Complete Taste of Life: Better Living Through Better Eating

Complete Taste of Life: Better Living Through Better Eating

by Julie Stafford

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After Stafford's ( Julie Stafford's Low Cholesterol Cookbook ) husband developed cancer of the lymphatic system a decade or so ago, she and the family went through some changes: they decided to seek out high-fiber foods, whole grains, vegetables, brown rice, fish and fruit, and to do without the demons of contemporary eating--the fried, the rich, the fatty, the sweet. Perhaps in part as a result, says Stafford, her husband's health improved, and no one else's suffered. The Australian former sheep farmer and restaurateur here brings us some of the recipes that have helped her, as well as general thoughts on what else can serve well-being (e.g., exercise; avoiding cigarette smoking). Though originally published in Australia, the book includes standard American measurements and a glossary useful to Americans, and is more than accessible to us. Its large format and open, spacious design accommodate serious browsing, as do full-page, full-color photographs. But it's the recipes that will keep you going: from lavish salads to ``energy biscuits'' (including dried fruits and untoasted muesli) and hearty soups. (May)
Barbara Jacobs
It's a no-nonsense cookbook, imported from Australia, where, 10 years ago, Stafford's husband was diagnosed with cancer. She then changed her cooking and her family's eating habits to a low-cholesterol, low-fat, and low-kilojoule (or calorie) diet, which she shares in a book of 650-plus recipes, accented by well-styled color photographs. Everything's logical and simple to prepare; there are almost always at least three (and usually four or five) dishes included on one page. Some of the more unusual Down Under treats include tuna potato roulade, Chinese chicken stock, beetroot mold, pumpkin almond pie, sardine pita, broccoli and cauliflower muffins, and steak paste. Terms are clearly translated into "American," yet, surprisingly, no nutritional information is given, nor are specific directions included for, say, how long to barbecue an entree.

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