Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns: 12th International Conference, CAIP 2007, Vienna, Austria, August 27-29, 2007, Proceedings / Edition 1

Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns: 12th International Conference, CAIP 2007, Vienna, Austria, August 27-29, 2007, Proceedings / Edition 1

by Walter Kropatsch, Martin Kampel, Allan Hanbury

ISBN-10: 3540742719

ISBN-13: 9783540742715

Pub. Date: 08/28/2007

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

The refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns are presented in this volume. The papers cover motion detection and tracking, medical imaging, biometrics, color, curves and surfaces beyond two dimensions, reading characters, words and lines, image segmentation, shape, image registration and matching, signal


The refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns are presented in this volume. The papers cover motion detection and tracking, medical imaging, biometrics, color, curves and surfaces beyond two dimensions, reading characters, words and lines, image segmentation, shape, image registration and matching, signal decomposition and invariants, and features and classification.

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics Series , #4673
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6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Invited Talks.- Human Perception of 3D Shapes.- Connection Geometry, Color, and Stereo.- Motion Detection and Tracking.- Adaptable Model-Based Tracking Using Analysis-by-Synthesis Techniques.- Mixture Models Based Background Subtraction for Video Surveillance Applications.- Applicability of Motion Estimation Algorithms for an Automatic Detection of Spiral Grain in CT Cross-Section Images of Logs.- Deterministic and Shastic Methods for Gaze Tracking in Real-Time.- Integration of Multiple Temporal and Spatial Scales for Robust Optic Flow Estimation in a Biologically Inspired Algorithm.- Classification of Optical Flow by Constraints.- Target Positioning with Dominant Feature Elements.- Speeding-Up Differential Motion Detection Algorithms Using a Change-Driven Data Flow Processing Strategy.- Foreground and Shadow Detection Based on Conditional Random Field.- n-Grams of Action Primitives for Recognizing Human Behavior.- Human Action Recognition in Table-Top Scenarios : An HMM-Based Analysis to Optimize the Performance.- Grouping of Articulated Objects with Common Axis.- Decision Level Multiple Cameras Fusion Using Dezert-Smarandache Theory.- Occlusion Removal in Video Microscopy.- A Modular Approach for Automating Video Analysis.- Rectified Reconstruction from Stereo Pairs and Robot Mapping.- Estimation Track–Before–Detect Motion Capture Systems State Space Spatial Component.- Medical Imaging.- Real-Time Active Shape Models for Segmentation of 3D Cardiac Ultrasound.- Effects of Preprocessing Eye Fundus Images on Appearance Based Glaucoma Classification.- Flexibility Description of the MET Protein Stalk Based on the Use of Non-uniform B-Splines.- Virtual Microscopy Using JPEG2000.- A Statistical-Genetic Algorithm to Select the Most Significant Features in Mammograms.- Biomarker Selection System, Employing an Iterative Peak Selection Method, for Identifying Biomarkers Related to Prostate Cancer.- Automatic Segmentation of Femur Bones in Anterior-Posterior Pelvis X-Ray Images.- Assessing Artery Motion Compensation in IVUS.- Assessing Estrogen Receptors’ Status by Texture Analysis of Breast Tissue Specimens and Pattern Recognition Methods.- Multimodal Evaluation for Medical Image Segmentation.- Automated 3D Segmentation of Lung Fields in Thin Slice CT Exploiting Wavelet Preprocessing.- Reconstruction of Heart Motion from 4D Echocardiographic Images.- Quantification of Bone Remodeling in the Proximity of Implants.- Delaunay-Based Vector Segmentation of Volumetric Medical Images.- Non-uniform Resolution Recovery Using Median Priors in Tomographic Image Reconstruction Methods.- Detection of Postmenopausal Alteration of Bone Structure in Digitized X-rays.- Blood Detection in IVUS Images for 3D Volume of Lumen Changes Measurement Due to Different Drugs Administration.- Eigenmotion-Based Detection of Intestinal Contractions.- Brain Tissue Classification with Automated Generation of Training Data Improved by Deformable Registration.- On Simulating 3D Fluorescent Microscope Images.- Hierarchical Detection of Multiple Organs Using Boosted Features.- Biometrics.- Monitoring of Emotion to Create Adaptive Game for Children with Mild Autistic.- A Simplified Human Vision Model Applied to a Blocking Artifact Metric.- Estimating Reflectance Functions Using a Cyberware 3030 Scanner.- Are Younger People More Difficult to Identify or Just a Peer-to-Peer Effect.- Lip Biometrics for Digit Recognition.- An Embedded Fingerprint Authentication System Integrated with a Hardware-Based Truly Random Number Generator.- A New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition.- Fingerprint Hardening with Randomly Selected Chaff Minutiae.- Wavelet-Based Fingerprint Region Selection.- Face Shape Recovery and Recognition Using a Surface Gradient Based Statistical Model.- Representation of Facial Features by Catmull-Rom Splines.- Automatic Quantitative Mouth Shape Analysis.- Color.- Colour Adjacency Histograms for Image Matching.- Segmentation of Distinct Homogeneous Color Regions in Images.- Estimating the Color of the Illuminant Using Anisotropic Diffusion.- Restoration of Color Images Degraded by Space-Variant Motion Blur.- Real-Time Elimination of Brightness in Color Images by MS Diagram and Mathematical Morphology.- Curves and Surfaces Beyond 2 Dimensions.- Surface Reconstruction Using Polarization and Photometric Stereo.- Curvature Estimation in Noisy Curves.- 3D+t Reconstruction in the Context of Locally Spheric Shaped Data Observation.- Robust Fitting of 3D Objects by Affinely Transformed Superellipsoids Using Normalization.- Fast and Precise Weak-Perspective Factorization.- A Graph-with-Loop Structure for a Topological Representation of 3D Objects.- Reading Characters, Words, Lines....- Print Process Separation Using Interest Regions.- Histogram-Based Lines and Words Decomposition for Arabic Omni Font-Written OCR Systems; Enhancements and Evaluation.- Semi-automatic Training Sets Acquisition for Handwriting Recognition.- Gabor-Based Recognizer for Chinese Handwriting from Segmentation-Free Strategy.- Image Based Recognition of Ancient Coins.- Text Area Detection in Digital Documents Images Using Textural Features.- Image Segmentation.- Optimal Threshold Selection for Tomogram Segmentation by Reprojection of the Reconstructed Image.- A Level Set Bridging Force for the Segmentation of Dendritic Spines.- Knowledge from Markers in Watershed Segmentation.- Image Segmentation Using Topological Persistence.- Image Modeling and Segmentation Using Incremental Bayesian Mixture Models.- Model-Based Segmentation of Multimodal Images.- Image Segmentation Based on Height Maps.- Shape.- Measuring the Orientability of Shapes.- A 3–Subiteration Surface–Thinning Algorithm.- Extraction of River Networks from Satellite Images by Combining Mathematical Morphology and Hydrology.- Fractal Active Shape Models.- Decomposition for Efficient Eccentricity Transform of Convex Shapes.- Euclidean Shortest Paths in Simple Cube Curves at a Glance.- A Fast and Robust Ellipse Detection Algorithm Based on Pseudo-random Sample Consensus.- A Definition for Orientation for Multiple Component Shapes.- Definition of a Model-Based Detector of Curvilinear Regions.- A Method for Interactive Shape Detection in Cattle Images Using Genetic Algorithms.- A New Phase Field Model of a ‘Gas of Circles’ for Tree Crown Extraction from Aerial Images.- Shape Signature Matching for Object Identification Invariant to Image Transformations and Occlusion.- Junction Detection and Multi-orientation Analysis Using Streamlines.- Decomposing a Simple Polygon into Trapezoids.- Shape Recognition and Retrieval: A Structural Approach Using Velocity Function.- Improved Morphological Interpolation of Elevation Contour Data with Generalised Geodesic Propagations.- Image Registration and Matching.- Cylindrical Phase Correlation Method.- Extended Global Optimization Strategy for Rigid 2D/3D Image Registration.- A Fast B-Spline Pseudo-inversion Algorithm for Consistent Image Registration.- Robust Least-Squares Image Matching in the Presence of Outliers.- A Neural Network String Matcher.- Incorporating Spatial Information into 3D-2D Image Registration.- Performance Evaluation and Recent Advances of Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation Methods for Video Coding.- Spectral Eigenfeatures for Effective DP Matching in Fingerprint Recognition.- Registering Long-Term Image Series.- Graph Similarity Using Interfering Quantum Walks.- Signal Decomposition and Invariants.- Visual Speech Recognition Using Motion Features and Hidden Markov Models.- Feature Extraction of Weighted Data for Implicit Variable Selection.- Analysis of Prediction Mode Decision in Spatial Enhancement Layers in H.264/AVC SVC.- Object Recognition by Implicit Invariants.- An Automatic Microarray Image Gridding Technique Based on Continuous Wavelet Transform.- Image Sifting for Micro Array Image Enhancement.- Wavelet Based Local Coherent Tomography with an Application in Terahertz Imaging.- Nonlinear Approximation of Spatiotemporal Data Using Diffusion Wavelets.- A New Wavelet-Based Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval.- Space-Variant Restoration with Sliding Discrete Cosine Transform.- Features and Classification.- Comparative Evaluation of Classical Methods, Optimized Gabor Filters and LBP for Texture Feature Selection and Classification.- A Multiple Classifier Approach for the Recognition of Screen-Rendered Text.- Improving Stability of Feature Selection Methods.- A Movie Classifier Based on Visual Features.- An Efficient Method for Filtering Image-Based Spam E-mail.- SVM-Based Active Feedback in Image Retrieval Using Clustering and Unlabeled Data.- Hierarchical Classifiers for Detection of Fractures in X-Ray Images.- An Efficient Nearest Neighbor Classifier Using an Adaptive Distance Measure.- Accurate Identification of a Markov-Gibbs Model for Texture Synthesis by Bunch Sampling.- Texture Defect Detection.- Extracting Salient Points and Parts of Shapes Using Modified kd-Trees.

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