Congress: Structure and Policy / Edition 1

Congress: Structure and Policy / Edition 1

by Matthew D. McCubbins

First published in 1987, Congress: Structure and Policy is a review of congressional research from an institutional perspective.See more details below


First published in 1987, Congress: Structure and Policy is a review of congressional research from an institutional perspective.

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Cambridge University Press
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Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions Series
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New Edition
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5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Series editors' preface; Preface; Introduction: institutional aspects of decision processes; Part I. Representation: 1. The electoral connection and the Congress David R. Mayhew; 2. The case of the vanishing marginals: the bureaucracy did it Morris P. Fiorina; 3. Running scared: elections and congressional politics in the 1980s; Part II. The Shape of Congressional Institutions; Section 1. The Development of Institutional Arrangements: 4. The institutionalization of the US House of Representatives Nelson W. Polsby; 5. A rational choice perspective on congressional norms Barry R. Weingast; Section 2. Committees: 6. Congressmen and committees: a comparative analysis Richard F. Fenno, Jr.; 7. Democratic committee assignments in the House of Representatives: strategic aspects of a social choice process David W. Rohde and Kenneth A. Shepsle; 8. Reforming the structure of the House appropriations process: the effects of the 1885 and 1919–20 reforms on money decisions David Brady and Mark A. Morgan; Section 3. Parties: 9. The decline of party in the US House of Representatives, 1887–1968 David Brady, Joseph Cooper, and Patrica A. Hurley; Section 4. Leadership: 10. Joseph G. Cannon and Howard W. Smith: an essay on the limits of leadership in the House of Representatives Charles O. Jones; 11. Presidential leadership in Congress: securing commitments Terry Sullivan; Part III. The Impact of Institutional Arrangements: Implications for the study of Congress: 12. Votes, strategies, and institutions: an introduction to the theory of collective choice Thomas Schwartz; 13. Institutional arrangements and equilibrium in multidimensional voting models Kenneth A. Shepsle; 14. Sophisticated committees and structure-induced equilibria in Congress Keith Krehbiel; Part IV. The Impact of Institutional Arrangements on the Development of Public Policy: 15. A theory of congressional delegation Mathew D. McCubbins and Talbot Page; 16. Congressional oversight overlooked: police patrols versus fire alarms Mathew D. McCubbins and Thomas Schwartz; 17. The structure of agency decision processes John A. Ferejohn; 18. The political foundations of regulatory policy Roger Noll; 19. Congressional influence over policy making: the case of the FTC Randall L. Calvert, Mark J. Moran, and Barry R Weingast; 20. Legislators, bureaucrats, and locational decisions R. Douglas Arnold; Index.

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