the story will include so you, the reader, can understand how these events tie together. I ask for your patience and indulgence in getting the full story, as the information I’ve gathered over thirty years of research is monumental.

Colony – Atlantean
Book One In The Saga Of
The Rise And Fall Of Earth’s First Civilization

Their World Is About To End

Their planet is dying. Invisible waves of radiation bathed the thin, unbreathable atmosphere annihilating the few remaining vestiges of life above. Violent storms and screaming winds scoured the desolate landscape, cleansing away the last traces of man’s long history.

The last remnants of a once great society live in massive caverns far beneath the surface of their tortured world. For hundreds of years, they have been imprisoned by black rock and dirt, condemned to an artificial world maintained by their vast technology, never to feel true sunlight upon their skin.

But now the last of the water is drying up. Soon the planet will wither and die. They must leave their home or perish with it.

But where will they go? Will they travel for hundreds of years through the blackness of unknown space, sealed in city-sized ships, to a perfectly suited world or travel mere months to a nearby planet with an eco-system that must be destroyed and rebuilt with the same technology that may have lead to the destruction of their home world?

Uranus, Lord Father of the People, saved them from the annihilation that consumed the surface world and brought them to the cave of the One Tree. Over a thousand years old, he has led his people with an open heart and gentle hand. But buried deep in his aged mind lies knowledge long forgotten that could preserve his kind…or condemn them to a slow, agonizing death.

Cronus, beloved eldest son of Uranus and leader of the Table of Twelve, the ruling council of the People, must set aside his peaceful nature to take on a mysterious, powerful enemy, bent on the destruction of the People. But when he finds the true nature of his adversary, will he still be able to protect his race or will he crumble before an excruciating mental and physical onslaught?

Thus begins the chronicles of the People…the race that gave rise to Earth’s first civilization. Colony is more than mere science fiction. It is historical science fiction…perfectly documented in archeology, geology, religion, mythology, and history. The only questions are, “Will it happen again?” a

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Meet the Author

About The Author

Best selling author, Gene Stiles, a Michigan native, moved to Simi Valley, CA in 1963. His first publication was at age eleven when the Los Angles Daily News (then the Valley News and Green Sheet) and the L.A. Times both wrote articles on a young poet selling his work to buy a Mother’s Day present.

He lived much of the story in his first novel To Walk the Winding Road – A Story Of Abuse And Survival.

At age 17, he started a three-state wide non-profit organization called Teens, Inc in the hopes of helping other troubled teens like himself. As an adult, he continued his devotion to kids by opening teen-oriented businesses including two arcades and three teen nightclubs - which are the sources for his upcoming book Phenomenon.

His other interests include mythology, archeology, lost civilization, science fiction and the 2012 phenomenon which are the basis for his Colony Series of novels. He is also a martial artist and major karaoke junkie.

He lives in Missouri with his incredibly understanding wife who lovingly tolerates his writing time and two of the most talkative dogs on the planet.

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