Comets, Meteors, Asteroids, and the Outer Reaches

Comets, Meteors, Asteroids, and the Outer Reaches

by Trudy E. Bell

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The cold on the other side of Pluto is beyond comprehension. Air is solid there and as hard as a hammer. The Sun looks no larger than any other star. Even the helium in a child's balloon would condense and run in little rivers till it finally turned to frost. Occasionally there is some disturbance. Perhaps a couple of lazy ice balls get too close or even collide. Then one of them can careen slowly and make a long dive toward the sun. It might take a hundred years to make the fall, but by the time it reaches the orbit of Jupiter, it will intercept enough sunlight to boil off some of the surface, form a long dusty tail, and become what we call a comet. This is a book about all the stuff in the Solar System that missed its chance to become a star or a planet. It is full of interesting facts. For example, if all the asteroids were gathered into a single lump, it would not be as large as the moon. Or, once a meteor hit a parked car (there's a picture to prove it). Or, that once, not so very long ago, a massive object slammed into the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. The author is a former editor of Scientific American and Omni magazines. This book is part of the excellent "New Solar System" series. 2003, Smart Apple Media, Ages 10 to 14.
—Michael Chabin

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Black Rabbit Books
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The New Solar System Series
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8.74(w) x 8.76(h) x 0.36(d)
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11 - 13 Years

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