Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal: An International Review

Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal: An International Review

by William J. McCluskey, Alistair S. Adair

ISBN-10: 1859720897

ISBN-13: 9781859720899

Pub. Date: 06/19/2005

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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1A critical review of computer assisted mass appraisal techniques1
2The use of mass appraisal techniques for rating valuation in Hong Kong27
3The mass appraisal of residential property in Northern Ireland59
4The application of artificial intelligence to mass appraisal systems79
5Expert system development for the mass appraisal of commercial property in Malaysia103
6Computer assisted mass appraisal of farm land in British Columbia131
7Mass appraisal of agricultural property in Sweden163
8Computer assisted mass appraisal: the Queensland experience187
9The New Zealand experience with computer assisted valuation211
10Computer assisted valuation in Tasmania233
11The valuation of residential property using regression analysis257
12Mass appraisal of condominiums289
13TAXES: Residential property valuation for local tax purposes in the Netherlands325
14Mass appraisal for property tax purposes in Singapore339

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