Computational Intelligence: Imitating Life

Computational Intelligence: Imitating Life

by Robert J. Marks II

ISBN-10: 0780311043

ISBN-13: 9780780311046

Pub. Date: 07/01/1994

Publisher: IEEE

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Table of Contents

What is Computational Intelligence1
Unsupervised Learning for Feature Extraction13
Fuzzy Systems That Can Learn23
Learning as Adaptive Interpolation in Neural Fuzzy Systems31
Context Vectors General Purpose Approximate Meaning Representations Self-Organized From Raw Data43
Neural Representation of Space in Rats and Robots57
Similarity-Based Approximate Reasoning69
Computational Intelligence in High Level Computer Vision: Determining Spatial Relationships81
Fuzzy Modelling: Methodology, Algorithms, and Practice92
Reasoning Under Uncertainty and Learning in Knowledge Based Systems: Imitating Human Problem Solving Behavior104
On the Evolution of Evolutionary Computation116
Genetic Algorithms: A 25 Year Perspective125
Evolutionary Programming in Perspective: The Top-Down View135
Evolution Strategy147
Toward Adaptive Intelligent Systems: The Double Helix of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life160
How to Select Genetic Operators for Combinatorial Optimization Problems by Analyzing their Fitness Landscape170
Theory and Application of the Breeder Genetic Algorithm182
Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition194
Neurobiological Computational Systems213
Visual Preprocessing: First and Second Order Processes in the Perception of Motion and Texture223
Visual Learning of Objects Neural Models of Shape, Color, Motion and Space237
Computational Color Vision Models by Neural Networks252
Status of Auditors Modeling Research and its Relationship to Automatic Speech Recognition264
Biology-Inspired Pulse Processing Neural Nets with Adaptive Weights and Delays - Concept Sources from Neuroscience Vs. Applications in Industry and Medicine276
Learning of Neural-Controllers in Intelligent Control Systems285
Integration of Fuzzy Control Within Hierarchically Structured Control Systems293
Qualitative Modeling Based on Numerical Data and Knowledge Data, and its Application to Control304
Fuzzy Logic Controllers: An Industrial Reality316
Learning Control Aspects in Terms of Neuro-Control328
Self-Generation of Neural-Net Controller by Training in Natural Environment340
Fuzzy-Neuro-GA Based Intelligent Robotics352
Hybrid Approaches for Fuzzy Data Analysis and Configuration Using Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Methods364
Combinations of Genetic Algorithms with Neural Networks or Fuzzy Systems371
A Neo Fuzzy Neuron and Its Applications to System Identification and Prediction of Chaotic Behavior383
Integrating Neural Networks for Real World Applications396
Neural Networks for Fighting Crime406
Genetic Algorithms for Optimization: Three Case Studies416
Neural-Computing Awareness and Technology Transfer - A UK Government Programme427
New Paradigms in Technology Transfer434
Author Index443
Subject Index444

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