The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature

The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature

by J. Thomas Rimer

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ISBN-10: 0231157231

ISBN-13: 9780231157230

Pub. Date: 11/15/2011

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Featuring choice selections from the core anthologies The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature: From Restoration to Occupation, 1868–1945, and The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature: From 1945 to the Present, this collection offers a concise yet remarkably rich introduction to the fiction, poetry, drama, and


Featuring choice selections from the core anthologies The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature: From Restoration to Occupation, 1868–1945, and The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature: From 1945 to the Present, this collection offers a concise yet remarkably rich introduction to the fiction, poetry, drama, and essays of Japan's modern encounter with the West. Spanning a period of exceptional invention and transition, this volume is not only a critical companion to courses on Japanese literary and intellectual development but also an essential reference for scholarship on Japanese history, culture, and interactions with the East and West.

The first half covers the three major styles of literary expression that informed Japanese writing and performance in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: classical Japanese fiction and drama, Chinese poetry, and Western literary representation and cultural critique. Their juxtaposition brilliantly captures the social, intellectual, and political challenges shaping Japan during this period, particularly the rise of nationalism, the complex interaction between traditional and modern forces, and the encroachment of Western ideas and writing. The second half conveys the changes that have transformed Japan since the end of the Pacific War, such as the heady transition from poverty to prosperity, the friction between conflicting ideologies and political beliefs, and the growing influence of popular culture on the country's artistic and intellectual traditions. Featuring sensitive translations of works by Nagai Kafu, Natsume Soseki, Oe Kenzaburo, Kawabata Yasunari, Mishima Yukio, and many others, this anthology relates an essential portrait of Japan's dynamic modernization.

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Table of Contents

PrefaceIntroduction1. First ExperimentsFictionMori Ogai"The Dancing Girl"PoetryOchiai Naobumi"Song of the Faithful Daughter Shiragiku"Shimazaki Toson"The Fox's Trick""First Love"Takeshima Hagoromo"The Maiden Called Love"2. BeginningsFictionIzumi Kyoka"The Holy Man of Mount Koya"Kunikida Doppo"Meat and Potatoes"Masamune Hakucho"The Clay Doll"Nagai Kafu"The Mediterranean in Twilight"Ozaki KoyoThe Gold DemonPoetry in the International StyleKodama Kagai"The Suicide of an Unemployed Person"Ishikawa Takuboku"Better than Crying""Do Not Get Up""A Spoonful of Cocoa""After Endless Discussions"Kitahara Hakushu"Anesthesia of Red Flowers""Spider Lilies""Kiss"Takamura Kotaro"Bear Fur""A Steak Platter"Kinoshita Mokutaro"Nagasaki Style""Gold Leaf Brandy"Yosano Akiko"Beloved, You Must Not Die""In the First Person""A Certain Country""From Paris on a Postcard""The Heart of a Thirtyish Woman"Poetry in Traditional FormsKanshiTanka and HaikuIshikawa TakubokuMasaoka ShikiTankaHaikuYosano Akiko"The Dancing Girl""Spring Thaw"EssaysNatsume Soseki"The Civilization of Modern- Day Japan""My Individualism"3. The Interwar YearsFictionAkutagawa Ryunosuke"The Nose""The Christ of Nanking"Edogawa Ranpo"The Human Chair"Hori TatsuoThe Wind Has RisenInagaki TaruhoOne-Thousand-and-One-Second StoriesKawabata Yasunari"The Dancing Girl of Izu"Page of MadnessKuroshima Denji"A Flock of Circling Crows"Origuchi ShinobuWritings from the DeadShiga Naoya"The Paper Door"Tanizaki Jun'ichiro"The Two Acolytes"Uchida Hyakken"Realm of the Dead""Triumphant March into Port Arthur"Poetry in the International StyleTakamura Kotaro"Cathedral in the Thrashing Rain"Hagiwara Sakutaro"On a Trip""Bamboo""Sickly Face at the Bottom of the Ground""The One Who's in Love with Love""The Army""The Corpse of a Cat"Miyazawa Kenji"Spring & Asura""November 3rd"Nishiwaki JunzaburoSeven Poems from AmbarvaliaNo Traveler ReturnsKitasono Katsue"Collection of White Poems""Vin du masque""Words"Two Poems"Almost Midwinter"Kitasono's First Letter to Ezra PoundNakano Shigeharu"Imperial Hotel""Song""Paul Claudel""Train""The Rate of Exchange"Poetry in Traditional FormsKitahara HakushuOkamoto KanokoSaito MokichiSugita HisajoTaneda SantokaDramaKishida KunioThe SwingEssayKobayashi Hideo"Literature of the Lost Home"4. The War YearsFictionDazai Osamu"December 8th"Ishikawa TatsuzoSoldiers AliveOoka ShoheiTaken CaptivePoetry in the International StyleTakamura Kotaro"The Elephant's Piggy Bank""The Final Battle for the Ryukyu Islands"Kusano Shinpei"Mount Fuji"Oguma Hideo"Long, Long Autumn Nights"Poetry in Traditional FormsToki Zenmaro"Evidence"EssaysKobayashi Hideo"On Impermanence"Sakaguchi Ango"A Personal View of Japa nese Culture"5. Early Postwar Literature, 1945 to 1970FictionAbe Kobo"The Red Cocoon"Ariyoshi Sawako"The Village of Eguchi"Enchi Fumiko"Skeletons of Men"Endo Shusaku"Mothers"Hayashi Fumiko"Blindfold Phoenix"Hirabayashi Taiko"Demon Goddess"Hotta Yoshie"The Old Man"Ibuse Masuji"Old Ushitora"Inoue Yasushi"The Rhododendrons of Hira"Kanai Mieko"Homecoming"Kojima Nobuo"The Smile"Kono Taeko"Final Moments"Mishima Yukio"Patriotism"Noma Hiroshi"A Red Moon in Her Face"Takeda Taijun"The Misshapen Ones"Yasuoka Shotaro"Prized Possessions"Poetry in the International StyleAyukawa Nobuo"In Saigon""The End of the Night""War time Buddy"Ishigaki Rin"Roof""Shijimi Clams""Life"Katagiri Yuzuru"Christmas, 1960, Japan""Why Security Treaty?""Turn Back the Clock"Shiraishi Kazuko"The Phallus"Takamura Kotaro"End of the War""My Poetry"Tanikawa Shuntaro"Growth""Drizzle"Tomioka Taeko"between—""Still Life"Yoshioka Minoru"Still Life""The Past"Poetry in Traditional FormsBaba AkikoKaneko TotaNakajo FumikoDramaBetsuyaku MinoruThe Little Match GirlKinoshita JunjiTwilight CraneEssayKawabata Yasunari"Japan, the Beautiful, and Myself"6. Toward a Contemporary Literature, 1971 to the PresentFictionFurui Yoshikichi"Ravine"Hirano Keiichiro"Clear Water"Hoshi Shin'ichi"He-y, Come on Ou-t!"Kaiko Takeshi"The Crushed Pellet"Murakami Haruki"Firefly"Nakagami Kenji"The Wind and the Light"Ogawa Yoko"The Cafeteria in the Evening and a Pool in the Rain"Shima Tsuyoshi"Bones"Shimizu Yoshinori"Jack and Betty Forever"Takahashi Takako"Invalid"Tawada Yoko"Where Eu rope Begins"Tsushima Yuko"That One Glimmering Point of Light"Yoshimoto Banana"Newlywed"Poetry in the International StyleIto Hiromi"Underground""Glen Gould Goldberg""Sexual Life of Savages"Shinkawa Kazue"The Door""When the water called me..."Poetry in Traditional FormsTawara MachiDramaInoue HisashiMakeupKara JuroThe 24:53 Train Bound for "Tower" Is Waiting in Front of That Doughnut Shop in TakebayaEssayOe Kenzaburo"Japan, the Ambiguous, and Myself"Bibliography

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