Computable General Equilibrium Approaches in Urban and Regional Policy Studies

Computable General Equilibrium Approaches in Urban and Regional Policy Studies

by Masayuki Doi

ISBN-10: 9812564713

ISBN-13: 9789812564719

Pub. Date: 06/28/2006

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction to computable general equilibrium approaches in urban and regional policy studies3
Ch. 2CGE model and its micro and macro closures9
Ch. 3The macroeconomic impact of the IMF recommended VAT policy for the Fiji economy : evidence from a CGE model27
Ch. 4An applied general equilibrium model to assess the impact of national tax changes on a regional economy41
Ch. 5Building small city and town : SAMs and CGE models revisited59
Ch. 6A large-scale dynamic multi-regional CGE model with an illustrative application83
Ch. 7A computable general equilibrium analysis of efficiency improvements at Japanese ports115
Ch. 8Incorporating local health in assessing GHG mitigation : an application to Thailand139
Ch. 9Economic analysis of urban land use and housing supply : an application of urban land use and a CGE model for Seoul167
Ch. 10The economic importance of the sugar industry for Fiji189
Ch. 11A CGE approach to measuring the sectoral contribution to an economy : an application to Western Australian agriculture205
Ch. 12The impacts of redesigning European agricultural support231
Ch. 13Regional and national perspectives of China's integration into the WTO : a CGE inquiry with emphasis on the agricultural sector269
Ch. 14Welfare effects of trade and factor market reforms in China297
Ch. 15Sustainable development and globalization in a world with unequal starting points323
Ch. 16The impact of Japanese economic cooperation on Asian economic development357
Ch. 17Regional economic integration and its impacts on growth, poverty and income distribution : the case of Vietnam381

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