Connected: Full Intention

Connected: Full Intention


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Disc 1

  1. The Love I Have for You /Let's Get Down ...
  2. Eveybody Loves the Sunshine
  3. Full Moon
  4. Dip It Low /It's Set to Groove
  5. Freak U /Ooh I Love It (Love Break) ...
  6. What Do You Want?
  7. I Got What You Need /E-Samba
  8. (Do The) Spanish Hustle @@Hustle Espanol
  9. E Samba
  10. Do What You Wanna Do
  11. Let's Get Down /A Definite Strangeness ...
  12. So in Love with You /Been a Long Time
  13. Amazing
  14. I'll Be Waiting
  15. Ooh I Love It (Love Break)
  16. To Be in Love
  17. How Long/Tears
  18. Soul Power

Disc 2

  1. I Thought It Was You
  2. Been a Long Time
  3. It's All Good /Believe
  4. Give Me Your Love
  5. Tears /How Long
  6. Love on My Mind
  7. I Will Follow @@Una Mass
  8. Timba /Everybody Loves the Sunshine
  9. Love Generation
  10. I Believe in You/A Definite Strangeness
  11. Can't Get Away
  12. A Definite Strangeness
  13. It's Set to Groove
  14. Musique/Freak U
  15. Deep Inside
  16. America (I Love America)

Disc 3

  1. It Seems to Hang On @@Deep Down
  2. Tears
  3. I Need Your Lovin'
  4. Ooh I Love It (Love Break)
  5. It's All Good
  6. Saturday
  7. Do What You Wanna Do
  8. How Long @@Essence
  9. (Do The) Spanish Hustle @@Hustle Espanol
  10. Free

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Audrey Wheeler   Background Vocals
Jocelyn Brown   Vocals,Background Vocals
Lisa Fischer   Background Vocals
Donna Allen   Vocals
Thea Austin   Vocals
David Bitelli   Tenor Saxophone
Lee Hamblin   Keyboards
Connie Harvey   Background Vocals
Khadejia Bass   Background Vocals
Simon "The Funky Ginger" Law   Keyboards
Paulette McWilliams   Background Vocals
Cindy Mizelle   Background Vocals
Barbara Snow   Trumpet,Vocals
Lenny Underwood   Keyboards
Michael Gray   Keyboards
Albert Sterling Menendez   Keyboards
Chip Landry   Background Vocals
Melonie Daniels   Background Vocals
Lem Springsteen   Keyboards
Jon Pearn   Keyboards
Steve Walters   Bass
Vince Montana   Vibes
Gene Perez   Bass
Bob Sinclar   Background Vocals,Human Whistle
Angee Blake   Background Vocals
Joe Beckett   Percussion,Bongos
Anthony Moriah   Vocals
La-Rita Gaskin   Background Vocals
Cutee B.   Keyboards
Todd Gardner   Trumpet
Duane Harden   Vocals,Background Vocals
Paul Taylor   Trombone
James Winchester   Bass,Guitar
Brockett Parson   Keyboards
Guillermo Hill   Guitar
Kinacho Suarez   Choir, Chorus
Philip Cortez   Percussion
Carol Linnea Johnson   Vocals
Matt Sargis   Guitar
Amanda Wilson   Vocals
Gary "Nesta" Pine   Vocals
Kayode Samuel   Choir, Chorus
Tom "Tom" Naim   Guitar

Technical Credits

Teena Marie   Composer
George Michael   Composer,Producer
Roy Ayers   Composer
Bill Coleman   Executive Producer
Frankie Knuckles   Composer
Danny Madden   Vocal Producer
Ultra Naté   Composer
Bernard Edwards   Composer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Thea Austin   Composer
Dave Darlington   Engineer
Doug DeAngelis   Engineer
Lee Hamblin   Composer,Producer,Vocal Producer
Stephen Hussey   String Arrangements
Gerry Kitchingham   Engineer
Simon "The Funky Ginger" Law   Composer,Producer,Vocal Producer
Josh Milan   Composer
Vince Montana   Producer,Composer
Valerie Simpson   Composer
David Snell   Engineer
Barbara Snow   Composer,Horn Arrangements
Satoshi Tomiie   Composer
V. Willis   Composer
Simon Hale   String Arrangements
Marc Pomeroy   Vocal Producer
Full Intention   Producer,Remixing
Erick "More" Morillo   Producer
Michael Gray   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Jon Ciafone   Composer,Producer
Theophilus "T" Coakley   Composer
Chip Landry   Composer
Brian Tappert   Vocal Producer
Karen Gordon   Composer
Lem Springsteen   Composer,Producer
Phil Pagano   Engineer
Lenny Fontana   Composer,Producer
Jon Pearn   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Jose Nunez   Producer
Bob Sinclar   Producer
Joey Lattanzi   Composer
Panos Liassi   Composer
Willy Washington   Composer,Vocal Arrangements,Vocal Engineer,Vocal Producer
Paul Poli   Composer
Harry "Choo Choo" Romero   Producer
Cutee B.   Engineer
Dina Vass   Composer
Duane Harden   Composer
Kevin Hedge   Composer
Christos Papathanasiou   Composer,Producer
Lurine Cato   Producer
Louis Read   Engineer
Bon Garçon   Producer,Executive Producer
Jean Guy Schreiner   drum programming
Andrew "One" Tumi   Composer,Producer
Mark Grand   Engineer
Kerry Kitchingham   Engineer
Kayode Samuel   Composer

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