The Complete Guide to Food Preservation: Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Freeze, Dry, Can, and Preserve Food

The Complete Guide to Food Preservation: Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Freeze, Dry, Can, and Preserve Food

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by Angela Williams Duea

Storing food can be a major challenge for any family or individual who wants to increase the amount of food available without spending additional money. With rising food costs, the advent of at home gardening and the potential represented in storing your own food, it is no wonder that freezing, drying, and canning are becoming much more popular. Freezing alone,


Storing food can be a major challenge for any family or individual who wants to increase the amount of food available without spending additional money. With rising food costs, the advent of at home gardening and the potential represented in storing your own food, it is no wonder that freezing, drying, and canning are becoming much more popular. Freezing alone, which the National Freezing and Refrigerated Foods Association has stated can add as much as 600% to the lifespan of many common refrigerated foods, is an easy, available action to anyone, but only if it is done properly.

This book will show anyone interested in storing food for future use how to do so to optimize the amount of money saved and minimize the risk of damaging food or spreading food borne illnesses. You will learn how to grow for harvest and how to subsequently handle that harvest with this book's crop by crop guide of everything that you might possibly want to store away. You will learn how freezing works and how to go about organizing your freezing. You will learn the various methods of freezing and why failure occurs. In addition to freezing, you will learn about canning and preserving and how each technically works and what problems you may encounter. All of the equipment you may need is laid out in easy to read charts and you will be shown the various final products you can expect.

Experts in food preservation and storage have been interviewed and their commentary has been included here to help you understand what all you will be able to expect from your preserved foods. Learn how to create jellies and jams, pickle vegetables and fruits, dry foods, juice them after storing, and even how to create a simple root cellar for long term storage. No matter your situation, this guide will help you learn how to store multiple forms of vegetables and fruits and to understand how they perform, why failure occurs, and what you need to be successful.

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Complete Guide to Food Preservation: Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Freeze, Dry, Can, and Preserve Food 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Complete Guide to Food Preservation Step-by-Step Instructions on How to freeze, dry, can, and Preserve Food By Angela Williams Duea Atlantic Publishing Group. In this book, Angela Williams Duea gives very detailed instructions on how to freeze, dry, can and preserve foods for future use. However, you will need to follow the directions exactly, and with some methods, you will have to buy supplies to prepare the foods properly. I chose to get this book simply because I wanted to learn how to freeze, and can food, that I grow every year. She (the author) has provided an in-depth look at different processes on preserving foods. It also explains that certain foods could spoil because of the changes they undergo. They explain many ways to prevent food poisoning and spoilage. The book starts out by describing how people in the older days, tried different ways to preserve the little food they had, as not to starve over the winter. By following the instructions in the book, you can learn that storing foods is not as challenging as most think. Storing food can increase the amount of available food for less money. It also saves from losing the foods that you have worked all summer to grow. The book also explains when the best times for harvesting , and the best way to preserve the foods. The book goes on to explain the most common canning problems, how they occur, and how to avoid the issues, that come with canning. The book gives details on what to look for in preserved foods that can show signs of spoiling. The last part of the book gives recipes, as well as addresses and email addresses on where to buy the supplies that are needed for canning, safely. I have to say that, in the end, I would recommend this book to everyone wanting to learn how to preserve and keep foods. The main idea of this book, was to teach any and all persons looking for different ways to keep the same foods different ways. I believe that anyone reading this book, can learn the art of preserving foods, successfully, as every page is covered in detailed information, explaining the process of canning, freezing, drying, and preserving foods.
ericamary More than 1 year ago
The Complete Guide to Food Preservation is an excellent resource. As a reference book it is very easy to navigate – chapter titles, subheadings, pictures, and an index help you find the information you need quickly. The many charts and lists throughout the book were extremely helpful; there were quick charts for terms and definitions, common mistakes (and corresponding solutions), cooking times, vegetable harvest times and preserving methods, etc. The book provides a general introduction to each type of preservation method as well as many specific recipes to try for each section. As a novice canner myself, I appreciated the fact that Duea estimates how much product you will get from a specific amount of raw produce. This is something I find lacking in the other books and recipe collections I have used. If you are interested in juicing, brewing, pickling, canning, drying, smoking, or freezing you need to find a place for this book in your kitchen!
janimar More than 1 year ago
We lived on my grandparent's farm so I grew up I watched my grandmother, my aunts and my mom freeze, can and preserve food. I remember sitting on our back porch shelling peas and lima beans and shucking corn for freezing. I also helped peel peaches for canning. In addition, my mom and aunts used to make jelly, ketchup, can pears, tomatoes, and so many other things. They entered their products at the state and county fairs and have tons of ribbons. When I got my own home, I also started a garden and would freeze things after I got a freestanding freezer, and can tomatoes and tomato sauce. Passing the tradition on one year, I helped my sister-in-law can peaches and later when my nieces visited that summer, we canned dill pickles. I had such a small kitchen the smell became too much for them and we still laugh about it. I have been impressed with the Atlantic Publishing Group's Back to Basics series and looked forward to reading this book. Duea has set the book up very user friendly and takes you through the steps of canning very clearly so if you are new to food preservation this is the perfect guide. She follows up that first chapter with troubleshooting canning problems. Chapters on freezing food, smoking and preserving meat, juicing and other preservation methods are included. The Appendix are set up with recipes for each category, such as fruit, tomatoes, vegetables, meats, seafood and a section on recipes for dried food. Throughout the book charts, diagrams, and some black and white photographs are included that help explain the procedures. This book is readable and the newbie to food preservation will find a very helpful guide but the more seasoned cook will also find helpful hints and wonderful recipes. In this economy and with people wanting organic fruits and vegetable more families are gardening today. This book would be a helpful reference to food presentation when you end up with an overabundance of tomatoes, or your local farmer has a surplus and you want to save some money. I highly recommend it.
iwatson58 More than 1 year ago
There is nothing more rewarding than looking at jars of preserves lined up on a pantry shelf, or packages of fruits and vegetables stacked in a freezer. I in northern Canada our fresh vegetable and fruit supply was limited during the winter so taking out a jar of peaches was like sunshine peeking through the clouds on a cloudy day. Living in the south now I don't necessarily have the need to preserve food for the same reason I did before but I still feel the need to preserve local seasonal produce. The book is ideal for the novice because it covers all the basics: terms, hot/raw packs, pressure canners, water baths, and what to preserve. It also covers troubleshooting, freezing, smoking/preserving meats, drying foods, juicing, and fermenting. Angela Wiliams Duea also provides recipes for pickles. There is nothing better than a homemade pickle or relish to enhance a home cooked meal. This year I'm going to make my own pickles and canned tomatoes as soon as they are in season. The local Farmer's Market always has a wonderful supply of locally grown produce that would be ideal for preserving. Thank you Angela for inspiring me to start preserving again. I encourage others to do the same.
Vicki_Landes More than 1 year ago
"The Complete Guide to Food Preservation: Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Freeze, Dry, Can, and Preserve Food" is a comprehensive book covering the in's and out's of safely packaging food for long-term storage. Author Angela Williams Duea displays an obvious passion for the subject and vividly describes the various aspects of the selection, preparation, and combinations of certain foods so that they may be stockpiled. Whether you are looking to preserve food in order to save money, to have organic options at your disposal, or you are saving the extra from your garden, this book has more than enough information to get you well on the way to your culinary and storage goals. "The Complete Guide to Food Preservation" is extremely thorough and meticulous in its descriptions of the full range of possibilities when considering what type of preservation method to utilize. I was almost overwhelmed with what could actually be done with even the simplest of foods! Williams Duea keeps her readers from being totally inundated with information by separating the methodology from the recipes; step by step directions for correct preservation processes take up most of the book, structured as easy to find chapters and sections while the actual recipes are located in an appendix. All in all, I found the book to be extremely well organized and edited but I did find two 'off' spots. While very minor, one was a caption noting a picture's 'bright colors' yet the picture was black and white. The other was a caption about halfway through the book naming the person pictured and what she was doing (ie. 'Laura uses her juicer to make fresh and nutritious carrot juice') yet no other picture in the entire book gives such a personal indicator caption; it didn't fit with any of the other pictures and captions which reflect a very general and impersonal feel. "The Complete Guide to Food Preservation" is the perfect read for anyone interested in saving food for the long-term, regardless of reason. As I am completely inexperienced at any aspect of canning, I found the descriptions and processes easy to follow and am excited to try some of them out for myself. Beginners will love Williams Duea's clearly motivating style and more experienced will find it a useful reference book. An appetizing read! Reviewed by Vicki Landes, author of "Europe for the Senses - A Photographic Journal"