Columbus Day

Columbus Day

by Christina MIA Gardeski

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Children's Literature
Who was Christopher Columbus and why do we celebrate Columbus Day? He was an explorer and one who believed the world was round. He believed it would be faster and more profitable to sail west to the Indies in search of gold and spices. Sponsored by the King and Queen of Spain, Columbus set sail with three ships. He did indeed find land but not what he expected. Columbus is credited with discovering the Americas�what he did was make the land and its people known to the general European society. The focus is on exploring and discovery and the related celebration of this holiday. No mention is made of the sad consequences of European contact with the native peoples�named Indians by Columbus. A picture glossary, index and brief biographical information about the author concludes the text. Part of the "Rookie Read-About Holidays" series. 2001, Children's Press/Scholastic,
— Marilyn Courtot

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Rookie Read-about Holidays Series
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