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Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 2

Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 2

Volume two of this series runs the label's output, both A- and B-sides, from Sun 229 ("Daydreams Come True" by Maggie Sue Wimberly) to 278 (Tommy Blake's rockabilly howler "Lordy Hoody"). At our starting point with this box, Elvis had moved on to RCA Victor and worldwide stardom


Volume two of this series runs the label's output, both A- and B-sides, from Sun 229 ("Daydreams Come True" by Maggie Sue Wimberly) to 278 (Tommy Blake's rockabilly howler "Lordy Hoody"). At our starting point with this box, Elvis had moved on to RCA Victor and worldwide stardom, and the first million-seller for the label -- Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes" -- was looming on the horizon. By the end of it, we're in the midst of the original rockabilly revolution. This is truly Sun's golden age. Volume one in the series showed how Sun evolved from a blues label to the first recordings by Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, which firmly moved it into country territory, for this is how all three artists were originally marketed. Disc One picks up the thread nicely with the Carl Perkins spin of "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Honey Don't." Disc two hits paydirt in a big way with Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" and "Get Rhythm," Roy Orbison's "Ooby Dooby," "Go! Go! Go!," "Rockhouse," and "You're My Baby" (featuring Roy at his rockabilly guitar-picking best), Carl Perkins' "Boppin' the Blues," "Dixie Fried," and "All Mama's Children," Billy Riley's debut disc "Trouble Bound" and "Rock With Me Baby," and the twin-spin coolness of Warren Smith's "Ubangi Stomp" and "Black Jack David," two of the best sides ever cut at 706 Union Avenue. More Johnny Cash is aboard Disc Three, with "Train of Love" and "There You Go," and right after that is the debut disc from the Ferriday Fireball himself, Jerry Lee Lewis, with "Crazy Arms" and "End of the Road" both amply demostrating how fully formed his style was when he entered Sam's studio. Right after that is one of the best Sun records ever, Billy Riley's "Flying Saucer Rock & Roll," featuring the Killer on backup piano and guitarist Roland Janes whipping the tremolo bar on his Strat into a frenzy on the intro. Our final disc keeps the rockin' banner flying high with Jerry Lee's epochal "Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On" and its flip, "It'll Be Me," a number taken at a wild-ass breakneck tempo with a piano solo that ranks as one of his best. Special mention should also be made about the massive bound booklet that comes with this four-disc set; it is the epitome of cool, featuring photos that'll make your eyes get as big as 78s, while Hank Davis' notes are as spot on the money as anybody could ask for. Not just throwing together some photos you've seen a zillion times together with a scant recycled text, this book actually enhances the Sun Records experience.

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Bear Family


Disc 1

  1. Daydreams Come True
  2. How Long
  3. There's No Right Way to Do Me Wrong
  4. You Can Tell Me
  5. Defrost Your Heart
  6. A Wedding Gown of White
  7. Folsom Prison Blues
  8. So Doggone Lonesome
  9. Little Fine Healthy Thing
  10. Something for Nothing
  11. Blue Suede Shoes
  12. Honey Don't
  13. Sure to Fall
  14. Tennessee
  15. No More, No More
  16. They Call Our Love a Sin
  17. The Do the Chicken (Dance With You)
  18. Love for Baby
  19. Gonna Romp and Stomp
  20. Bad Girl
  21. Rock & Roll Ruby
  22. I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry
  23. Slow Down
  24. A Fool for Lovin' You

Disc 2

  1. Get Rhythm
  2. I Walk the Line
  3. Ooby Dooby
  4. Go! Go! Go!
  5. Boppin' the Blues
  6. All Mama's Children
  7. Welcome to the Club
  8. I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight
  9. Trouble Bound
  10. Rock with Me Baby
  11. Rockin' with My Baby
  12. It's Me Baby
  13. Red Headed Woman
  14. We Wanna Boogie
  15. Fiddle Bop
  16. Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby
  17. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry
  18. Dixie Fried
  19. Black Jack David
  20. Ubangi Stomp
  21. You're My Baby
  22. Rock House
  23. Love Crazy Baby
  24. I Feel Like Rockin'
  25. I Need a Man @@Barbara Pitman
  26. No Matter Who's to Blame

Disc 3

  1. Come on Little Mama
  2. Where'd You Stay Last Nite
  3. Ten Cats Down
  4. Finders Keepers
  5. Take and Give
  6. Do What I Do
  7. Shoobie Oobie
  8. Cheese and Crackers
  9. There You Go
  10. Train of Love
  11. Crazy Arms
  12. End of the Road
  13. Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll
  14. I Want You Baby
  15. Matchbox
  16. Your True Love
  17. Feelin' Low
  18. Lonesome for My Baby
  19. Restless
  20. Ain't Got a Thing
  21. I'll Be Around
  22. I'll Wait Forever
  23. Sweet and Easy to Love
  24. Devil Doll

Disc 4

  1. Don't Make Me Go
  2. Next in Line
  3. It'll Be Me
  4. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  5. So Long, I'm Gone
  6. Miss Froggie
  7. Bop Bop Baby
  8. Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby
  9. Please Don't Cry over Me
  10. That Depends on You
  11. Fool's Hall of Fame @@Rudi Richardson
  12. Why Should I Cry @@Rudi Richardson
  13. Greenback Dollar Watch and Chain
  14. Foolish Heart
  15. Easy to Love
  16. Every Day
  17. Forever Yours
  18. That's Right
  19. I'm Lonesome
  20. Laughin' and Jokin'
  21. More Than Yesterday
  22. Rock Boppin' Baby
  23. Red Hot
  24. Pearly Lee
  25. Flatfoot Sam
  26. Lordy Hoody

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Cash   Vocals
David Houston   Vocals
Charlie Rich   Vocals
Sonny Burgess   Vocals
Jack Earls   Vocals
Charlie Feathers   Vocals
Rosco Gordon   Vocals
Jerry Lee Lewis   Vocals
Roy Orbison   Vocals
Carl Perkins   Vocals
Warren Smith   Vocals
Johnny Carroll   Vocals
Bill Justis   Vocals
Montclairs   Group
Wayne Powers   Vocals
Billy Adams   Vocals
Ken Cook   Vocals
Ray Harris   Vocals
Billy Lee Riley   Vocals
Mack Self   Vocals
Malcolm Yelvington   Vocals
Hayden Thompson   Vocals
Tennessee Three   Group
Four Upsetters   Group
Linda Gail Lewis   Vocals
Tommy Blake   Vocals
Jimmy Haggett   Vocals
Carl McVoy   Vocals
Barbara Pittman   Vocals
Ernie Barton   Vocals
Cliff Thomas   Vocals
Jean Chapel   Vocals
Smokey Joe   Vocals
Kenny Parchman   Vocals
Slim Rhodes   Vocals
Glenn Honeycutt   Vocals
Maggie Sue Wimberly   Vocals
Dick Penner   Vocals
Jim Williams   Vocals

Technical Credits

Sonny Burgess   Composer
Hank Davis   Author,Text
Roy Orbison   Composer
Carl Perkins   Composer
Warren Smith   Composer
Grover Mitchell   Illustrations
Hardrock Gunter   Photo Illustration
Bill Justis   Producer
Scotty Moore   Producer
Billy Miller   Photo Illustration
Jim Cole   Photo Illustration
Bill Cantrell   Composer
Quinton Claunch   Composer
Jack Clement   Composer,Producer
Sunny David   Composer
Colin Escott   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Photo Illustration,Tape Research
Stan Kesler   Composer
David Mayo   Illustrations
Knox Phillips   Producer
Billy Lee Riley   Composer
Billy Sherrill   Producer
Graham "Suggs" McPherson   Composer
Charles Underwood   Producer
Billy Vera   Photo Illustration
Ron Wallace   Composer
Billy Pat Ellis   Composer
Rhythm Rockers   Vocal Group
Dave Williams   Composer
Sam Phillips   Composer,Producer
Harold Jenkins   Composer
Miller Sisters   Vocal Group
Martin Hawkins   Photo Illustration
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations,Photo Illustration
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Photo Illustration
Sylke Holtrop   Artwork
Dave Sax   Reissue Producer,Tape Comparison,Tape Research
Tom Sims   Photo Illustration
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
Danny Wolfe   Composer
Jody Chastain   Photo Illustration
Bud Deckelman   Composer
Jerry Freeman   Composer
Teen Kings   Vocal Group
Traditional   Composer
Dick Penner   Composer
Jimbos   Vocal Group
Wade Moore   Composer
Steve Richards   Illustrations
Howard Griffin   Composer

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