Come All My Lads That Follow the Plough

Come All My Lads That Follow the Plough


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  1. Hopping Down in Kent
  2. The Rocks of Bawn
  3. The Tarves Rant
  4. The Pleasant Month of May
  5. Copshawholm Fair
  6. The Weaver's Daughter
  7. The Maid of the Mill
  8. Straighty Flanagan
  9. The Mains O'Fogeieloan
  10. We're All Jolly Fellows as Follow the Plough
  11. The Farmer's Servant
  12. I Am a Miller to My Trade
  13. Four Horses
  14. Nicky Tams
  15. The Lark in the Morning
  16. Lovely Molly
  17. The Bonnie Labouring Boy
  18. The Barnyards O'Delgaty
  19. The Rich Lady Gay
  20. The Cranbally Farmer
  21. Wi' Ma Big Kilmarnock Bonnet
  22. The Lads That Was Reared Among Heather
  23. Tossing the Hay
  24. Sleepy Toon
  25. Back O' the Haggart

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