Confidential Communications

Confidential Communications

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by J.R. Reardon

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Rebecca Lawson, a young general-practice attorney in Vermont, expected to expand her practice when she was hired by Allan Richards to investigate a suspicious employee. Instead, she finds herself amidst national and international conspiracies, manipulations, and murder. With the help of an old colleague, Joshua Tameron, she learns that the financial security and


Rebecca Lawson, a young general-practice attorney in Vermont, expected to expand her practice when she was hired by Allan Richards to investigate a suspicious employee. Instead, she finds herself amidst national and international conspiracies, manipulations, and murder. With the help of an old colleague, Joshua Tameron, she learns that the financial security and innocent citizens of the United States are in imminent danger, and it is up to them to expose the truth. Confidential Communications is a legal thriller that takes the reader on a ride and evaluates the vulnerability of us all while witnessing the downfall of greed.

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Confidential Communications 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
JosieKramer More than 1 year ago
"Confidential Communications" is J. R. Reardon's first book, but you can hardly tell after the first chapter. This book will grab your attention if you are at all interested in law, mystery, betrayal, and action. Just when you thought you had the story figured out, another twist was added to make you rethink all the character roles. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.The characters are greatly played out and the hint of comedy and sarcasm was just right. While this story was meant to be fiction, it reads just like the real life Ponzi-scheme activities that have been peppered all over the news lately. And even if you don't follow politics or business, you will relate to this book as it is presented by Becky Lawson, a small town lawyer just trying to do the right thing. That being said, I have two minor complaints. The first being that I wish there was more definition in the chapter where a characters memory changes to the present time. At times it was a little jarring to go from past to present with nothing more than a new paragraph. My other small complaint is I with there was more space between the sentences. At times it was hard to read as if felt the sentences were bleeding into each other. This is a good quick read and should be on everyone's must read list.
franellan More than 1 year ago
Confidential Communications By: J.R. Reardon Reviewed by Fran Lewis Rebecca Lawson just out of law school decides to begin practicing law in a small town in Vermont. Uprooting herself from her family in Boston and fresh out of a relationship, she starts her practice in Deering, Vermont hoping to build up a huge clientele and reputation as an honest and reputable attorney. A general practice lawyer she begins acquiring clients that need her to draw up wills, estate issues and criminal cases that she was assigned by various judges to represent in court. Then walking into Ken's general store she meets a handsome, rugged and smooth talking man named Charlie and everything changes. Thinking that he was Ken's son and just worked for me part time she immediately is seduced by his charm, good looks and smooth talking ways. Dating for a while and thinking he might be Mr. Right he leaves town without any notice or telling anyone where he might be. Just when Rebecca's client numbers were increasing because of the seniors in the town who needed wills, their investments handled and stock portfolios monitored, in walks Alan Richards the head of Financial Investments pretending to need her help investigating two of his employees who he feels might be doing something illegal with the funds they handled in his company. But, the truth was yet to come and Rebecca Lawson's life was about to change not as a lawyer, but her families and friends too. While investigating the two employees that Alan Richards feels are doing something illegal with the funds from his company, she finds out that the people that have been investing money in his company and buying stocks were the real victims and not Alan or his company. Pretending to invest money for his clients he made sure that they would never find out where the funds were really going. But, hiring Rebecca would be his downfall. New lawyer, fresh out of school and he thought she was green and would not notice the discrepancies in the statements that her clients received from Financial Investments. Ranging from deceit, fraud, murder, food poisoning and money laundering Alan Richards, his brothers and more deceived anyone foolish enough to invest with him, never figuring he would get caught. Enlisting the help of her best friend Joshua they unravel this web of deceit and more but not before endangering their own lives and the lives of their families and friends. Protected by the US Marshalls and forced to be on the run these two lawyers and amateur detectives manage to bring down an international conspiracy and more. J.R. Reardon's knowledge and description of the law only adds to the plot and intrigued this reviewer who learned a lot about different aspects of the law and the circumstances when Confidential Communications between a clients and an Attorney can be broken. With the help of a slick operator named Charlie who pretends to be a CIA agent, Alan hopes to create a veil of suspicion over the wrong people and try and lure Rebecca into his camp through Charlie. What does happen and how is Alan's plan foiled? What dangers do Joshua and Rebecca face? Who is involved and how many arrests are made? You need to read this five star book to find out. Fran Lewis
dennis_batchelder More than 1 year ago
JR Reardon's "Confidential Communications" explores what happens when a young attorney tries to hold firm on her ethics in the face of an impending national crisis.

Becky Lawson, brand-new independent lawyer in Deering, Vermont, attracts a new client, a high-wheeling investment company. They want her to investigate a suspicious employee and hopefully find a way to get him fired. Lawson eventually uncovers a huge financial coverup that is large enough to take down the US economy. With threats coming at her from both professional and personal angles, Lawson has to walk an ethical and legal tightrope and turn around the investigation to uncover the truth.

Reardon tells the story from Lawson's point of view. We follow the attorney through her experiences in moving to a small town, complete with local grocery and hardware storekeepers, elderly judges, an overly-involved bank manager, and mischevious high school students. When the going gets rough, Lawson heads to DC with an old college friend, and we see how the rich and powerful live in the capital. Reardon paints Lawson as a sympathetic and compelling, and even a bit naive, young lady.

I enjoyed the mix of the small-town and the big city, and how we saw the thriller through the eyes of an idealistic lawyer. Reardon's impending economic crisis has become a common theme these days, and I liked her South American spin to it. A nice start for Reardon, and I'm looking forward to reading her sequel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
great story, couldn't put it down
witandwrite More than 1 year ago
Confidential Communications places the reader in the court room with attorney Lawson and then on clever twists and turns that leave the reader wanting to follow Rebecca Lawson throughout her career...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fast-paced legal thriller, December 31, 2008
By L.C. Evans "Author" (North Carolina, USA) - See all my reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed J.R. Reardon's legal thriller. Her main character, attorney Becky Lawson, is an endearing mix of naivete, idealism, and toughness. When Becky realizes a crime is being committed at a financial firm she doesn't back off, even though she ends up in danger. As the suspense slowly builds, Becky sticks to her legal ethics. Eventually she plays a big part in bringing the perpetrators to justice and ends up finding her soul mate.

From small town Vermont to Boston to Washington DC, Ms. Reardon does a fine job of bringing her settings to life. The author's unique voice and her subtle wit make Confidential Communications a great read.