Conflicts and Independence

Conflicts and Independence

by Jim Ollhoff

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Children's Literature - Cindy K. Schofield
This informative book about the various stages in the liberation of Latin America covers events that took place during much of the 1800s. The author begins with a discussion about the early history of colonization in South and Central America and the conflicts that arose among the European powers who were jockeying for control of the North and South American continents. The viewpoint of the colonists and their relationship to Spain with her overarching control of commerce and individual freedoms is described and the reader gains a good understanding of the frustration that led to the beginning of the revolution in 1808. Short biographies of the Venezuelan hero Simon Bolivar, and brave Father Hidalgo of Mexico, provide portraits of the real people behind the various movements. Descriptions of the complicated relationships between and among the newly independent United States, the territories and allegiances of people living across the vast expanses between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the simultaneous conflicts around the world that provided strategic opportunities are detailed in short chapters that summarize key points. A glossary defines words (independence, proclamation, mine, etc.) and terms (Louisiana Purchase, Monroe Doctrine) in ways that specifically relate to this time period. A table of contents and detailed index provide access to the chapters and topics covered. Illustrations are primarily drawings and paintings of various styles that capture the essence of the written pages and although the individual pieces are not identified, credit is given to the collections from which they come—including the Granger Collection, Getty Images and the Library of Congress. In most cases, text is overlaid in translucent boxes and because the image shows through, the text is difficult to read on some pages. Where text is printed on a plain background below a framed picture or photograph it is clear and easy to read. Except that the illustration style is sometimes busy and distracting, this is an excellent overview of a complicated historic time and will leave young readers with a greater understanding of the issues that led the desire for independence and the circumstances that made it reality. Part of the "Hispanic American History" series. Reviewer: Cindy K. Schofield

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Hispanic American History Series
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