The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
  • The Complete Walt Disney World 2011
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The Complete Walt Disney World 2011

4.6 9
by Julie Neal

Over 500 color photographs highlight this beautiful yet remarkably thorough guide, a straightforward, fun-to-read, show-and-tell extravaganza that rates and reviews nearly 700 attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels and offers hundreds of helpful tips. Theme parks are the heart of the book. Each ride and show is showcased on its own page or pages, with an…  See more details below


Over 500 color photographs highlight this beautiful yet remarkably thorough guide, a straightforward, fun-to-read, show-and-tell extravaganza that rates and reviews nearly 700 attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels and offers hundreds of helpful tips. Theme parks are the heart of the book. Each ride and show is showcased on its own page or pages, with an insightful description, frank review, specs such as hour-by-hour wait times and often quirky bonuses such as Fun Finds and Hidden Mickeys.

A fantastic planning tool
Those who love to plan a vacation will delight in the guidebook's obsessive attention to detail. Comprehensive hotel reviews spotlight discount rates, room quality and decor (with photos!) and fun swimming pool features. An Activities chapter uncovers unique experiences outside the parks, whether expensive or free. New for 2011, a Walt Disney World A-Z section is an exhaustive Disney planning encyclopedia. Telephone and Internet directories hold hundreds of useful listings. Smartly organized with color-coded chapters, the book makes it easy to find what you need.

A family favorite
Moms will love the book's thoughtful focus on children. Included are creative ways to involve kids in planning a Disney vacation, Fear Factors for every ride and show, and many Family Matters theme-park tips. A Character Guide reveals where to meet Mickey Mouse and 80 other Disney stars. Young families in particular will find the book helpful, as the abundance of photos gives children a way to read it with their parents.

Award-winning advice
The only independent Disney guide ever honored by the Walt Disney Company, The Complete Walt Disney World is the winner of Disney's iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Family Product. Altogether the book has won 15 national and international book awards.

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Editorial Reviews

Family Circle Magazine
For planning in advance, check out the seriously thorough guidebook The Complete Walt Disney World.
Midwest Book Review
In-depth insider knowledge� The magic of Disney radiates from the pages� All the information needed to ensure your vacation is the experience of a lifetime� Definitely the book to purchase to help plan out your trip.
In this case, �complete' is not hyperbole, it is a fact. The Complete Walt Disney World makes a trip to Disney seem more like an adventure full of surprises, instead of a whine-filled money drain.
Writer's Digest
What's not to love? The ultimate Walt Disney World guidebook. Seriously, how has this not been sanctioned and mass-produced by Disney or a national publishing house? The pictures are fantastic and the guide offers everything you could possibly need to know to plan and pull off the best Disney trip ever. Colorful, easy-to-navigate, beautifully designed guide. Leaves no stone unturned.

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Coconut Press, Incorporated
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Best Bets

It's like Christmas. You plan and save and anticipate for weeks and months. You yearn for a magical time with your family, full of memories and unforgettable moments. It certainly runs up the balance on your credit cards, but when it's over you're most likely glad you did it. Yes, a vacation to Walt Disney World has a lot in common with Christmas, at least the secular American version. But how do you decorate your particular tree? Which presents do you choose? Following are the author's Best Bets; 24 of Disney World's most seminal experiences:

Best thrill ride: Space Mountain (p72)
This wild ride seems to fill everyone with joy. Zoom through the dark with reckless abandon on this indoor roller coaster, which zips you through space as twinkling stars and shooting comets race by. New sound effects make the experience seem faster than ever, with whooshing noises as you turn corners and plunge down drops. The low-sided, one-person-wide rocket is one of the narrowest coaster vehicles ever built, barely interfering with your feeling of a solo flight through the cosmos. This Magic Kingdom institution still has the magic it had when it opened back in 1975.

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The Complete Walt Disney World 2011 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
BenJam More than 1 year ago
This is my new favorite Disney World guidebook. I got it just before my family's trip, and it has been invaluable. First let me mention the photos, which absolutely fill the pages with color. They are really beautiful, and show me things at Disney that I've never seen before. I'm especially blown away with all the animal photos -- we changed our plans to include Animal Kingdom after looking at the dozens of animal pictures -- and the fun character photos in the Character Guide in the back of the book. If you look past the photos, the information is just as impressive. Again, I've never seen some of the material that is in this book. Each ride has at least one whole page dedicated to it, and some of the bigger attractions -- like my favorite, Haunted Mansion -- have multiple pages (and, of course, multiple photos). The Restaurant chapter has reviews of every single place to eat, including at the hotels. And the Accommodations chapter has the best Disney resort information I've seen in a Disney guidebook, complete (again!) with numerous photos. Take my word for it, you won't be disappointed in this one!
PunchbugFan More than 1 year ago
I have lots of Disney guidebooks on my bookshelf, and this is my favorite. I've bought this title every year since 2007. I'm so pleased that this 2011 edition is the best yet. How can the authors improve so much of the book each year? Whatever the reason, readers benefit. Every page has lush photography, and the writing about the attractions at Disney World is the best of any guidebook out. It goes into lots of detail about each and every ride and show in the parks, and has extensive coverage of my favorites, Disney's water parks. I also like how the book has touring plans for each park, so I don't have to put a daily plan together myself when I go on vacation. Each time I randomly open this book and start reading, I learn something new. Highly recommended!
SanFranFan More than 1 year ago
I reviewed all the Disney guides and this is certainly one of the best ones. The authors have clearly done their homework. Their approach in the Complete Guide is to maximize your time, your money and the enjoyment you can get out of your precious vacation. It's like having an expert travel with you through the park, advising you to skip this ride, see this show later, stop in this cafe for the great homemade ice cream sandwiches. This is invaluable advice. Beautiful photography is spread throughout the Complete Guide, showing you what to expect in the parks, and getting you excited about your upcoming trip. Because of the photography in the animal guide in the Disney's Animal Kingdom chapter, my kids were excited to see the Komodo Dragon and the Kangaroos. We were going to skip this park until we saw these photos, and that would have been a shame as Animal Kingdom ended up being our favorite of all the parks. I highly recommend this guide book!
HotRodLincoln More than 1 year ago
This book surprised me. My wife and I bought it just before our first Disney trip with the kids (we had visited years ago, but no kids then), and it was so helpful! Our children each looked through it page by page and picked out all the things they wanted to do -- rides, shows, characters they wanted to meet. My wife got each child their own color post-it note, and each marked the stuff they wanted to do on the trip. The book was filled with yellow, pink and blue notes! Then we went through it all and put together a great plan. Even our preschooler was able to pick her favorites, and she can't read yet, because of the hundreds of color photos in the book. Other books don't have nearly as many photos. What a find! This book really helped us.
HarryMac More than 1 year ago
I just got the new edition of this Disney World guidebook, and it's even better than the 2010 edition! There are even more photos, and just as stunning as before. I liked reading about the things that had changed in the parks since last year. Best of all were the Best Bets section up front, with pages and pages of the very best Disney World offers. It was so nice to see the Beauty and the Beast show highlighted; its humor is crystallized in the large photo of Gaston and the village girls. As before, there are wonderful facts about all the attractions, fun finds, Hidden Mickeys and information about the special weekends and festivals. If you are only getting one guidebook about Disney World, you will be very happy with this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HobieFan More than 1 year ago
I love the planning information in this colorful Disney guide book. There were lots of ideas for fun activities my family could do to plan and anticipate our vacation before we left, including craft projects, Disney movie nights and special ways to save for the trip. My kids liked making a countdown chain, although it could only be about a dozen links long (we got this book just a couple of weeks before our Disney trip). We were also able to read about the Disney hotel we stayed at ahead of time, so we knew what to expect. The room photos at the Boardwalk Resort, where we stayed, were especially nice. I also liked the restaurant reviews, so we knew to go to Kouzzina by Cat Cora, for example. Otherwise I probably would've passed on this really excellent Mediterranean restaurant at the Boardwalk. Don't miss this book! It'll make your vacation even more magical.
LuvMyLabrador More than 1 year ago
I can't say enough about this guidebook. It will help any visitor maximize their vacation and avoid wasting time and money. You can pick out the rides and shows you want to go on, using the extensive and in-depth information from this book. You can also pick out the attractions to skip, which is almost more important! A special favorite was the Activities chapter, which helped my family pick out some fun things to do on our trip that we didn't even know were options. We went on a fishing trip in the lake next to Epcot, went to the free campfire / movie at Fort Wilderness Resort, and went on the Keys to the Kingdom tour at Magic Kingdom. The big key to this book are the photos, which are plentiful and beautiful. You'll enjoy looking through the pages even before you start to read the words, which are written with a light, fun touch.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We made reservations in December and bought the book in March. Reservations were made for Port Orleans French Quarter. The review of this resort was biased and WAY off. I was so apprehensive about it that I almost changed resorts. The grounds are lovely, everyone seemed to enjoy the pool, it was always full and who cares if the outside looked like a cheap imitation? Rooms were clean and decorated well. I agree, there is no sit down resteraunt, but the food court has full meals and a very wide variety, which included pot roast, pork chops and the like. Her comment that you get a decent room, a pool with a slide and for breakfast serves beignets, squares of fried dough doused with powdered sugar......... made it sound as though this was the ONLY food available! The food court is open from 6 am until 11 pm. Otherwise I though the book was helpful except for the extremely bad/biased opinion of French Quarter. Obvously she did not reasearch this resort well.