?Como se siente al tocarlo?

?Como se siente al tocarlo?

by Bobbie Kalman

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Children's Literature - Rosa Roberts
Young Spanish readers will read, learn, and discover the sensory world through this "Looking at Nature" series. Throughout the 23 pages, the enriching vocabulary, challenging sentence structure and colorful photographs will attract readers to the sense of touch. The differences between soft, hard, coarse, prickly, slippery, sticky, rough, smooth, and silky textures are presented all the way through in an instructive manner. Aside from being able to experience textures through the sense of touch, children will learn to experience texture through taste, such as cold, hot, thick, smooth, crunchy, acidic, sweet, sticky, cold and creamy. The information presented can be extended in a classroom setting or as an enrichment activity by having students provide more examples of things in their environment. A glossary and index are provided at the end of the book. This series makes excellent ancillary to a classroom. Reviewer: Rosa Roberts

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