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The Condominium Concept / Edition 13

The Condominium Concept / Edition 13

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by Peter Dunbar

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ISBN-10: 1561645583

ISBN-13: 9781561645589

Pub. Date: 08/15/2012

Publisher: Pineapple Press, Inc.

The practical guide for operating a successful Florida condominium association, completely updated, and now cross-referenced not only to the Florida statutes but also Florida case law. Written in clear, concise language, an indispensable working tool for officers, directors, homeowners, managers, realtors, and attorneys. Includes procedures for membership meetings,


The practical guide for operating a successful Florida condominium association, completely updated, and now cross-referenced not only to the Florida statutes but also Florida case law. Written in clear, concise language, an indispensable working tool for officers, directors, homeowners, managers, realtors, and attorneys. Includes procedures for membership meetings, the board of administration, officers and committees, the budget and financial reports, assessments (levy and collection), amending documents and modifying the property, rights and responsibilities of the unit owner, enforcing documents and resolving disputes. Includes 67 sample forms and documents.

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Pineapple Press, Inc.
Publication date:
Edition description:
Thirteenth Edition
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6.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.40(d)

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Table of Contents

1The Condominium and the Condominium Documents1
1.2Condominium Concept2
1.3Understanding the Parts3
1.4Compromise and the Common Scheme4
1.5Unit and the Unit Owner5
1.6Common Elements6
1.8Association Property8
1.10Unity of the Parts9
1.11Democratic Sub-Society10
1.12Covenants Running with the Land11
1.14Declaration of Condominium13
1.15Plot Plan and Survey14
1.16Articles of Incorporation15
1.18Rules and Regulations18
1.19Policy Statements and Resolutions of Procedure18
1.20Priority and Consistency of Documents18
2The Condominium Act and the Law Governing Condominiums23
2.2Condominium Act - Part I24
2.3Condominium Act - Part II25
2.4Condominium Act - Part III26
2.5Condominium Act - Part IV27
2.6Condominium Act - Part V29
2.7Condominium Act - Part VI30
2.8Chapter 617, F.S. - Florida Not for Profit Corporation Act31
2.9Chapter 607, F.S. - Florida General Corporation Act32
2.10Florida Administrative Code32
2.11Chapter 120, F.S. - Administrative Procedure Act33
2.12Chapter 119, F.S. - Public Records34
2.13Chapter 721, F.S. - Florida Vacation Plan and Timesharing Act35
2.14Residential Manager's Law36
2.15Resort Condominiums, Fire Sprinklers and Swimming Pools37
2.16Penny-ante Gambling and Bingo37
2.17Constitutional Provisions38
2.18County and Municipal Ordinances39
2.19Administrative Decisions40
2.20Judicial Decisions and Precedents40
2.21Priority of the Law41
2.22Application and Interpretation of the Law42
2.23The Legal Advisor43
3Membership Meetings: Practice and Procedures44
3.2Annual and Regular Meetings46
3.3Special Meetings47
3.4Proof of Notice48
3.5Posting of Notice49
3.6Content of Meeting Notice49
3.7Time of Notice50
3.8Notices for Board Elections51
3.11Voting Certificate55
3.12Check-In Procedures56
3.13Presiding Officer Selection57
3.14Pre-Meeting Preparations58
3.15Ballot Preparations59
3.16Ballots for Board Elections60
3.18Vote Tabulations63
3.19Conducting the Meeting65
3.21Unfinished Business67
3.22New Business and General Discussion67
3.25Election Records70
4The Board of Administration and Meetings of the Board89
4.2Developer Board Members91
4.3Transition from Developer Control92
4.4Election and Selection93
4.5Runoff Election95
4.6Alternative Method for Election95
4.11Failure to Fill Vacancies100
4.12Fiduciary Relationship100
4.13Bonding and Insurance101
4.14Meetings of the Board102
4.15Quorum and Absent Board Members103
4.16Notice to Board Members103
4.17Notice to Association Members104
4.18Agenda for Board Meetings106
4.19Meeting Procedures106
4.20Membership Participation107
4.21Minutes and Records108
5Officers and Committees122
5.2Election of Officers123
5.6Vice President126
5.7Registered Agent and Office126
5.8Other Officers127
5.9Eligibility and Removal128
5.10Fiduciary Relationship, Indemnification and Insurance128
5.13Nominating Committee131
5.14Committee Appointments131
5.15Committee Authority132
5.16Committee Meetings and Minutes133
5.17Committee Reports134
5.18Special Councils134
5.19Social Clubs135
6Rules of Procedure - A Short-Hand Guide141
6.2Meeting Organization142
6.3Order of Business143
6.4Motions and Seconds144
6.5Subsidiary and Incidental Motions145
6.6Privileged and Unclassified Motions146
6.8Priority of Motions147
6.9Matters Out of Order148
6.10Waiving the Rules149
6.12Speaking at Meetings of the Board151
7The Budget and Financial Reports161
7.2Budget for General Operations162
7.3Budget for Capital Expenses and Deferred Maintenance163
7.4Budgets for Multicondominiums165
7.5Developing the Proposed Budget166
7.6Proposed Budget and Mandatory Reserves166
7.7Notice and Adoption of the Budget167
7.8Reconsideration by the Membership168
7.9Waiver of Mandatory Reserves169
7.10Use of Reserve Funds170
7.11Amending the Budget171
7.12Unbudgeted Expenses171
7.13Funds in Excess of Budget172
7.14Annual Financial Report173
7.15Financial Statements and Audit174
7.16Governmental Financial Filings175
8Assessments - Levy and Collection184
8.2Funding the Budget186
8.3Allocation of Common Expenses187
8.4Allocation of Expenses for Association Property188
8.5Allocation of Expenses for Cable and Master Antenna Television Service189
8.6Allocation of Expenses for Unit Owner189
8.7Special Assessments190
8.8Time for Payment and Delinquency191
8.9Assessment Records and Certificate192
8.10Assessment Declaration and Satisfaction193
8.11Liability for Assessments194
8.12Interest, Late Charges and Costs194
8.13Application of Partial Payment of Delinquent Assessment195
8.14Claim of Lien196
8.15Withholding Payment and Contesting the Lien197
8.16Foreclosing the Lien197
8.17Rights of First Mortgage Holder198
8.18Developer Obligation for Assessments199
8.19Rights of Association to Acquire Unit200
8.20Uncollectible Assessments200
9Promulgating Rules, Amending the Documents and Modifying the Condominium Property215
9.2Authority and Scope of Rules217
9.3Review and Analysis of Documents218
9.4Adopting and Amending the Rules219
9.5Proposing Amendments to the Documents220
9.6Format of Proposed Amendments220
9.7Notice of Proposed Amendments221
9.8Adopting the Amendments221
9.9Recording the Amendments and Notice to Members223
9.10Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation223
9.11Priority of Documents224
9.12"Grandfather Provisions"224
9.13Material Modifications and Alterations226
9.14Installation of Hurricane Shutters227
9.15Amendments to the Unit and the Common Elements228
9.16Merger and Consolidation229
9.17Correcting a Scrivener's Error230
9.18Corrective Amendments by the Circuit Court231
10The Association Authority and Responsibility238
10.2Management and Maintenance239
10.3Contracting for Products and Services240
10.4Representation of the Unit Owners241
10.5Liabilities of the Association242
10.6Owning and Leasing Real Property243
10.7Granting and Modifying Easements244
10.8Right of Access to Units245
10.9Smoking and "Clean Indoor Air Act"245
10.10Keeping the Property Insured246
10.11Borrowing Money247
10.12Exercising All Necessary and Convenient Powers247
10.13Responding to Unit Owner Inquiries248
10.14Fire Sprinkler Systems249
10.15Automated External Defibrillator249
10.16Termination of the Condominium250
11Rights and Responsibilities of the Unit Owner254
11.1Quiet Enjoyment of the Unit255
11.2Use of the Common Elements255
11.3Appurtenances to Unit Ownership256
11.4Access to Cable Television Service257
11.5Membership and Voting Rights in the Association258
11.6Participation in Association Affairs259
11.7Fundamental Rights and Due Process260
11.8Compliance with the Covenants and Restrictions261
11.9Financial Obligations261
11.10Maintenance and Upkeep of the Property263
11.11Alterations to the Condominium Property263
11.12Sale and Transfer of the Condominium Parcel265
12The Condominium Developer and Transition269
12.2Association Organization and Operation270
12.3Limitations and Obligations of the Developer271
12.4Rights and Privileges of the Developer272
12.5"Frequently Asked Questions and Answers"273
12.6Assessment Responsibilities of the Developer273
12.7Transition Members' Meeting275
12.8Delivery of Documents and Financial Report276
12.9Organization of Owner-Controlled Board278
12.10Contracts of the Developer-Controlled Board279
12.11Statutory Warranties280
12.12Common Law Warranties281
12.13Construction Defects - Presuit Procedure282
13Enforcing the Documents and Resolving Disputes290
13.2Association's Obligation to Enforce292
13.3Unit Owner's Right to Enforce293
13.4Knowledge and Clarity of the Documents294
13.5Notice of Violation and Uniform, Timely Enforcement295
13.6Documenting the Violation296
13.7Authority for Fines and Penalties296
13.8Formal Enforcement Actions297
13.9Notice of Intended Arbitration298
13.11Voluntary Mediation300
13.12Enforcement in Court301
13.13Fees and Costs302
13.14Upkeep of the Condominium Property302
13.15Negligence by the Association303
13.16Architectural Standards304
13.17Sale and Transfer Approval307
13.18Lease and Rental Restrictions308
13.19Guest and Occupancy Restrictions310
13.20Age Limitations311
13.21Parking and Unauthorized Vehicles312
13.22Towing of Unauthorized Vehicles313
13.23Pet Restrictions314
14Dispute Resolution and the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes322
14.2Jurisdiction of the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums and Mobile Homes323
14.3Enforcement Action324
14.4Penalty Guidelines325
14.5Declaratory Statement326
14.6Advisory Council on Condominiums and the Ombudsman327

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