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Come To Me

Come To Me

4.5 4
by Laura J. Davis

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Step back in time and experience the life of Christ through the eyes of His mother. Come to Me offers the reader an intimate glimpse into the lives of Jesus and his family in a way that brings them to life. The theme of trusting in God and surrendering to Him are evident throughout this remarkable story.
From the cradle to the cross, Come to Me speaks to the


Step back in time and experience the life of Christ through the eyes of His mother. Come to Me offers the reader an intimate glimpse into the lives of Jesus and his family in a way that brings them to life. The theme of trusting in God and surrendering to Him are evident throughout this remarkable story.
From the cradle to the cross, Come to Me speaks to the hearts of those who are seeking and deepens the faith of long-time believers. It is a moving tale of the life of Christ from the mother who raised him to become the Saviour of the world.

"Author Laura Davis examines the life of Mary, mother of Jesus. We hear the tender maternal love, the worry, the fears and the awe-inspiring faith that allowed her to become the vessel to carry God's only Son. Laura writes with a gentle hand and yet doesn't hold back on the reality of the cross. It is a fascinating perspective and a wonderful read."
Donna Fawcett
Author of double award winning novel Vengeance (Donna Dawson)
Creative Writing Instructor/Fanshawe College

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Come To Me 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was just like being there and witnessing the life of Jesus without the restrictive prose of the Bible.This book was, without a doubt, written by a devout Christian who knows how to really use historical fiction to tell a story. It is a must read for anyone, believer or non-believer.
Cindi_A More than 1 year ago
I read this book along with the study guide, Learning From the Master. What a remarkable story. Laura found a way to bring to life the story of Jesus' life from Mary's point of view. While Laura's book is fiction it follows the actual bible and gives quotes along the way. It's obvious that Laura Davis has done her homework and that she's passionate about her love for the Lord. She goes into depth that draws her readers in and helps them to understand the reason for Jesus being here and why he died on the cross for our sins. If you are looking for a group bible study I suggest you use the books together but if you only want to read a wonderful story, written by a talented author about the life of Jesus, then Come to Me will fit the bill. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
TBCN More than 1 year ago
This book starts with the birth of Christ and takes the reader along to his death and resurrection seen through the eyes of Mary, his mother. Come to Me reminded me of the movie The Nativity Story; where they give an account of the harsh environment and the social realities Mary, Jesus mother grew up in. It wasn't a sugar coated Hollywood production but showed the nitty-gritty of life in Nazareth. Laura Davis shows a believable account of Mary's life before and after she finds out she's pregnant by the Holy Spirit and has to tell her betrothed Joseph. I haven't read any book that's showed the playful side of Mary who was a teenage girl and Joseph who wasn't that much older than Mary. I enjoyed the authenticity and innocence of the book. I enjoyed how this author revealed the intimate dialogue, playful side of Mary and Joseph the fun they had as they awaited their wedding day. Then she showed the heart-wrenching reality of Joseph finding out Mary is with child and it's not his. Joseph respects Mary and can't believe that she would lie to him, then the Angel speaks to Joseph in a dream and he believes Mary. I enjoyed reading about Josephs love for Mary and how he struggled to do the right thing. Laura used her imagination to fill in the dialogue between Mary and Joseph as it might have been, two young people traveling to Bethlehem for the census. Mary was pretty far along in her pregnancy to travel. This journey is a little different than what you're used to reading and I enjoyed that. Laura explains why she wrote the story the way she did, it was very interesting. This story line is unique as it's told through Mary, the mother of Jesus' eyes. I often wondered about how Mary saw Jesus as he was growing up, then when he started his ministry and when she saw him dying on the cross and all the things that happened in-between. It was fun and heart-wrenching near the end to read this story through Mary's mothering eyes. This is a good read to help a new Christian get another perspective on the life of Jesus and his ministry. It's also a great witnessing tool. Laura Davis does a great job of showing Jesus' humanity and him being the Son of God! I highly recommend this book to be read anytime not just during the Christmas season!
snidbits More than 1 year ago
It's 44 A.D., eleven years after Jesus' resurrection, and Luke goes to visit Mary. He wants to hear about Jesus and his life before the disciples and before he began his ministry. Mary recounts her story, telling Luke of how an angel appeared to her and her life was never the same. Luke writes down everything Mary says to preserve her words for future generations. It's now 68 A.D. and Luke again visits Mary. John has sent him, wanting Mary to join him in Ephesus. Mary immediately knows why Luke has appeared at her door and says she's not sure if she could endure such a journey. Luke convinces her by assuring her he'll be by her side the whole time if she were to need medical attention. Mary agrees and they're soon beginning their journey. While on the ship, she's able to share the story of Jesus. A guard tells her she shouldn't be talking about Him since so many Christians are facing persecution but she calmly asks the man, ".is it against the law to talk about my own children?" She talks of Jesus betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection. Many people on board, including the guard, become Christians themselves. Arriving in Ephesus, Mary's health begins to rapidly decline. Luke shows John what he's written: "John looked at the letter in his hand and smiled. "The Gospel According to Luke. I'm sure it will be just fine."' I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was pulled into the story. I love the interaction between Jesus and Mary. Davis makes it seem so real. There's a tenderness in how they speak and interact with each other. Davis has fleshed out the story of Jesus and those surrounding Him and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though some of the dialogue is quoting Scripture, Davis has added more to her story, allowing us a small glimpse into the lives of the disciples and Jesus' family.