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Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: A Complete Lifestyle Approach / Edition 6

Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: A Complete Lifestyle Approach / Edition 6

by Charles B. Corbin, Gregory J. Welk, William R. Corbin, Gregory J. Welk, William R. Corbin

ISBN-10: 0073138789

ISBN-13: 9780073138787

Pub. Date: 02/18/2005

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

The Concepts books have been helping readers put wellness habits into their lives for over thirty years! Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach gives you the tools and information to live a healthier life. Because the material is organized into brief concepts, it's easy to find and focus on what is most important to you. Here are some of


The Concepts books have been helping readers put wellness habits into their lives for over thirty years! Concepts of Fitness and Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach gives you the tools and information to live a healthier life. Because the material is organized into brief concepts, it's easy to find and focus on what is most important to you. Here are some of the ways the text can help you put wellness in your life. Coverage of self-management skills so you take control of your health behavior. End-of-chapter Labs to help you make the connection between concept and application to your life. Up-to-date information on all the key topics to answer your questions on nutrition, exercise, stress, and much more. Links in the text to the website show you where you can learn more about important health topics.

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Table of Contents

Preface     xiii
Acknowledgments     xviii
What's in This for You?     xx
Lifestyles for Health, Wellness, and Fitness     1
Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Healthy Lifestyles: An Introduction     1
National Health Goals     2
Introduction     2
Health and Wellness     2
Physical Fitness     6
Healthy Lifestyles     10
The Help Philosophy     11
Strategies for Action     12
Web Resources     13
Suggested Readings     13
In the News     14
Lab Resource Materials; The Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire     15
Wellness Self-Perceptions     17
Fitness Stunts and Fitness Estimates     19
Using Self-Management Skills to Adhere to Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors     21
Making Lifestyle Changes     22
Factors That Promote Lifestyle Change     23
Self-Management Skills     25
Strategies for Action     28
Web Resources     29
Suggested Readings     30
In the News     30
The Physical Activity Adherence Questionnaire     31
The Self-Management SkillsQuestionnaire     33
An Introduction to Physical Activity     35
Preparing for Physical Activity     35
Factors to Consider before Beginning Physical Activity     36
Factors to Consider during Daily Physical Activity     38
Physical Activity in the Heat     40
Physical Activity in Other Environments     41
Soreness and Injury     43
Strategies for Action     44
Web Resources     44
Suggested Readings     44
In the News     44
Readiness for Physical Activity     45
The Warm-Up and Cool-Down     47
The Health Benefits of Physical Activity     49
Physical Activity and Hypokinetic Diseases     50
Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Diseases     51
Physical Activity and the Healthy Heart     52
Physical Activity and Atherosclerosis     52
Physical Activity and Heart Attack     54
Physical Activity and Other Cardiovascular Diseases     55
Physical Activity and Other Hypokinetic Conditions     56
Physical Activity and Aging     59
Health, Wellness, and Fitness Promotion     60
Hypokinetic Disease Risk Factors      62
Strategies for Action     63
Web Resources     63
Suggested Readings     63
In the News     64
Assessing Heart Disease Risk Factors     65
How Much Physical Activity Is Enough?     67
The Principles of Physical Activity     68
The FIT Formula     69
The Physical Activity Pyramid     70
Physical Activity Patterns     74
Strategies for Action     75
Web Resources     76
Suggested Readings     76
In the News     76
Self-Assessment of Physical Activity     77
The Physical Activity Pyramid     79
Learning Self-Planning Skills for Lifetime Physical Activity     79
Clarifying Reasons     80
Identifying Needs     81
Setting Personal Goals     84
Selecting Activities     86
Writing Your Plan     86
Evaluating Progress     86
Strategies for Action     87
Web Resources     87
Suggested Readings     87
In the News     88
Physical Activity Attitude Questionnaire     89
Lifestyle Physical Activity      91
Adopting an Active Lifestyle     92
The Health Benefits of Lifestyle Physical Activity     95
How Much Lifestyle Physical Activity Is Enough?     96
Strategies for Action     99
Web Resources     99
Suggested Readings     99
In the News     100
Planning and Self-Monitoring (Logging) Your Lifestyle Physical Activity     101
Cardiovascular Fitness     103
Cardiovascular Fitness     104
Cardiovascular Fitness and Health Benefits     107
Threshold and Target Zones for Improving Cardiovascular Fitness     109
Percent of Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) Method     112
Percent of Maximal Heart Rate Method     112
Strategies for Action     114
Web Resources     115
Suggested Readings     115
In the News     116
Lab Resource Materials: Evaluating Cardiovascular Fitness     117
Counting Target Heart Rate and Ratings of Perceived Exertion     121
Evaluating Cardiovascular Fitness     123
Active Aerobics, Sports, and Recreational Activities     125
Physical Activity Pyramid: Level 2     126
Active Aerobic Activities     128
Aerobic Exercise Machines     129
Bicycling     129
Cross-Country Skiing     129
Dance and Step Aerobics     130
Inline Skating     130
Jogging/Running     130
Martial Arts Exercise     131
Spinning     131
Swimming     132
Water Exercise     132
Walking     132
Crosstraining and Calisthenics     132
Circuit Resistance Training (CRT)     132
Continuous Calisthenics     132
Active Recreation Activities     133
Dance     133
Hiking and Climbing     133
Skiing     133
Rowing, Canoeing, and Kayaking     133
Active Sport Activities     134
Strategies for Action     135
Web Resources     136
Suggested Readings     136
In the News     136
Jogging/Running     137
Planning and Logging Participation in Active Aerobics, Sports, and Recreation     139
Flexibility     143
Factors Influencing Flexibility     145
Health Benefits of Flexibility and Stretching     146
Stretching Methods     147
How Much Stretch Is Enough     149
Guidelines for Safe and Effective Stretching     151
Strategies for Action     152
Web Resources     153
Suggested Readings     153
In the News     153
Lab Resource Materials: Flexibility Tests     159
Evaluating Flexibility     161
Planning and Logging Stretching Exercises     163
Muscle Fitness     165
Factors Influencing Strength and Muscular Endurance     166
Health Benefits of Muscle Fitness and Resistance Exercise     168
Types of Progressive Resistance Exercise     169
Resistance Training Equipment     171
Progressive Resistance Exercise: How Much PRE Is Enough?     172
Training Principles for PRE     175
Is There Strength in a Bottle?     177
Guidelines for Safe and Effective Resistance Training     180
Strategies for Action     182
Web Resources     182
Suggested Readings     183
In the News     184
Lab Resource Materials; Muscle Fitness Tests     195
Evaluating Muscle Strength: 1 RM and Grip Strength     199
Evaluating Muscular Endurance     201
Planning and Logging Muscle Fitness Exercises: Free Weights or Resistance Machines     203
Planning and Logging Muscle Fitness Exercises: Calisthenics or Isometric Exercises     205
Physical Activity: Special Considerations     207
Safe Physical Activity and Exercise     207
Principles of Safe Physical Activity     208
Decreasing Risks from Hazardous Activities and Exercises     209
Strategies for Action     212
Web Resources     212
Suggested Readings     212
In the News     212
Safe Exercises     221
Body Mechanics: Posture and Care of the Back and Neck     223
Facts about Backs     224
Elements and Benefits of Good Posture     224
Causes and Effects of Poor Posture     226
Back and Neck Pain     227
Importance of Good Body Mechanics     228
Exercises for Posture and Back/Neck Care     230
Strategies for Action     231
Web Resources     232
Suggested Readings     232
In the News     232
Lab Resource Materials: Healthy Back Tests     241
The Healthy Back Tests and Back/Neck Questionnaire     243
Evaluating Posture     245
Planning and Logging Exercises: Care of the Back and Neck     247
Performance Benefits of Physical Activity     249
High-Level Performance and Training Characteristics     250
Training for Endurance and Speed     251
Training for Strength and Muscular Endurance     254
Training for Power     255
Training for Flexibility     256
Training for High-Level Performance: Skill-Related Fitness and Skill     257
Guidelines for High-Performance Training     259
Ergogenic Aids     261
Strategies for Action     263
Web Resources     263
Suggested Readings     263
In the News     264
Lab Resource Materials: Skill-Related Physical Fitness     265
Evaluating Skill-Related Physical Fitness     269
Identifying Symptoms of Overtraining     271
Nutrition and Body Composition     273
Body Composition     273
Understanding and Interpreting Body Composition Measures     274
Methods Used to Assess Body Composition     276
Health Risks Associated with Overfatness     278
Health Risks Associated with Excessively Low Body Fatness     280
The Origin of Fatness     281
The Relationship among Diet, Physical Activity, and Fatness     283
Strategies for Action     286
Web Resources     287
Suggested Readings     287
In the News     288
Lab Resource Materials: Evaluating Body Fat     289
Evaluating Body Composition: Skinfold Measures     297
Evaluating Body Composition: Height, Weight, and Circumference Measures     301
Determining Your Daily Energy Expenditure     303
Nutrition     307
Guidelines for Healthy Eating     308
Dietary Recommendations for Carbohydrates     313
Dietary Recommendations for Fat     314
Dietary Recommendations for Proteins     316
Dietary Recommendations for Vitamins     317
Dietary Recommendations for Minerals     319
Dietary Recommendations for Water and Other Fluids     320
Sound Eating Practices     321
Nutrition and Physical Performance     323
Strategies for Action     324
Web Resources     325
Suggested Readings     325
In the News     326
Nutrition Analysis     327
Selecting Nutritious Foods     331
Managing Diet and Activity for Healthy Body Fatness     333
Factors Influencing Weight and Fat Control     334
Guidelines for Losing Body Fat     336
Guidelines for Gaining Muscle Mass     340
Strategies for Action     341
Web Resources     342
Suggested Readings     342
In the News     342
Selecting Strategies for Managing Eating     343
Evaluating Fast-Food Options     345
Stress Management     347
Stress and Health     347
Sources of Stress     348
Reactions to Stress     350
Stress Responses and Health     353
Strategies for Action     354
Web Resources     354
Suggested Readings     354
In the News     354
Evaluating Your Stress Level     355
Evaluating Your Hardiness     357
Evaluating Neuromuscular Tension     359
Stress Management, Relaxation, and Time Management     361
Physical Activity and Stress Management     362
Stress, Sleep, and Recreation     363
Time Management     364
Coping with Stress     365
Emotion-Focused Coping Strategies     366
Appraisal-Focused Coping Strategies (Cognitive Restructuring)     369
Problem-Focused Coping Strategies     369
Social Support and Stress Management     371
Strategies for Action     372
Web Resources     373
Suggested Readings     373
In the News     374
Relaxing Tense Muscles     375
Evaluating Levels of Social Support and Locus of Control     377
Time Management     379
Evaluating Coping Strategies     381
Avoiding Destructive Behaviors     383
The Use and Abuse of Tobacco     383
Tobacco and Nicotine     384
The Health and Economic Costs of Tobacco     385
The Facts about Tobacco Usage     387
Strategies for Action     389
Web Resources     390
Suggesting Readings     390
In the News     390
Use and Abuse of Tobacco     391
The Use and Abuse of Alcohol     393
Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages     394
Health and Behavioral Consequences of Alcohol     396
Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Abuse     396
Strategies for Action     398
Web Resources     400
Suggested Readings     400
In the News     400
Blood Alcohol Level     401
Perceptions about Alcohol Use     403
The Use and Abuse of Other Drugs     405
Drugs     406
The Consequences of Drug Use     409
Use and Abuse of Drugs     410
Strategies for Action     413
Web Resources     414
Suggested Readings     414
In the News     414
Use and Abuse of Other Drugs     415
Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases     417
General Facts     418
HIV/AIDS     418
Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases     423
Strategies for Action     426
Web Resources     427
Suggested Readings     427
In the News     428
Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk Questionnaire     429
Making Informed Choices     431
Cancer, Diabetes, and Other Health Threats     431
Cancer     432
Breast Cancer     433
Colon-Rectal Cancer     434
Lung Cancer     436
Prostate Cancer     436
Uterus and Ovary Cancer     436
Skin Cancer     437
Diabetes     439
Other Health Threats     440
Strategies for Action     442
Web Resources     443
Suggested Readings     443
In the News     444
Determining Your Cancer Risk     445
Breast and Testicular Self-Exams     447
Recognizing Quackery: Becoming an Informed Consumer     449
Common Myths about Exercise, Nutrition, and Health     450
Quacks     454
Equipment     455
Health Clubs     455
Dietary Supplements     456
Fitness Books, Magazines, and Articles     457
Health Information on the Internet     457
Strategies for Action     459
Web Resources     459
Suggested Readings     459
In the News     460
Practicing Consumer Skills: Evaluating Products     461
Evaluating a Health/Wellness or Fitness Club     463
Toward Optimal Health and Wellness: Planning for Healthy Lifestyle Change     465
A Model for Achieving and Maintaining Lifelong Health, Wellness, and Fitness     466
Factors Influencing Health, Wellness, and Fitness     466
Strategies for Action      470
Web Resources     473
Suggested Readings     473
In the News     474
Assessing Factors That Influence Health, Wellness, and Fitness     475
Planning for Improved Health, Wellness, and Fitness     477
Planning Your Personal Physical Activity Program     479
Metric Conversion Chart     A-1
Metric Conversions of Selected Charts and Tables     A-2
Calorie Guide to Common Foods     A-4
Calories of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats in Foods     A-6
Calorie, Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium Content of Selected Fast-Food Items     A-8
Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating     A-9
References     R-1
Credits     C-1
Index     I-1

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