Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 4

Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 4


By the time the singles on this four-disc set were released (1959 into 1962), Sun was a much different label than the one that discovered Elvis Presley just a few years earlier. Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison had moved to other labels, and Jerry Lee Lewis was in the middle of trying to…  See more details below


By the time the singles on this four-disc set were released (1959 into 1962), Sun was a much different label than the one that discovered Elvis Presley just a few years earlier. Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison had moved to other labels, and Jerry Lee Lewis was in the middle of trying to reassemble the pieces of his career. Label owner Sam Phillips was in the midst of leaving his fabled 706 Union Memphis Recording Service for a new studio across town, never again finding the warm intimacy that graced his early recorded efforts. The label also pursued trends that seemed to be selling at that moment, and largely gone was that anarchic spirit that made all the early Sun issues so legendary. But there was still a pronounced regional flavor and inherent sound to a Sun record -- even the ones cut in Nashville during this period -- that emerged from the grooves, no matter how much the original master tape was embalmed in chirping female choruses and syrupy strings. Disc one sports more than a few classic sides -- including Rayburn Anthony's "Alice Blue Gown" and Tracy Pendarvis' double-sided blast from Sun's past, "A Thousand Guitars"/"Is It Too Late" -- amid the commercial dross. There were other stray nods to Sun's rockin' past with Sonny Wilson's "The Great Pretender" (sporting one of the most confused guitar breaks ever released on the label) and "I'm Gonna Take a Walk," but perhaps even more interesting was the continual mining of the vaults for more Johnny Cash sides. Disc two follows this pattern, with a pair of Jerry Lee Lewis 45s and Cash singles standing alongside Tracy Pendarvis' "Is It Me" as musical high points, but these were severely undercut by the issuance of pop-inspired crossover material. Disc three kicks off with a major surprise, a two-sided Charlie Rich instrumental issued under the name Bobby Sheridan. More Cash material from the vaults is aboard, along with Jerry Lee's back-to-the-charts hit, "What'd I Say." The final disc illustrates what a hit record did to Jerry Lee's stock at the label, as Sun issued one single after another in its wake, scoring another hit with "Money" alongside "Sweet Little Sixteen," the last Sun chart entry. Harold Dorman's "Uncle Jonah's Place," Johnny Cash's "Blue Train" and Don Hosea's "Uh Huh Huh" (actually Willie Cobb's "You Don't Love Me") complete the list of listenable items on this set. Sun was nearing the end of the line as well as changing its musical direction, but there was still great stuff to be found in their release schedule, and this box nicely collects it all up in one place.

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Disc 1

  1. You're My Kind  - Will Mercer
  2. Ballad of St. Marks  - Will Mercer
  3. Little Queenie  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  4. I Could Never Be Ashamed of You  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  5. You Tell Me  -  Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two
  6. Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye  -  Tennessee Riders
  7. What a Life  - Jimmy Isle
  8. Together  - Jimmy Isle
  9. Alice Blue Gown  - Ray Anthony
  10. St. Louis Blues  - Ray Anthony
  11. Straight A's in Love  -  Tennessee Riders
  12. I Love You Because  - Gene Lowery
  13. A Thousand Guitars  - Tracy Pendarvis
  14. Is It Too Late  - Tracy Pendarvis
  15. Walkin' and Talkin'  - Mack Owen
  16. Somebody Just Like You  - Mack Owen
  17. Old Black Joe  - Gene Lowery
  18. Baby Baby Bye Bye  - Gene Lowery
  19. The Legend of the Big Steeple  - Paul Richey
  20. Broken Hearted Willie  - Paul Richey
  21. Whose Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet  - Rayburn Anthony
  22. There's No Tomorrow  - Rayburn Anthony
  23. Bobaloo  - Bill Johnson
  24. Bad Times Ahead  - Bill Johnson
  25. The Great Pretender  - Sonny Wilson
  26. I'm Gonna Take a Walk  - Sonny Wilson

Disc 2

  1. You Burned the Bridges  - Bobbie Jean
  2. Cheaters Never Win  - Bobbie Jean
  3. The Story of a Broken Heart  -  Tennessee Riders
  4. Down the Street to 301  -  Tennessee Riders
  5. John Henry  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  6. Hang up My Rock & Roll Shoes  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  7. Southbound Line  - Tracy Pendarvis
  8. Is It Me?  - Tracy Pendarvis
  9. Señorita  - Texas Bill Strength
  10. Guess I'd Better Go  - Texas Bill Strength
  11. Port of Lonely Hearts  -  Tennessee Riders
  12. Mean Eyed Cat  -  Tennessee Riders
  13. The Good Guy Always Wins  - Lance Roberts
  14. The Time Is Right  - Lance Roberts
  15. I Gotta Know (Where I Stand)  - Tony Rossine
  16. Is It Too Late (To Say I'm Sorry)  - Tony Rossine
  17. The Rockin' Stockin'  -  Yuleville USA
  18. The Rockin' Stockin'  -  Rockin' Stockin'
  19. You Don't Love Me Anymore  - Ira Jay
  20. More Than Anything (In the World)  - Ira Jay
  21. When I Get Paid  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  22. Love Made a Fool of Me  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  23. Sweet and Easy to Love  - Roy Orbison
  24. Devil Dol  - Roy Orbison

Disc 3

  1. Red Man  - Bobby Sheridan
  2. Sad News  - Bobby Sheridan
  3. Oh, Lonesome Me  - Gene Lowery
  4. Life Goes On  -  Tennessee Riders
  5. What'd I Say  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  6. Livin' Lovin' Wreck  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  7. U T Party, Pt. 1  - George Klein
  8. U T Party, Pt. 2  - George Klein
  9. Belle of the Suwannee  - Tracy Pendarvis
  10. Eternally  - Tracy Pendarvis
  11. Groovy Train  - Wade Cagle
  12. Highland Rock  - Wade Cagle
  13. I Can't Show How I Feel  - Anita Wood
  14. I'll Wait Forever  - Anita Wood
  15. I'll Stick by You  - Harold Kenneth Dorman
  16. There They Go  - Harold Kenneth Dorman
  17. Sugartime  -  Tennessee Riders
  18. My Treasurer  -  Tennessee Riders
  19. It Won't Happen With Me  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  20. Cold, Cold Heart  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  21. I Forgot to Remember to Forget  - Shirley Sisk
  22. Other Side  - Shirley Sisk
  23. Well I Ask Ya  - Tony Rossini
  24. Darlena  - Tony Rossini

Disc 4

  1. Save the Last Dance for Me  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  2. As Long as I Live  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  3. Since I Met You  - Don Hosea
  4. Uh Huh Unh  - Don Hosea
  5. Human Emotions  - Bobby Wood
  6. Everybody's Searching  - Bobby Wood
  7. Uncle Jonah's Place  - Harold Kenneth Dorman
  8. Just One Step  - Harold Kenneth Dorman
  9. Money (That's What I Want)  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  10. Bonnie B.  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  11. Travlin' Salesman  - Ray Smith
  12. I Won't Miss You (Till You Go)  - Ray Smith
  13. How Well I Know  - Rayburn Anthony
  14. Big Dream  - Rayburn Anthony
  15. I've Been Twistin'  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  16. Ramblin' Rose  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  17. Candy Doll  - Ray Smith
  18. Hey, Boss Man (Twist)  - Ray Smith
  19. Blue Train  -  Tennessee Riders
  20. Born to Lose  -  Tennessee Riders
  21. In the Beginning  - Harold Kenneth Dorman
  22. Wait Til Saturday Night  - Harold Kenneth Dorman
  23. (Meet Me) After School  - Tony Rossini
  24. Just Around the Corner  - Tony Rossinin
  25. Sweet Little Sixteen  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  26. How's My Ex Treating You  - Jerry Lee Lewis

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Cash   Vocals
Jerry Lee Lewis   Piano,Vocals
Ray Anthony   Track Performer
Ray Smith   Track Performer
Tony Rossine   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Willie Cobbs   Composer
Stephen Foster   Composer
Gene Autry   Composer
Johnny Cash   Composer
Charlie Rich   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Ray Charles   Composer
Hank Davis   Introduction,Text
Charlie Feathers   Composer
Jerry Lee Lewis   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer,Contributor
W.C. Handy   Composer
Scotty Moore   Producer
Billy Smith   Composer
Buck Ram   Composer
Bobby Wood   Contributor
Otis Blackwell   Composer
Jack Clement   Composer
Colin Escott   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Research
Berry Gordy   Composer
Stan Kesler   Composer,Producer
Junior Parker   Composer
Harold Shedd   Composer
Billy Sherrill   Producer
Huey "Piano" Smith   Composer
Brad Suggs   Composer
Charles Underwood   Composer,Producer
Hank Williams   Composer
Sam Phillips   Composer
Rayburn Anthony   Contributor
Johnny Marvin   Composer
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Illustrations
Dave Sax   Tape Research
Shirley Sisk   Contributor
Janie Bradford   Composer
Vic McAlpin   Composer
Don Scaife   Composer
Tony Austin   Composer
Wade Cagle   Contributor
Benny Joy   Contributor
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Traditional   Composer

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