Comeback Cities: A Blueprint For Urban Neighborhood Revival

Comeback Cities: A Blueprint For Urban Neighborhood Revival

by Paul Grogan, Tony Proscio

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America’s inner cities, recovering from pervasive crime and social disorder that plagued them only a decade ago, are now revived - producing results beyond expectations and reawakening America’s toughest neighborhoods  See more details below


America’s inner cities, recovering from pervasive crime and social disorder that plagued them only a decade ago, are now revived - producing results beyond expectations and reawakening America’s toughest neighborhoods

Editorial Reviews

Robert McNatt
In Comeback Cities, Grogan and Proscio, a Harvard University administrator and a former New York City official, respectively, have written a smart and clear-headed narrative that makes a strong case for a brighter urban future without underplaying the problems still at hand. The book, aimed at policymakers, has its wonkish stretches. But it is generally free of jargon and strong on narrative, making it interesting enough to engage any reader seriously concerned about our cities.
Neal Peirce
Comeback Cities captures the drama and dynamic of America's urban revival with rare credibility, verve and insight. Grogan and Proscio also toss Left and Right orthodoxies aside as they analyze just where—from creating more CDCs to dramatic school reforms—cities need to move now.
Clarence Page
Paul Grogan has helped community-based organizations make miracles happen in America's toughest neighborhoods. For years I have waited—and waited!—for him to squeeze into a book some of his wealth of facts, wisdom and experiences. Here, at last, it is. Many have diagnosed the ills of high-crime, disinvested urban neighborhoods. Comeback Cities offers prescriptions that work!
New York Times optimistic book.
Nicholas Lemann
Paul Grogan is one of the heroes of the community development movement. In Comeback Cities, he and Tony Proscio tell the inspiring and still largely unknown story of the good work community-development organizations have done over the last generation to help revive poor urban neighborhoods that everybody else had written off. Comeback Cities is a wonderfully optimistic book about a subject that Americans usually treat with self-fulfilling pessimism.
Lawrence Harmon
...[an] enlivening work on urban revitalization...
David Pepper
...I have been reading a whole bunch of different books on urban and neighborhood revival. This one offers goof reason for hope...It's important for me to be reading and looking at what works.
Tom Brokaw
Paul Grogan's work in the inner cities of America is an example of the power of good people with great goals and a determination not to surrender. Read this and regain your hope.
American Prospect
...a well told and hopeful story of grass-roots activity breathing new life into cities...
[an] accessible and detailed chronicle of the nuts and bolts of urban revitalization....
David Gergen
From Chicago to Houston, the South Bronx to South Central Los Angeles,a quiet revolution is underway in America's inner cities. Poverty is still deep and progress remains fragile, but residents in one city after another are making their neighborhoods places where they want to live, shop, run businesses and go to school. In an eye-opening account, Paul Grogan and Tony Proscio tell us exactly why this is happening—and what must be done to keep it going. At heart, this book is an inspiring story of human ingenuity and courage.
Richard M. Daley
Paul Grogan explains how cities are rebuilding themselves block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood through grassroots community effort and strong local leadership. Chicago has benefitted from Grogan's leadership of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and policy makers around the country will benefit from the insights of this book.
Neighborhood Funder's Group
...proclaims the work of grassroots organizations to revitalize urban neighbors. For that alone, this book is important and most welcome.
Neal Pierce
We should hope that the new administration will respond to the Grogan-Proscio conclusion that today's successful urban reforms are �the common invention of both left and right, big government and tiny neighborhoods, grassroots volunteers and corporate CEOs'...Comeback Cities sums up the formula; Bush & Co. will do well to read it carefully.
Santa Rosa CA Press Democrat
...Paul Grogan and Tony Proscio have released arguably the most important and insightful books on the American city in a generation.
Thomas M. Menino
From years of experience, Paul Grogan and Tony Proscio explain what impatient mayors and professional protesters are slow to learn. Urban decline can't be reversed in a single stroke. Here, they analyze the forces behind new and encouraging progress in America's �comeback cities.' And they size up the obstacles that remain in our way.
Grogan (government, community, and public affairs, Harvard) and Proscio (former editor, ) outline tactics for ameliorating the nation's urban ill, addressing problems like racial tension, poor schools, and crime. Emphasizing pragmatism over dogma, they recommend a blend of public-private partnerships, grassroots nonprofit organizations, and a willingness to experiment. Chapters focus on elements such as grassroots organizing, emerging markets, public order, and deregulation. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Kirkus Reviews
Two urbanrenewal experts assess what has and has not worked to resuscitate America's decaying inner cities.

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