Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery / Edition 3

Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery / Edition 3

by Michael S. Block

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ISBN-10: 1437708773

ISBN-13: 9781437708776

Pub. Date: 04/27/2010

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

A textbook in atlas format, Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery describes how to use dental implants in achieving successful prosthetic rehabilitation. Clear, full-color clinical photos and practical instructions cover every implant challenge, with each chapter presenting a different area of the mouth or a specific surgical technique. This concise guide addresses


A textbook in atlas format, Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery describes how to use dental implants in achieving successful prosthetic rehabilitation. Clear, full-color clinical photos and practical instructions cover every implant challenge, with each chapter presenting a different area of the mouth or a specific surgical technique. This concise guide addresses treatment planning, presurgical guidelines for surgical success, detailed surgical techniques, and postoperative follow-up.

This new edition: Discusses critical factors for esthetic central incisor implant restorations. Covers extraction site protocols to reconstruct and preserve bone bulk prior to implant placement, offering methods for grafting the extraction socket to allow for ideal implant placement at a later time. Covers immediate placement of implants at the time of tooth extraction. Adds a new Immediate Provisionalization of Implant Restorations chapter on single-tooth implant restorations and multiunit restorations. Discusses the use of recombinant, bioengineered bone morphogenetic protein for sinus augmentation. Covers the use of distraction osteogenesis for severely atrophic anterior maxillary sites and treatment of anterior maxillary atrophy with onlay grafts for fixed prosthetics, to restore the, patient with severe maxillary defects and create the soft tissue needed for bone graft and later implant placement. Addresses the complete restoration of function through immediate loading of the edentulous mandible with provisional and final restorations, and discusses augmentation of the thin ridge using particulate materials. This book provides the necessary background in prosthetics and step-by-step techniquesthat you can take back to your practice immediately.

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Table of Contents

Mandible     1
Surgery of the Anterior Mandible     3
Placement of two to five implants in the anterior mandible     3
General considerations     3
Evaluation of anatomy-physical examination of the patient without teeth     4
Evaluation of anatomy-radiologic examination of the patient without teeth     5
Surgical treatment     7
Augmentation of the atrophic mandible     23
General considerations     23
Intraoral incision and placement of autogenous corticocancellous bone grafts     25
Extraoral incision and placement of autogenous corticocancellous bone grafts     28
Implant placement into augmented mandibles     30
Placement of implants into atrophic mandibles without grafting     30
Alveolar ridge distraction of the anterior mandible     30
Exposure and need for secondary soft tissue surgery     34
Immediate loading of the edentulous mandible     34
Immediate loading with provisional restorations     36
Fixed hollow-shell crown and bridge adapted to implants     36
Provisional hybrid prostheses     41
Immediate loading with final restoration     45
Use of prefabricated segmented bar and precision attachments     45
Computed tomography-generated final mandibular prosthesis     50
Discussion     56
Surgery of the Posterior Mandible     58
Placement of implants in the posterior mandible     58
General considerations     58
Treatment planning and diagnosis     60
Physical examination     60
Stent fabrication     62
Determination of the number and size of implants     62
Surgical treatment     64
Placement of implants into adequate bone     64
Placement of implant into thin bone     68
Augmentation of thin or vertically deficient posterior mandibular ridges     69
Augmentation of thin ridge using particulate materials     78
Maxilla     91
Surgery of the Edentulous Maxilla     93
Surgery for the anterior maxilla     93
Preoperative planning and assessment     93
Placement of four implants into the anterior maxilla     95
Placement of eight implants without a graft     98
Placement of implants and onlay bone grafts for isolated defects     107
Placement of eight implants with sinus grafts     110
Exposure of implants in the edentulous maxilla     110
Surgery for the posterior maxilla     111
Single-premolar or single-molar restorations     111
Multiple-teeth implant-borne restorations     114
Particulate bone grafting with membrane coverage     114
Solid onlay grafts harvested from the symphysis or ramus     115
Reconstruction of severe anterior maxillary defects using distraction osteogenesis, bone grafts, and implants     116
General surgical principles     118
Case report     119
Preoperative workup     119
Placement of distraction device     119
Removal of distractor and harvesting of bone graft     120
Placement of implant     122
Maxillary Sinus Grafting     127
Background, general principles, and techniques     127
Presurgical screening     128
Preoperative radiographic screening     128
Surgical technique     129
Bone-harvesting techniques     131
Jawbone grafts     131
Tibia bone grafts     133
Periosteal osteocortical flap     137
Cortical window     137
Postoperative management     137
Iliac crest grafts     137
Placement of bone graft into the sinus     138
Bone morphogenetic protein for sinus augmentation,     143
Recombinant BMP administration     143
Literature review     143
Technique     145
Zygomaticasus Implants and Angled Implants for the Edentulous Maxilla     152
Placement of zygomaticus implants combined with anterior implants     152
General considerations     152
Preoperative workup     153
Surgical procedure     153
Placement of four implants angled for support of full-arch prosthesis     158
Assessment and treatment plan     161
Case study     161
Techniques for Grafting the Extraction Site     165
Grafting material     166
Bovine mineralized bone     166
Mineralized bone allograft     166
Autogenous bone     166
Anterior maxillary teeth     167
Gingival margin position     167
Level of bone on adjacent tooth     167
Presence or absence of root prominence     170
Proportions of tooth to replace in regard to adjacent teeth     170
Local deficiency of bone in the implant site     173
Labial defects     173
Palatal defect or concavity     173
Apical holes     178
Surgical technique     179
Tooth extraction protocol     179
Graft placement     180
Grafting in presence of large bone defects     180
Molar sites     180
Incision design     187
Tooth extraction and graft procedure     187
Postoperative instructions     189
Immediate placement of implants at tooth extraction     189
Indications and contraindications     189
One-stage implants placed in fresh extraction sites     189
Preoperative evaluation and implant placement in esthetic zone     189
Smile line     189
Esthetic evaluation     191
Periodontal biotype     191
Probing     192
Occlusal analysis     192
Radiographic evaluation     192
Anatomic considerations after tooth extraction     193
Indications and implant stability     198
Surgical techniques for specific teeth     199
General considerations     199
Central incisors     200
Lateral incisors     203
Canines     204
Premolars     205
Mandibular incisors      208
Immediate Provisionalization of Implant Restorations   Yoav Grossman   Mariana Pasciuta     210
Methods for immediate provisionalization of single-tooth implant restorations     210
General considerations     211
Preoperative laboratory preparation of abutment and provisional crown     211
Laboratory technique     211
Surgical procedure     217
Chairside abutment preparation and fabrication of provisional crown     218
Preoperative considerations     220
Provisionalization method     220
Indexing abutment for laboratory fabrication of provisional crown with placement in patient's mouth within hours or days     220
Preoperative considerations     220
Surgical and impression technique     225
Postoperative management     226
Potential complications     226
Discussion     227
Methods for immediate provisionalization of multiunit implant restorations     227
Literature review: case reports     228
General principles     229
Posterior maxillary case     230
Anterior maxillary case with cement retention     233
Anterior maxillary case with computer-generated surgical stent and screw retention of provisional prosthesis     237
Posterior maxillary case with transfer made after implant placement     241
Posterior units with immediate temporary prosthesis with splinted implants     245
Partial mandibular restoration using removable partial denture as provisional hybrid-style prosthesis     248
Posterior mandibular immediate provisional crowns with CAD CAM abutments     251
Esthetic Anterior Implant Restorations: Surgical Techniques for Optimal Results     257
Critical factors for esthetic central incisor implant restorations     258
Bone and soft tissue     258
Placement of implants into extraction sockets immediately after tooth extraction     264
Smile line     264
Color of adjacent teeth     264
Symmetry of anterior dentition     265
Position of implant     265
Prognostic factors     265
Gingival margin of tooth before extraction or after healing     266
Loss of labial bone     267
Implant positioning     271
Incision design     273
Implant location     273
Decisions affecting treatment     274
Sufficient bone width sufficient bone height     276
Thin bone width sufficient bone height      277
Immediate loading and one-stage protocol     310
One-stage technique for implant placement after tooth extraction     316
General considerations and follow-up treatment     316
Conclusions     317
Soft Tissue Manipulation around Implants in the Esthetic Zone     319
Soft tissue manipulation for ridge augmentation     321
Subepithelial connective tissue grafting for ridge augmentation     323
Timing the placement of soft tissue grafts     323
Palatal roll technique     324
Transposition of palatal tissue for exposure of implants     328
Placement of subepithelial connective graft as a separate procedure     329
Recipient site preparation: subepithelial connective tissue graft without simultaneous removal of a membrane     329
Subepithelial connective tissue graft harvest     331
Open technique     331
Closed technique     332
Handling and modifying connective tissue graft     340
Placement of subepithelial connective tissue graft     340
Subepithelial connective graft with simultaneous removal of nonresorbable membrane     340
Coronal correction of gingival margin on implants     357
Subepithelial connective tissue grafting for coronal movement of gingival margin and elimination of vertical scars     358
Semilunar flap for coronal repositioning of gingival margin     359
Index     365

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