Concise International Encyclopedia of Business and Management

Concise International Encyclopedia of Business and Management

by Malcolm Warner

ISBN-10: 1861521146

ISBN-13: 9781861521149

Pub. Date: 01/28/1997

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Accounting, Advertising strategy, international, Auditing, Banking, Benchmarking, Business economics, Business ethics, Business history, Business strategies, east Asian, Capital markets, regulation of, Consumer behavior, Corporate governance, Corporatism, Costing, Creative accounting, Decision making, Downsizing, Entrepreneurship, Equal employment opportunities, Finance, international, Financial statement analysis, Futurology, General management, Globalization, Guru concept, Human resource management, Industrial and labour relations, Inflation accounting, Information technology, International business, future trends, International business, legal dimensions of, Inventory management, Leadership, Maintenance systems, Management in Europe, Management information systems, Management in Japan, Management in North America, Managerial theories of the firm, Marketing, Markets, Mergers, acquisitions and Joint Ventures, Multinational corporations, history of, Neo-classical Economics, Networks and organizations, New product development, Operations research, Organizational behavior, Organizational culture, Organization types, Power, Project management, Public relations, Purchasing, Re-engineering, Retailing, Scheduling, Small business strategy, Strategy, concept of, Systems, Technology strategy, international, Time management, Total quality management, Women in management and business, Work and leisure.

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