Computer Vision for Human-Machine Interaction

Computer Vision for Human-Machine Interaction

by Roberto Cipolla

Leading scientists describe how advances in computer vision can change how we interact with computers.See more details below


Leading scientists describe how advances in computer vision can change how we interact with computers.

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Foreword; Preface; Part I. New Interfaces and Applications: 1. Smart rooms: machine understanding of human behavior A. Pentland; 2. GestureComputer - history, design and applications C. Maggioni, and B. Kämmerer; 3. Human reader: a vision-based man-machine interface K. Mase; 4. Visual sensing of humans for active public interfaces K. Waters, J. Rehg, M. Loghlin, S. B. King, and D. Terzopoulos; 5. Pointing with uncalibrated stereo vision R. Cipolla, and N. J. Hollinghurst; Part II. Tracking Human Action: 6. Tracking faces A. Gee, and R. Cipolla; 7. Towards automated, real-time, facial animation B. Bascle, A. Blake, and J. Morris; 8. Interfacing through visual pointers C. Colombo, A. Del Bimbo, and S. De Magistris; 9. Monocular tracking of the human arm in 3D E. Di Bernado, L. Goncalves, and P. Perona; 10. Looking at people in action - an overview Y. Yacoob, L. Davis, M. Black, D. Gavrila, T. Horprasert, and C. Morimoto; Part III. Gesture Recognition and Interpretation: 11. A framework for gesture generation and interpretation J. Cassell; 12. Model-based interpreation of faces and hand gestures C. J. Taylor, A. Lanitis, T. F. Cootes, G. Edwards, and T. Ahmad; 13. Recognition of handsigns from complex backgrounds J. J. Weng, and Y. Cui; 14. Probabilistic models of verbal and body gestures C. Bregler, S. Omohundro, M. Covell, M. Slaney, S. Ahmad, D. Forsyth, and J. Feldman; 15. Looking at human gestures M. Yachida, Y. Iwai; Ackowledgements; Bibliography; List of contributors.

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