A Concise History of Christian Thought

A Concise History of Christian Thought

by Tony Lane

A succinct, readable survey of key Christian thinkers and significant theological developments from the church's inception to the present.See more details below


A succinct, readable survey of key Christian thinkers and significant theological developments from the church's inception to the present.

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Table of Contents

Pt. IThe church of the fathers to A.D. 5003
Greek philosophy6
Apostolic fathers8
Justin Martyr10
Clement of Alexandria18
Eusebius of Caesarea27
Council of Nicea (325)28
Ephrem the Syrian34
Cyril of Jerusalem35
Cappadocian fathers36
Council of Constantinople (381)39
John Chrysostom44
Cyril of Alexandria53
Council of Ephesus (431)56
Theodoret of Cyrus58
Leo the Great58
Council of Chalcedon (451)60
Apostle's Creed62
Pt. IIThe eastern tradition from A.D. 50065
Dionysius the Areopagite68
Council of Constantinople (553)69
Maximus the Confessor71
Council of Constantinople (680-81)73
John of Damascus74
Council of Nicea (787)76
Simeon the new theologian79
Gregory Palamas80
Confession of Dositheus (1672)82
Vladimir Lossky84
Pt. IIIThe medieval West (A.D. 500-1500)87
Athanasian creed91
Council of Orange (529)95
Gregory the Great100
John Scotus Erigena103
Peter Abelard108
Bernard of Clairvaux111
Peter Lombard113
Joachim of Fiore115
Fourth Lateran Council (1215)116
Francis of Assisi118
Thomas Aquinas122
John Duns Scotus127
William of Ockham129
Thomas Bradwardine131
John Tauler133
Catherine of Siena134
John Wyclif135
Jan Hus138
Council of Florence (1438-45)140
Thomas a Kempis141
Gabriel Biel143
Pt. IVReformation and reaction (1500-1800)147
Desiderius Erasmus151
The Lutheran tradition155
Martin Luther155
Philip Melanchthon160
Augsburg confession (1530)162
Formula of Concord (1577)164
Philip Jakob Spener166
The reformed tradition169
Ulrich Zwingli169
Martin Bucer172
John Calvin174
Heinrich Bullinger180
Heidelberg catechism (1563)181
Jakob Arminius183
Synod of Dort (1618-19)185
Jonathan Edwards187
The Anabaptists189
Schleitheim confession (1527)189
Menno Simons191
The British reformation193
William Tyndale193
Thomas Cranmer194
John Knox197
Thirty-nine articles199
Richard Hooker200
William Perkins203
Westminster confession204
John Owen207
Richard Baxter208
Second London confession (1677)210
John Bunyan211
John and Charles Wesley213
The Roman Catholic response218
Gasparo Contarini218
Ignatius Loyola219
Council of Trent (1545-63)221
Teresa of Avila224
John of the Cross226
Robert Bellarmine228
Blaise Pascal229
Pt. VChristian thought in the modern world (1800 onwards)233
The liberals237
Friedrich Schleiermacher237
Albrecht Ritschl240
Adolf von Harnack242
Rudolf Bultmann244
Paul Tillich248
John Hick250
The Evangelicals253
Charles Finney253
B. B. Warfield255
G. C. Berkouwer258
John Stott260
Lausanne Congress (1974)263
The new orthodoxy268
Soren Kierkegaard268
P. T. Forsyth271
Karl Barth272
Gustaf Aulen278
Barmen declaration (1934)280
Dietrich Bonhoeffer281
Reinhold Niebuhr285
Jurgen Moltmann287
Wolfhart Pannenberg290
Other developments293
Process theology293
Kosuke Koyama296
John Mbiti297
George Lindbeck299
The Roman Catholics302
John Henry Newman302
Ineffabilis Deus (1854)306
First Vatican Council (1869-70)307
Munificentissimus Deus (1950)310
Second Vatican Council (1962-65)311
Karl Rahner314
Hans Urs von Balthasar317
Hans Kung318
Gustavo Gutierrez321
Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI324
Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza325
Catechism of the Catholic church (1994)328
The ecumenical movement329
World Council of Churches329
Baptism, eucharist and ministry (1982)333
Joint declaration on the doctrine of justification (1999)334

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