Complete Biblical Library: The New Testament, Vols. 11-16: Bible English Dictionary

Complete Biblical Library: The New Testament, Vols. 11-16: Bible English Dictionary

by Ralph W. Harris

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This is the latest offering in a genre for nonspecialists attempting to study the Bible in the original languages. Currently only the New Testament has been published, to be followed by the Old Testament and a Bible encyclopedia (both scheduled for publication within the next few years). The foundation of this set is the Study Bible in nine volumes (Vols. 2-10). Each pair of facing pages presents complementary information on a group of verses. The left-hand page consists of an interlinear text (based on the original text, or textus receptus) and a textual apparatus. While most interlinears are limited to the original text and a literal translation, this one also includes grammatical forms above each word and a transliteration below. In addition, each Greek word is assigned a number that corresponds to an entry in the Greek/English Dictionary (see below). The apparatus lists important manuscript variants. On the right-hand page are a verse-by-verse commentary and a list of English translation variants. At the end of each volume is an overview of introductory matters: background, authorship, content, and themes. Six more volumes (Vols. 11-16) comprise the Greek/English Dictionary. Each entry displays the following features: the Greek word transliterated, grammatical data, and basic meaning(s); Greek cognates and synonyms; corresponding Hebrew terms; specific forms of the word that appear in the Greek New Testament; references to several standard Greek reference tools. Finally, there is Harmony of the Gospels (Vol. 1), which is not linked to the rest of the set. It is primarily the text of the four gospels arranged chronologically in parallel columns, with a single narrative account (woven out of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) alongside. The rest of this volume presents an overview of the life of Christ and a biographical ``panorama'' in text and pictures. This is a well-organized, well-presented set. However, bibliographies are somewhat dated, lacking recent titles and newer editions, and references are sparse in the dictionary and almost nonexistent in the Study Bible commentary. Due in part to lack of depth and documentation, it is not a necessary resource for scholars. Even nonspecialists will have to look elsewhere for detailed exegesis and theological analysis of the biblical text. Still the variety of features and the basic quality of the material should make it useful for Bible students, Sunday School teachers, and ministers.-- Craig W. Beard, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham Lib.

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