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The Community College Experience PLUS / Edition 2

The Community College Experience PLUS / Edition 2

by Amy Baldwin

ISBN-10: 0135022754

ISBN-13: 9780135022757

Pub. Date: 01/12/2009

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Finally! A college survival guide with material and encouragement tailored to the unique needs of the community college student. The Community College Experience PLUS directs students to examine their own backgrounds, personalities, and learning preferences to improve their study skills as well as their life skills. In this edition, through chapter-opening


Finally! A college survival guide with material and encouragement tailored to the unique needs of the community college student. The Community College Experience PLUS directs students to examine their own backgrounds, personalities, and learning preferences to improve their study skills as well as their life skills. In this edition, through chapter-opening narratives, the reader follows four students as they navigate their way through their first year of college. In-text exercises require students to think critically, discuss & collaborate, problem solve, and finally apply a solution to each chapter opening issue.

Other features include:

· PLUS Model (Personality + Learning Preference = Understanding Situations) helps students to integrate their personality and learning styles for greater success

· From College to University and From College to Career apply chapter topics to the world beyond the community college

· Integrity Matters addresses the essential need for academic and personal integrity

· In-Chapter exercises require students to utilize higher-order thinking

· Research It Further allows students to think about topics beyond the chapter’s focus

· Multiple Learning Styles Applications engage students in relating the chapter’s material to different learning style preferences

· My Story Learning Plan encourages students to apply the chapter material to an actual assignment creating a chart for completion

Additional Support – in and out of the classroom…

The Community College Experience PLUS now offers MyStudentSuccessLab (, a fully interactive, easy-to-use, self-guided learning environment that helps students discover their potential and APPLY what they learn.

· General Topics Covered include: Welcome to College/College Culture, Academic Skills, Life Skills, and Career Skills

· Found Within Each Chapter Topic: Chapter Objectives, Pre-Assessment, E-book (with Multimedia features), Interactive Case Study, Journaling and Goal Setting activity, and Comprehension Test

· Posted Under the Resources Section: Understanding Plagiarism guide, Prentice Hall Planner, Student Reflection Journal, Student Success Supersite, Dictionary Of Contemporary English Online, and Beginning Your Career

Available in a variety of course management platforms, My Student Success Lab allows students to set their own pace, build self awareness, and practice what they need to succeed in college, career, and life.

Start strong. Finish stronger.

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Prentice Hall
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MyStudentSuccessLab Series
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New Edition
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Table of Contents


Part I Acclimating and Relating

CHAPTER 1 Understanding College Culture and Your Campus 2

Four Student Stories: Orientation 3

What Is College Culture? 4

Making the Transition 5
High School to College or Work to College

• Go for the Gold by Remembering S.I.L.V.E.R.
The Nitty-Gritty of College 11
Schedules Controversial Content Grades What Does Your College Look Like? 16
The Campus College Publications 17
College Catalog • Student Handbook • Campus Safety Brochure • College Newspaper • Bulletin Boards • Classroom Materials • College Website Chapter Review Questions 24
Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 22
Chapter 1 Case Scenarios 24
“My Story” Learning Plan 21
Research It Further 24

CHAPTER 2 Understanding Yourself and How You Learn 26

Juanita’s Story 27

Who Are You? 28

What Do You Value? 28

What Is Your Mission Statement? 30

Discovering Your Dream 30

What Are Your Goals? 31
Setting Goals • Managing Your Goals

Eliminating Negative Influences as You Work Toward Your Goals 33
Managing Your Priorities 35
Staying Motivated to Achieve Your Goals 35
Learning Styles and Personality Types 36

Personality Types • Personality Types and Careers Considering Learning Style and Personality for Careers 41

Chapter Review Questions 46

Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 44

Chapter 2 Case Scenarios 46

“My Story” Learning Plan 43

Research It Further 46

CHAPTER 3 Understanding Others in College and Diversity 48

Michael’s Story 49
The People on Your Campus 50

Cultivating Relationships with Professors

• Getting to Know Advisors, Counselors, and Learning Support Staff • Getting Along with Classmates Creating Boundaries 54
When a Problem Arises 55
Integrity in Relationships 55
Tips for Lasting Relationships 56
Changes in Your Relationships with Family and Friends 56
Exploring Diversity 57

Other Kinds of Diversity • Gender and Sexual Orientation Diversity • Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity

• Generational Diversity Personality Types and Learning Styles Diversity 61

Teaching Styles Diversity • Stereotypes • Prejudice • Discrimination

Chapter Review Questions 70

Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 68

Chapter 3 Case Scenarios 70

“My Story” Learning Plan 67

Research It Further 70

CHAPTER 4 Managing Your Time 72

Laura’s Story 73
Is Time on Your Side? 74
Getting Organized 74
Supplies for Success • Space Considerations • Same Time,
Same Place Making Time for College 77

But What Do I Do?

Managing Your Time 80

Analyzing Your Time • Back-Dating Time Management Plan Making Time for Relationships 83
Managing Your Priorities 84
Managing Your Energy 87
Identifying Time and Energy Zappers 88

Running Low on Time and Energy • Putting Procrastination in Its Place

Chapter Review Questions 96

Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 94

Chapter 4 Case Scenarios 96

“My Story” Learning Plan 93

Research It Further 97

CHAPTER 5 Handling Stress and Making Healthy Choices 98

Evan’s Story 99
Understanding Stress 100

Stress Patterns • Minimizing Stress in College • Minimizing Stress at Home • Minimizing Stress at Work

• Reducing the Negative Effects of Stress • Staying Flexible • Knowing When to Get Help with Stress What’s Good for You 105

Healthy Eating • Exercise • Getting Enough Sleep Stress-Related Illnesses 109
Drugs and Alcohol 109
Depression and Suicide 110
Sexual Health Issues 111
Healthy Relationships 112

Communication Challenges Living a Balanced Life 113

Getting Help When You Need It

Chapter Review Questions 118

Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 116

Chapter 5 Case Scenarios 118

“My Story” Learning Plan 115

Research It Further 119

Part II Learning

CHAPTER 6 Learning, Memory, and Thinking 120

Michael’s Story 121
This Is Your Brain . . . in College 122
Learning in College 124

The Memory Game 126
Mnemonic Devices Think About It 130
Creative Thinking 130
Critical Thinking 131
Edward de Bono’s Six Hats ThinkingR Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Connection 132
Step 1: Identify the Problem • Step 2: Generate Ideas • Step 3: Assess the Possibilities • Step 4: Think Through Solutions

• Step 5: Choose the Best Solution • Step 6: Evaluate the Solution Putting Critical Thinking into Practice 136
Chapter Review Questions 142
Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 140
Chapter 6 Case Scenarios 142
“My Story” Learning Plan 139
Research It Further 142

CHAPTER 7 Reading 144

Evan’s Story 145
College Reading Expectations 146
What to Do with a Reading Assignment 147
Active Reading 149
Skimming and Scanning • Breaking Down the Material • Reading in the Disciplines • Building Your Vocabulary

• Taking Notes While You Read • Reading Speed • Checking Your Comprehension • Improving Your Reading Attention Span • Thinking Critically When Reading SQ3R Reading Strategy 157
OK5R Reading Strategy 158
Putting the Pleasure Back into Reading 159
Reading Difficulties 159
Chapter Review Questions 164
Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 162
Chapter 7 Case Scenarios 164
“My Story” Learning Plan 161
Research It Further 164

CHAPTER 8 Listening and Taking Notes Effectively 166

Laura’s Story 167
The Listening and Note-Taking Connection 168
Preparing to Listen 168
Listening Critically 169
Listening Barriers 170
Remembering What You Have Heard 171
How Information Is Presented 172

Note-Taking Strategies 173

Developing a Shorthand • Outlining • Taking Notes within the Textbook • The Cornell System • Note-Taking Strategies in the Disciplines Finding Your Own Note-Taking Style 177
A Note on Note-Takers 179
Reviewing Your Notes 179

Chapter Review Questions 184

Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 182

Chapter 8 Case Scenarios 184

“My Story” Learning Plan 181

Research It Further 185

CHAPTER 9 Writing and Presenting College Assignments 186

Juanita’s Story 187
What to Expect for Assignments 188

Understanding the Assignment Writing in College 190

Top Eight College Writing Expectations Different Types of Writing Assignments 192

Summarize • Evaluate, Review, Assess, State Your Opinion, Critique • Synthesize • Describe, Define, Discuss, Explain

• Analyze • Compare and Contrast • Persuade, Argue • Reflect

Length, Audience, and Purpose 194
Prewriting Techniques 196
Creating a Thesis and Organizing Details 197

Writing Paragraphs • Incorporating Transitions Writing Essays 200
Writing Research Papers 200
Preparing Portfolios 201
Avoiding Plagiarism 201
Writing Essay Exams 202
How College Professors Evaluate Your Writing 202

Knowing When to Get Help with Your Writing • Knowing When You Have Received Too Much Help Making Speeches and Presentations 203

Planning a Speech or Presentation • Vocal Delivery • Physical Delivery

Chapter Review Questions 210

Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 208

Chapter 9 Case Scenarios 210

“My Story” Learning Plan 207

Research It Further 211

CHAPTER 10 Studying and Taking Tests 212

Four Students’ Stories 213
Testing, 1,2,3 214
A Place and Time for Studying 215
How to Study Effectively 216

Setting Goals • Studying Actively • Creating a Study Log • Understanding Course Objectives • Using Time Wisely

• “Cheat” Sheets • Previous Exams and Practice Tests Study Groups 219
General Tips for Study Groups Types of Test Questions 221
Multiple Choice • Matching • True/False • Fill-in-the-Blank/Short Answer • Problem Solving • Essay Types of Tests 225
Math and Science Tests • Fine Arts and Literature Tests • Open-Book and Take-Home Tests • Online Tests

•Comprehensive Exams Test-Taking Strategies 227
Preparing for the Test • Taking the Test • Maintaining Integrity During the Test • Beating Test Anxiety

Chapter Review Questions 234
Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 232
Chapter 10 Case Scenarios 234
“My Story” Learning Plan 231
Research It Further 234

Part III Planning

CHAPTER 11 Planning for Next Semester 236

Juanita and Laura’s Story 237
Endings and Beginnings 238
Course Evaluations • Preparing for Final Examinations

Mapping a Plan for Your Educational Future 239
A Difference of Degrees • Choosing Classes and Professors for Next Semester • Building Your Schedule • Troubleshooting Your Schedule Deadlines and Dates

Mapping a Plan for Your Financial Future 246
Paying for College • Scholarships • Grants • Student Loans • Military and Veterans Financial Aid • Work-Study

• Tuition Waivers for Employees • Applying for Financial Aid • Renewing Financial Aid and Paying It Back Creating a Budget 250
Credit Cards What If College Isn’t for You? 253

Chapter Review Questions 258
Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 256
Chapter 11 Case Scenarios 258
“My Story” Learning Plan 255
Research It Further 258

CHAPTER 12 Preparing for a Career and a Life 260

Evan and Michael’s Story 261

Time to Move Forward 262

Deciding to Transfer 262
Preparing to Make the Leap to a Four-Year University

Going to Work 264
Career Values and Goals • Career Counseling • Résumés • Cover Letters • Career Fairs • Internships

• Interviewing • Other Considerations Asking for a Recommendation Letter 273
Considering the Community 273
Walking Billboard • Mentoring Others • Giving Time and Talent The End Is the Beginning 275
Mission, Values, and Goals Revisited 275
What Do You Know . . . Now? 276

Chapter Review Questions 280
Path of Discovery: Journal Entry 278
Chapter 12 Case Scenarios 280
“My Story” Learning Plan 277
Research It Further 281


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