Committed but Flawed: Seeking Fresh Ways to Grow Spiritually

Committed but Flawed: Seeking Fresh Ways to Grow Spiritually

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by Cecil Murphey


In his search for a deeper commitment, Cecil Murphey writes of his ongoing hunger for more of God in his life. He practiced all the standard methods of spiritual growth-Bible reading, prayer, and active involvement with other Christians, yet the hunger persisted.

As he continued studying the Bible he realized that

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In his search for a deeper commitment, Cecil Murphey writes of his ongoing hunger for more of God in his life. He practiced all the standard methods of spiritual growth-Bible reading, prayer, and active involvement with other Christians, yet the hunger persisted.

As he continued studying the Bible he realized that God's people though flawed, often demonstrated overriding commitment in certain areas. Each character exemplified a specific spiritual quality, a feature that stood as a spiritual strength.

In his search for spiritual growth, Murphey found an intriguing method that works for him. Each day in prayer, he focuses on a specific quality in one of God's committed people, a quality he finds lacking. Then he prays for God to help him cultivate that attribute in his own life.

Barnabas is viewed as a sponsor of champions. In Murphey's prayer he states, "I am Barnabas, the sponsor of champions." He calls this a shorthand form of prayer.

             I am Barnabas, I see abilities in others and I sponsor them.

     Then I walk away so they don't have to share the spotlight with me.

                  I also stand with them when they fail.

      Thank you, God of grace, that you help me to help others.

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CECIL ("Cec) MURPHEY  served as a missionary in Kenya, East Africa for six years, a pastor in the Atlanta area for fourteen years, part-time professor in a Bible College for eighteen years, and full-time writer most of his life.

He has written, co-written, or ghostwritten more than 95 books. Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, written for Dr. Ben Carson has sold nearly two million copies. Murphey's ghostwritten autobiography of Franklin Graham, Rebel with a Cause, won a Gold Medallion Award. Recent books include, The Relentless God, The God Who Pursues, and Seeking God's Hidden Face.

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Committed but Flawed: Seeking Fresh Ways to Grow Spiritually 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Committed But Flawed is a spiritual growth book that you¿ll want to refer back to time and again to enhance your prayer life and make that divine journey closer to God. We¿ve been told all our Christian lives that we¿ll never be perfect like Jesus, even though that¿s what we are to strive for. As a Christian, that can be difficult to grasp. We¿re flawed, and we will always be flawed, yet our role model is perfect. So how can God possibly love us? How can we ever live up to His expectations? This book will hold a mirror to your thoughts as the author, Cecil Murphey, focuses on those great icons that were the heroes and heroines of the Bible. Even they had flaws, but were very much loved and favored by God. If you¿re new Christian, not yet a Christian, or even a seasoned Christian, this book will offer you silent mentors by providing insight into the lives of those who were pleasing in God¿s sight in spite of their quirks and flaws. With every character, I kept thinking there couldn¿t possibly be anyone else left for the author to write about that I could identify with. Then, as each chapter revealed another, I found that those individuals had a gift, or an attribute for which I strive in order to be pleasing in His eyes. It¿s a wonderful read in a length that is just right and will not only hold your attention, but will linger in your thoughts long after you are finished reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Committed But Flawed Cecil Murphey introduces readers to an entirely new way to pray. His method of relating to people from the Bible causes readers to really think through familiar Bible passages and dig deeper for personal application. Spiritual growth is a guaranteed byproduct of reading this book! I highly recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Prior to reading this book, I had read about 'praying Scripture' but never about examining Biblical figures and praying for the strengths and character they possessed. 'Committed but Flawed' spoke to me in every chapter---I too, should pray for these characteristics to increase my walk in faith. Not only did I learn more about people from Biblical times, but I learned a technique for prayer thanks to the author's humility in presenting his own prayer needs. Highly recommended.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For years the Christian community has said for us to live as Jesus Christ lived. Cecil Murphey has hit the nail on the head by saying and documenting this to be an impossible task. Then with skill, personal energy, and insight he teaches the reader how to use Biblical characters. His book is a book of hope for the burdened and ¿flawed.¿ His insight gives permission to grow without excusing our humanity. As a matter of fact, he lifts humanity by showing the reality that we all are used by God imperfect as we all are. He uses Biblical relationships to motivate and encourage each reader inculcate moral and Christian value into their own lives. Moreover he shares his personal life to share how to mature in the Christian life. As I read the book, I found example after example of my life in the lives of others. I felt connected. The brilliance of the book is that it promotes personal growth and new opportunity for self examination. This book is creative and wonderful reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Author, Cecil Murphey, opens his latest book, Committed but Flawed, with the declaration, ¿I yearn for more of God in my life.¿ If you relate to this statement, this book is for you. Murphey¿s introduction includes a retelling of a nineteenth century story called ¿The Great Stone Face.¿ The story suggests two principles. First, we become what we focus on. Second, even though they may already be present, we don¿t always recognize the most desired qualities in ourselves. In the following chapters the author reveals his intriguing method of prayer. With remarkable skill and concision Murphey delves into the lives and characteristics of 26 different Bible characters. Actually becoming the character, some named, some not, some famous, some not; each chapter closes with a prayer that carries life application of God¿s Word to a higher level. For example, in chapter four, ¿Walking with God,¿ the prayer is: ¿I am Enoch. Like the one who walked with you, help me always seek to be with you on the deepest level of intimacy that I¿m capable of as you increase my yearning for more.¿ Through each character the author shows the readers what it looks like to have eternity set in your heart¿hunger for God never ceases. With integrity Murphey encourages the readers in their own walk by sharing the struggles that go along with that desire for more of God. Transparency on the author¿s part accomplishes even more by conveying a reassuring message to the readers¿as long as we pray and seek God, we are accomplishing His work and becoming more like Him, whether we feel like it or not. Cecil (¿Cec¿) Murphey has written, co-written, or ghostwritten more than 95 books. His service as a missionary in Kenya, East Africa for six years, as a pastor in the Atlanta area for fourteen years, and part-time professor in a Bible college has equipped him to write with great insight and depth. Murphey succeeds at enriching the spiritual lives of his readers with his new ways to grow. The author¿s shorthand form of praying is easily incorporated into daily life. As different needs arise daily, this book will provide the readers with a rich resource to rely on. Each chapter is like a prescription. For instance, if you are feeling weak and need stronger faith you can re-read chapter nine, ¿The True Believer,¿ and pray Mary¿s prayer again. Because this book is one that will be taken off the shelf over and over, it is guaranteed to be an invaluable addition to your library.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The answer to this question is found in Cecil Murphey's book Committed but Flawed. Taking the real people of the Bible, he works through the thought that God loves your commitment, no matter how far short you fall of the ideal. Separated into individual short biographies of biblical characters, this book is the ideal medium for a continuing Bible study for small groups, as well as individual study for personal growth. Cecil has done a great service in penning these thoughts. I look forward to more writings from this author.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book speaks to me about how God uses the flawed, everyday people to accomplish his will. I don't have to be perfect! A great book for adult Bible study classes. The prayer guide helped me to focus my prayers for growth and helped me see myself reflected in several of the characters highlighted in the books. If you want ideas on how to grow spiritually, Murphey shows them to you!
Guest More than 1 year ago
COMMITTED BUT FLAWED is the best book on prayer I¿ve read in a long time. Mr. Murphey gives superb insights and tips on how to pray with fresh eyes and an open heart. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. The author¿s writing style is simple and easy to read¿the mark of a talented craftsman¿and he shares his own struggles to pray more effectively. Rather than preach to his audience, he leads them by the hand, showing them the steps he has taken, and helps them to overcome obstacles.
Guest More than 1 year ago

I love all books that encourage a closer walk with God and offer practical ways to do it, but rarely does one come upon as fresh an approach as Murphey offers in 'Committed but Flawed: Seeking NEW Ways to Grow Spiritually.'

Focusing upon real people as presented in the Bible with all their flaws, Murphey zeroes in on one characteristic of each, one at a time, that he would like to have. He could pray to be LIKE Jacob, who with all his faults and shortcomings knew he was loved by God. Murphey wanted to know he was consistently loved by God too, despite his human failings, but rather than pray exactly this way, he chose a 'shorthand' prayer simply because it seemed less cumbersome to him. He would pray, 'I AM Jacob.' He and God knew what he meant when he prayed that way. Others may feel more comfortable praying, 'I want to be like Jacob' and Murphey recognizes that is fine, too.

Each chapter introduces a Biblical character who holds a trait Murphey wished to have for himself. Praying for each one for as long as he felt it took, over time, he believed he would take upon himself those characteristics he desired.

For some, this method of praying may seem unorthodox, awkward, or even strange--at least at first. But I encourage anyone who has a desire to grow in his or her relationship with the Lord to read this book and give it a try. It makes for a great book study. I'm leading one myself online.

Even if this method doesn't seem to gel, I believe each reader might come to recognize there is no 'one pat way' to pray, to seek His ways, or to grow in relationship with our Lord. I applaud Murphey for his courage to write something so different from the many 'how-to-grow-spiritually' books available today. Thank God he was willing to 'experiment' and dare to try something new, with much thought and care.

If you'd like to continue doing only what you're doing to grow spiritually, then don't buy this book. If you're willing to try something new that may definitely help you grow, then by all means, order this book today!

Guest More than 1 year ago
Open and honest with his feelings, Cecil Murphey associates his own character flaws with biblical characters who had similar struggles. By looking at what they did to find strength in God and rise above their failures, he reveals practical ways we can turn our desires heavenward and grow spiritually. Each chapter deals with a different personal need and provides excellent material for private devotion or small group discussion.