Conan the Barbarian [2003]

Conan the Barbarian [2003]

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by Basil Poledouris

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Warner Spec. MKT. Uk

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Basil Poledouris   Primary Artist,Conductor
Members of the Orchestra & Chorus Of Santa Cecilia   Track Performer
Members of the Chorus of Santa Cecilia   Choir, Chorus
RAI Symphony Orchestra, Rome   Track Performer
Members of the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Frank Jones   Remixing
Greig McRitchie   Orchestration
Basil Poledouris   Composer,Producer
George Osaki   Art Direction
John Milius   Executive Producer
Jason E. Squire   Executive Producer
Teresa Cortey   translation,Text Translation
Federico Savina   Engineer,Engineering
Beth Lawson   Text Translation

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Conan the Barbarian [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tranicos More than 1 year ago
While this was a great release, too many of the tracks were not included. Now Barnes & Noble has a chance to make a new release available and I hope that they do so soon. Prometheus has released a digitally remastered complete soundtrack which I hope to see available from Barnes & Noble: Disc/Cassette 1 1. Prologue (Film Version) / Anvil Of Crom (03:38) 2. Riddle Of Steel / Riders Of Doom (05:23) 3. The Gift Of Fury (03:25) 4. Column Of Sadness / Wheel Of Pain (04:09) 5. Pit Fights * (02:45) 6. Prologue (Original Version) (01:03) 7. Atlantean Sword (04:00) 8. Wolf Witch * (03:21) 9. Theology / Civilization (03:04) 10. The Street Of Deviants * / Hopefuls At The Tower Of Set * (01:28) 11. The Tower Of Set * / Snake Attack * / Las Cantigas De Santa Maria (05:21) 12. Infidels * (01:03) 13. The Tavern * (01:51) 14. The Wifeing (02:20) 15. In The Court Of King Osric * (01:13) 16. Conan Leaves Valeria / The Search (06:03) 17. The Mountain Of Power / Capture * (04:00) 18. The Tree Of Woe / Recovery (06:04) * = previously unrecorded Disc/Cassette 2 1. The Kitchen / The Orgy (06:23) 2. Orgy Fight * (02:53) 3. Funeral Pyre (05:15) 4. Battle Preparations / Battle Of The Mounds (Part I) (05:59) 5. Battle Of The Mounds (Part II) * (02:11) 6. Battle Of The Mounds (Part III) / Night Of Doom (05:56) 7. Head Chop * (00:53) 8. Orphans Of Doom / The Awakening (06:30) 9. Epilogue / End Titles * (05:13) BONUS TRACKS : 10. Theology / Civilization (Alternate Version) (03:27) 11. The Tower Of Set (Alternate Cue) * (03:37) 12. Battle Of The Mounds (Part II) (Original Version) * (02:11) 13. Chamber Of Mirrors From "Conan The Destroyer" (07:16) 14. Riders Of Doom (Orchestral Version) (04:05) * = previously unrecorded Total Duration: 02:02:00
Guest More than 1 year ago
For those of you who aren't too fond of orchestra music, you don't know what you're missing. There are plenty of good albums these days featuring this kind of music, and Basil Poledouris's musical score to the original 1982 motion picture Conan: The Barbarian is definitely one of them. Honestly, one can't help but enjoy the deep, illustrative instrumentals of this soundtrack. From Prologue/Anvil of Crom to Orphans of Doom/The Awakening, all twelve of these songs truly portray the events of this almost forgotten classic of a movie. Personally, I can do without Column of Sadness/Wheel of Pain for the loud, irritating scratching of the violins, but the rest of the disc provides just the right kind of inspiration I need when writing my own fantasy novels. I especially enjoy the narrated introduction of the prologue, as it gives a nice storybook feel not only to the song itself, but also to the album as a whole. Similarly, the dramatic surge of sound that comes forth in both Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom and Battle of the Mounds pt. 1 perfectly illustrates Conan's bold, daring escapades. In short, this is one motion picture soundtrack that fans of good fantasy deserve to become familiar with.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Basil Poledouris is without a doubt one of the great composers of our time. The Conan soundtrack, possibly his finest work, hosts and array of delicate thunder, pulsating like the blood beating in the barbarian's veins. Throughout the film, we are reminded of the opera, a fusion of cinema and song which to this day has not been equalled. As a writer, I listened to this music over and over again while composing my novel, Grecian Rune (PublishAmerica, 2004), as well as the countless illustrations I designed. In fact, I have been listening to this music for inspiration for well over 17 years now. This is THE Fantasy soundtrack......there are many greats, but this one is the BEST. From the opening score to the ending credits, no other music on tap elicits the bravado, the love, lust, and passion, the malice and hatred, in a way that Poledouris has done. This music is as timeless as Robert E. Howard's character, and will live on in hearts and minds forever.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago