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Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 3

Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 3

The third entry into this six-volume series chronicling the entire Sun singles catalog begins in the fall of 1957. The tiny label -- which had been essentially a two-person operation in the beginning and through its early gestation -- was now a major independent with national hits in (pop, country, and rhythm & blues. Sun was not only the little label that could, but


The third entry into this six-volume series chronicling the entire Sun singles catalog begins in the fall of 1957. The tiny label -- which had been essentially a two-person operation in the beginning and through its early gestation -- was now a major independent with national hits in (pop, country, and rhythm & blues. Sun was not only the little label that could, but also a major force in shaping rock'n'roll and the boundaries of pop music overall. Sun was no longer a regional label making strange, quirky music for a small chunk of the Southern demographic, but a part of the national marketplace. As this installment in the series clearly illustrates by its chronological end in the summer of 1959, Sun wanted to be a part of that marketplace and would change their trademark sound accordingly. Backup singers, tenor sax solos, overdubs, a taming of the raw excitement -- these were all stylistic notions unthinkable of a Sun record only a couple of years back. But for every pop teen idol experiment gone awry, for every slick(er) concession to the marketplace, Sun Records still rocked harder than any label on the planet and made much original music in the bargain. In the A- and B-sides of these 50 singles, we hear the changes in Sun and, indeed, rock'n'roll itself. Disc one features one of the most cathartic moments in Sun history: Jerry Lee Lewis' two-sided classic, "Great Balls of Fire" and "You Win Again." Both sides of the Johnny Cash coin (the cool and the cloying) are well represented; Roy Orbison was being moved into similarly commercial fish-out-of-water territory, and Carl Perkins' last single for the label also appears. Disc Two features sides from the man responsible for much of the new bent toward mainstream commercialism -- producer/songwriter/musician Jack Clement, who wrote pop fluff like "Ballad of a Teenage Queen," played the acoustic guitar riff on "Big River," and produced sessions for Phillips. The third disc has numerous highlights from the first track to the last; the final disc takes us up to the summer of 1959, a fallow time for rock'n'roll, although there's still much great music to be heard. However, even the gradual taming of rockabilly and the sweetening of the hillbilly sounds the label was noted for couldn't possibly prepare the listener for eleven-year-old chalk-on-a-blackboard moppet Sherry Crane; "Winnie the Parakeet" and its flip side "Willie Willie" is simply the worst Sun record of all time, no contest. Along with these 101 sides (including a Jerry Lee interview track) is a sumptuous, bound 68-page booklet, chock full of label photos, excellent track-by-track text from Hank Davis, and rare photos of everybody from Johnny Cash to the sickly sweet Sherry Crane.

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Disc 1

  1. Home of the Blues
  2. Give My Love to Rose
  3. Good Lovin'
  4. Memories Never Grow Old
  5. Great Balls of Fire
  6. You Win Again
  7. Cindy Lou
  8. Your Honey Love
  9. Ballad of a Teenage Queen
  10. Big River
  11. Chicken Hearted
  12. I Like Love
  13. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It
  14. Sweet Misery
  15. I've Got Love If You Want It
  16. I Fell in Love
  17. Lend Me Your Comb
  18. Glad All Over
  19. Breathless
  20. Down the Line
  21. Baby Please Don't Go
  22. Wouldn't You Know
  23. Judy
  24. I Think of You

Disc 2

  1. Ten Years
  2. Your Lover Boy
  3. Sweet Woman
  4. Part of My Life
  5. Love Is a Stranger
  6. The Lonely Hours
  7. I Feel So Blue
  8. Memories of You
  9. Guess Things Happen That Way
  10. Come in Stranger
  11. High School Confidential
  12. Fools Like Me
  13. Dreamy Nights
  14. Fool, Fool, Fool
  15. Right Behind You Baby
  16. So Young
  17. Drinkin' Wine
  18. I Done Told You
  19. I Dig You Baby
  20. Sweetie Pie
  21. The Return of Jerry Lee
  22. Lewis Boogie
  23. The Ways of a Woman in Love
  24. You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven
  25. Break Up
  26. I'll Make It All up to You
  27. Jerry Lee Lewis Talks About High School Confidential

Disc 3

  1. Itchy
  2. Thunderbird
  3. Sally Jo
  4. Torro
  5. Diamond Ring
  6. I've Been Waitin'
  7. Born to Lose
  8. My Love for You
  9. You Made a Hit
  10. Why Why Why
  11. It's Just About Time
  12. I Just Thought You'd Like to Know
  13. Breeze
  14. Today Is a Blue Day
  15. The Black Haired Man
  16. Wrong
  17. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
  18. It Hurt Me So
  19. Down by the Riverside
  20. No Name Girl
  21. Sweet, Sweet Girl
  22. Goodbye Mr. Love
  23. Jump Right out of This Jukebox
  24. Tell 'em Off
  25. Thanks a Lot
  26. Luther Played the Boogie

Disc 4

  1. Lovin' up a Storm
  2. Big Blon' Baby
  3. Without a Love
  4. Time Will Tell
  5. Rockin' Bandit
  6. Sail Away
  7. Don't Ever Leave Me
  8. Miracle of You
  9. Katy Too
  10. I Forgot to Remember to Forget
  11. Got the Water Boiling
  12. One More Time
  13. No More Crying the Blues
  14. Have Faith in My Love
  15. Let's Talk About Us
  16. The Ballad of Billy Joe
  17. Mystery Train
  18. Sweet and Easy to Love
  19. Lovestruck
  20. I Wanna Make Sweet Love
  21. With Your Love, with Your Kiss
  22. Be Mine, All Mine
  23. Winnie the Parakeet
  24. Willie Willie

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Cash   Track Performer
Sonny Burgess   Track Performer
Rosco Gordon   Track Performer
Kiss   Track Performer
Jerry Lee Lewis   Track Performer
Roy Orbison   Track Performer
Carl Perkins   Track Performer
Warren Smith   Track Performer
Onie Wheeler   Track Performer
Rudy Grayzell   Track Performer
Johnny Powers   Track Performer
Jack Clement   Track Performer
Dickey Lee   Track Performer
Billy Lee Riley   Track Performer
Ray Smith   Track Performer
Vernon Taylor   Track Performer
Tommy Blake   Track Performer
Jerry McGill   Track Performer
Alton & Jimmy   Track Performer
Sunrays   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Slim Harpo   Composer
Johnny Cash   Composer
Don Gibson   Composer
Charlie Rich   Composer
Hank Davis   Liner Notes
Jerry Lee Lewis   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Onie Wheeler   Composer
Otis Blackwell   Composer
Danny Taylor   Composer
Roy Bennett   Composer
Jack Clement   Composer,Producer
Ahmet Ertegun   Composer
Colin Escott   Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Research
Joe Goodwin   Composer
Jack Hammer   Composer
Joe Hanley   Composer
Stan Kesler   Producer
Leroy Kirkland   Composer
Douglas Lichterman   Composer
Ballard MacDonald   Composer
Billy Lee Riley   Composer
Aaron Schroeder   Composer
Jesse Stone   Composer
Sid Tepper   Composer
Ben Weisman   Composer
Fred Wise   Composer
Hopson   Composer
William Pittman   Illustrations
Bert Russell   Composer
Sam Phillips   Composer,Producer
Luther Dixon   Composer
Kerry Jacobson   Composer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Illustrations
Sylke Holtrop   Artwork
Dave Sax   Reissue Producer,Tape Comparison,Tape Research
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
Clive Blewchamp   Contributor
Hans Peter Zdrenka   Illustrations
James "Jimmy" Atkins   Composer
John Marascalco   Composer
Jerry McGill   Composer
Lee Stevens   Composer
Rhoda Roberts   Composer
Kay Twomey   Composer
Allyson R. Khent   Composer
Ron Hargrave   Composer
Dick Penner   Composer,Illustrations
Gene Simmons   Composer
Hoyt Johnson   Composer

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