Come to Dance: A Celtic Tradition

Come to Dance: A Celtic Tradition

by John Whelan

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  1. Jackie Coleman's/Bag Of Spuds/Bird In The Bush
  2. The Braodstone Inn/Big Snugs/Beth Patterson's
  3. The Turning Of The Season
  4. The Crooked Road To Dublin/Dinkey Dorian/Gan Aimn/The Copperplate
  5. Frances O'Neill's/Jesse And Franchesca's Miracle/Stop The Car
  6. Tracks In The Snow/The Nightlight
  7. Fermoy Lasses/The Old High Reel
  8. Queen Esther's/What Daddy?/April's Polka
  9. Simone
  10. Crossing The Shannon/Man Of The House/The Five Mile Chase
  11. Mary O'Neill's/Bank Of Ireland/Ballinamore
  12. Bob's Garden Of Earthly Delights/Broderick's
  13. Concert Reel/Flogging Reel
  14. Dowd's Favorite/O'Gorman's Salute/My Cup Of Coffee
  15. Ten Penney Bit/Trip To Athlone/Gallagher's Frolics
  16. Newtown Bridge/The Kerryman
  17. Father O'Flynn/Father Tom's Wager/Lilting Fisherman
  18. Spellan The Fiddler/Gan Aimn/Deacon Harry Doyle

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