Comprehensive Group Psychotherapy / Edition 3

Comprehensive Group Psychotherapy / Edition 3

by Harold I. Kaplan

ISBN-10: 0683045342

ISBN-13: 9780683045345

Pub. Date: 11/28/1993

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication date:
Edition description:
3rd ed
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7.12(w) x 10.21(h) x 1.71(d)

Table of Contents

A.1History of Group Psychotherapy2
A.2Freud: The Group Psychologist and Group Leader10
A.3Group Dynamics21
A.4Systems Theory and Small Groups32
A.5aIntroduction: Tavistock Tradition in Organizational Psychology45
A.5bParanoiagenesis in Organizations47
A.6Clinical Diagnosis in Group Psychotherapy57
A.7Selection and Preparation of Patients and Organization of the Group72
A.8Role of the Leader in Group Psychotherapy84
A.9Countertransference and Transference in Groups98
A.10Resistance and Working Through in Group Psychotherapy105
A.11Termination Processes in Group Psychotherapy115
B.1Psychoanalysis in Groups126
B.2Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy138
B.3Group Analysis146
B.4Group-Centered Models of Group Psychotherapy156
B.5Object Relations Theory and Group Psychotherapy165
B.6Self Psychology and Group Psychotherapy176
B.7Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy185
B.8Transactional Analysis in Groups195
B.9Cognitive-Behavioral Group Psychotherapy205
B.11Gestalt Group Psychotherapy228
B.12Existential-Humanistic Approach to Group Psychotherapy235
B.13Integration and Nonintegration of Innovative Group Methods244
B.14Short-Term Group Psychotherapy256
B.15Family Therapy and Multiple Family Therapy270
B.16Couples Group Psychotherapy283
B.17Self-Help Groups292
C.1Combined Individual and Group Psychotherapy314
C.2Structured Interactional Group Psychotherapy324
C.3Dream Work in Group Psychotherapy338
C.4Nonverbal Behavior in Groups346
C.5Use of Video in Group Psychotherapy355
C.6Integrating Psychopharmacology and Group Psychotherapy363
D.1Group Psychotherapy with Anxiety and Mood Disorders374
D.2Group Psychotherapy with Personality Disorders393
D.3Group Psychotherapy with Schizophrenia407
D.4Group Psychotherapy with the Chronically Mentally Ill418
D.5Group Psychotherapy with Alcoholics, Substance Abusers, and Adult Children of Alcoholics429
D.6Group Psychotherapy with Eating Disorders443
D.7Group Psychotherapy with the Medically Ill459
D.8Group Psychotherapy with HIV-Infected Persons and Their Caregivers470
D.9Group Psychotherapy with Cancer Patients and the Terminally Ill477
D.10Group Psychotherapy with Sexual Dysfunctions489
D.11Group Psychotherapy with Gender-Dysphoric Patients495
D.12Group Psychotherapy with Gay Men and Lesbians506
D.13Group Psychotherapy for Adults with a History of Incest515
D.14Group Psychotherapy with Rape Victims and Battered Women525
D.15Group Psychotherapy with Sexually Abused Children531
D.16Group Psychotherapy with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder550
D.17Group Psychotherapy with Children560
D.18Group Psychotherapy with Adolescents577
D.19Group Psychotherapy with the Elderly584
E.1Community Meetings and the Therapeutic Community598
E.2Inpatient Group Psychotherapy607
E.3Group Psychotherapy in the Day Hospital619
E.4Innovative Group Methods in the General Hospital Setting: Psychiatric Liaison Groups and Groups for Medically Ill Patients635
F.1Qualities of the Group Psychotherapist648
F.2Training and Supervision in Group Psychotherapy656
F.3Ethical and Legal Issues in Group Psychotherapy668
F.4Group Psychotherapy Research673
F.5Gender Issues in Group Psychotherapy682
F.6Indigenous Healing Groups in Group Psychotherapy693
F.7Links Between Group Process and Social, Political, and Cultural Issues699
F.8Comparison of Group Counseling and Group Psychotherapy717
F.9Future of Group Psychotherapy724

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