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Come Along, Kitten

Come Along, Kitten

by Joanne Ryder, Susan Winter
Come along with kitten.

There's a whole new world waiting for her--and you!


Come along with kitten.

There's a whole new world waiting for her--and you!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
Perhaps an old dog can't be taught new tricks, but the elderly hound who narrates Ryder's (Each Living Thing) tale seems perfectly happy playing mentor to a gray kitten. It's a beautiful day in the country, and the dog offers to take the young feline for a walk (hence the title). But his charge shows characteristically cat-like mettle and prefers not to be led. No matter: "You don't want to follow?" says the mellow pooch. "Then I'll follow you." Their roamings make the most of the kitten's curiosity and spunk: she races a bumblebee, listens in wonder to a mouse concert (though youngsters may wonder why she doesn't chase them instead), darts among the vegetable plantings and stalks a cricket. The dog's wistful, "September Song"-like perspective seems oddly pitched for a young audience, and the soft-spoken text, which essentially describes the action of each picture, often lapses into maudlin preciousness: "Sniff every hidey-hole/ without any fear./ Be brave, daring kitten-/ just know I am near." The illustrations never quite capture the suppleness of a cat's movements, and the spreads rarely vary the perspective. But Winter (Always Copycub) casts a soothing, golden glow over the watercolor spreads, and skillfully evokes the silky furriness of the protagonists' coats. She tempers the bathos of the text by giving the dog an attitude of bemused affection. Ages 2-6. (July) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
A Children's Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection, this adventure tale follows the neighborhood travels of a kitten and his/her guardian dog. The dog suggests that the kitten follow behind as the exploration begins, but the kitten opts to lead the way. The two run along and chase the bees, listen to the songs of mice, examine a spider on a leaf, leap over cabbages and nibble peas in the garden, catch leaves blowing in the wind, pounce after crickets, hide in the bushes, climb trees, and, eventually, return home. The dog serves as a wonderful companion, encouraging the kitten to take risks and be daring, all along reminding the kitten that he/she will be there should anything go wrong. Told in playful rhyme with few words to each page, young readers will wish to continue turning to find out what happens next. The realistic and finely detailed illustrations, rendered in watercolor and colored pencil, capture the gentle and playful exchanges between the dog and the kitten, creating a warmth on the page that embodies the safe and nurturing relationship shared by the two creatures. An excellent read-aloud for classroom teachers and librarians and a perfect title for parents and their children to share. 2003, Simon & Schuster, Ages 2 to 6.
— Wendy Glenn
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
PreS-A simple, rhyming picture book with endearing illustrations. In a text reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown's Runaway Bunny (HarperCollins, 1942), a wise old dog encourages a kitten to explore its world under his watchful eye. "Run along, kitten,/eager and free;/you circle the birdbath/and race bumblebee." Along the way the kitten encounters mice, a leaping cricket, and more. At the end of the busy day, the two friends walk home together. Large watercolor and colored-pencil illustrations depict shining eyes and soft fur. Art and natural rhymes combine to make this book suitable for both storyhours and one-on-one sharing. With its encouragement of independence and exploration, this title will have broad appeal with the preschool set.-Sandra Kitain, Abrams Hebrew Academy, Yardley, PA Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
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10.26(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.39(d)
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2 - 6 Years

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