Conservation, Ecology, and Management of African Fresh Waters / Edition 1

Conservation, Ecology, and Management of African Fresh Waters / Edition 1

by Thomas L. Crisman

ISBN-10: 0813026008

ISBN-13: 9780813026008

Pub. Date: 05/28/2003

Publisher: University Press of Florida

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University Press of Florida
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Conservation and Management of African Aquatic Ecosystems: An Introduction1
1A Historical View of African Inland Waters9
2Deep Time Landscape Histories and the Improvement of Environmental Management in Africa20
3Management of Water Resources and Freshwater Ecosystems in Southern Africa41
4Aquatic Resource Management and Freshwater Ecosystems in West Africa62
5East African Species Introductions and Wetland Management: Sociopolitical Dimensions79
6Human Interactions and Water Quality in the Horn of Africa104
7Water Management Issues in Madagascar: Biodiversity, Conservation, and Deforestation124
8River Fisheries in Africa: Their Past, Present, and Future145
9Fishes of the African Rain Forests: Emerging and Potential Threats to a Little-Known Fauna176
10Incorporating Wetlands and Their Ecotones into the Conservation and Management of Freshwater Ecosystems of Africa210
11Deforestation in Tropical Africa: Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems229
12Evolutionary Footprints in Ecological Time: Fish Community Structure and Water Management in African Lakes247
13Implications of Eutrophication for Fish Vision, Behavioral Ecology, and Species Coexistence: A Theoretical Framework268
14How Issues of Genetic Diversity Affect Management of African Inland Fisheries: The Example of the Lake Victoria Region Fishery288
15The Aswan High Dam at Thirty: An Environmental Impact Assessment301
16Eutrophication in African Lakes, with Particular Reference to Phosphorus Modeling321
17Riparian Resource Utilization, Management, and Conservation in Southern Africa, with Special Reference to Botswana345
18Emergy Synthesis as a Tool for Evaluating Management Options for Freshwater Ecosystems in Africa374
19Ecotourism as a Sustainable Land-Use Option in African Wetlands: The Okavango Delta and Kwando Wildlife Management Areas of Botswana403
20Fisheries in National Parks: A Case Study of Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda430
21Monitoring Settlement as Part of an Integrated Model of Aquatic Ecology: The Onchocerciasis Control Programme of West Africa444
The Conservation and Management of African Inland Waters: A Synthesis474
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