Combat Aircraft of WWII, 1941-1942

Combat Aircraft of WWII, 1941-1942

by Enzo Angelucci

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These oversize (10'' 15'') poster books are part of an eight-volume series issued for the 50th anniversary of World War II and cover the timespan from 1933 to 1945. Major and minor combatants are included and all classes of aircraft described. For each aircraft there is a full-color, full-page (sometimes double-page), three-view illustration, plus original photos and technical information. Those interested in more extensive data might better consult such books as William Green's Famous Bombers of the Second World War (Doubleday, 1976. rev. ed.). Librarians may blanch at the poster size and directions for easy page removal, but this high-quality set is still an excellent source.George F. Scheck, Naval Underwater Systems Lib . , Newport, R . I.

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