Complete Guide to Remixing

Complete Guide to Remixing

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by Erik Hawkins

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(Berklee Methods). Learn cutting-edge remixing techniques and tips on producing hit dance music with today's hottest software, including Pro Tools, Live, Logic Audio and Reason. This comprehensive handbook of the history, technology, craft and art of remixing covers: software and hardware you need to set up the ultimate new music production studio
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(Berklee Methods). Learn cutting-edge remixing techniques and tips on producing hit dance music with today's hottest software, including Pro Tools, Live, Logic Audio and Reason. This comprehensive handbook of the history, technology, craft and art of remixing covers: software and hardware you need to set up the ultimate new music production studio
• tips on how to use many of the standard software programs to create professional remix effects
• tools and production techniques used in today's top dance remixes
• how to locate and legally remix tracks from major and independent label recording artists
• tips from the industry's best remix artists and DJs. The CD features over 50 tracks of remixing examples, including arrangements in progress and completed productions. Hear for yourself the amazing production techniques described in the book.

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Complete Guide to Remixing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
With all books from Berklee Press the beginner and the advanced alike will learn something new. And this book is no exception. Remixing is very hot these days and everyone wants a piece of the pie. But there are only a select few who can pull off remixes that move people. With this book an aspiring DJ can get a few steps closer. Not only does it start with the basics such as what gear you will need, it walks you through the different aspects of remixing. For the beginner, knowing what makes the genres of dance music different helps you to focus on the type of remix you want for a song. For the seasoned Remix artist it will give you the basis to expand your horizons into different types of dance music. The CD that comes with it is a great tool to actually hear the technique the author explains in step by step instructions. Remixing is an art, but you gotta start somewhere.While there is no subtitution for actual practice, you can't go wrong with this book
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book truly covers every aspect of remixing, from finding songs to remix, to getting a bar code for your CD, and author Erik Hawkins does an admirable job of touching on every relevant topic in between. As can be expected the sections of the book that refer to specific computer hardware and software are already not completely current but thankfully the real treasure in this book is found in the sections dealing with production, and this will certainly be valid for many years to come. There¿s excellent advice given about targeting a style and setting up your sequencer to begin remixing including essential facts about time-stretching and time-correcting remix elements. The chapter on working with lead vocals and micro-editing is particularly eye-opening and useful far beyond the context of remixing. Perhaps the coolest thing about this guide is the included CD which allows you to hear the production techniques being described. For example, no matter how well a ¿stutter edit¿ is described in words, nothing compares to actually hearing it for yourself, and this is as simple as cueing up the CD to the track boldly listed at the beginning of the corresponding section. A number of advanced production devices are presented this way along with a step by step description of how the effect was achieved, these alone are worth the price of the book. Additional production tips are contributed by remixing heavyweights BT, Dave Audé, Thunderpuss, and Deepsky. The references to chords and chord progressions are overly simplified and contain at least one glaring error but this isn¿t really the focus of the book and this information can easily be found in other resources. As a guide to remixing and electronic music production in general, this book is a solid hit.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome!! ¿The Complete Guide to Remixing¿ by industry pro Erik Hawkins is the most informative book on remixing I¿ve ever read. Hawkins examines every aspect of remixing and really gets you comfortable enough to create your own remixes and get them sounding good. I always really wanted to get into remixing but I never really had exactly the right gear and wasn¿t sure what would work best. In this book Hawkins examines some of the most popular software and remixing gear,which really guided me in the right direction. Another thing that set the book apart was the great Audio CD it came with! The CD allowed me to listen to different samples, from start to finish and really observe the process of creating a remix. I¿d say my favorite thing about the book was the balanced ratio of technical specifics to musical and creative specifics. On the technical side, Hawkins really dives into subjects like programming beats and basslines, awesome mixing and mastering techniques, and how to perfect key aspects of the remix like lead vocals. Musically, Hawkins keeps the book exciting and informative by fully explaining the characteristics of different dance styles, and how to emulate and base your remixes off of these styles. Hawkins takes you step by step in creating a remix and provides musical and technical explanations along the way that really make it easy and fun to do. I also really appreciated the overall creative and inspirational tone of this great book. I think many people believe that there is a standard way to remix a song, the thing I liked about this book is that it promotes creativity and doesn¿t weigh you down with restrictions and limitations. It informs the reader on how to make a successful remix and how to get it sounding good and powerful, and it goes even further to inspire the reader to get creative with these tools and truly be unique. This book answered all my questions on remixing and really provided me with a vast knowledge on dance music and how to create moving and exciting remixes. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is interested in remixing!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just like any other business, the music business has rules and laws for every minor detail, including sampling. This can make remixing extremely difficult. Erik Hawkins provides the valuable information you need to know in order to legally obtain tracks from major artists. In additon, Hawkins also discusses how to use programs such as Sonar and Reason to their fullest potential so that you can get the results you want. This book is a must have for anyone interested in being involved in the remixing world.